Mining Machine Cable for 0.66/1.14KV and below

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  Applications: The product is one of the rubber flexible cable series for mining.apply for power connection wire of mining machine and other analogous equipment whose AC rated voltage is no more than 0.66/1.14KV.    Working Conditions : Temperature of the core for long time use is no more than 65℃,the minimum radius of bend is as 6 times as diameter of the cable.Yellow jacket cable must not be exposed working in the sunshine for a long time.Type and DescriptionTypeDescriptionApplicationsUC-0.38/0.66mining machine rubber sheathed, flexible cableRated voltage 0.38/0.66KV  mining machine and equipment of power supply connectionUCP-0.38/0.66mining machine rubber sheathed ,shielded,flexible cableRated voltage 0.38/0.66KV mining machine and  equipment of power supply connectionUCP-0.66/1.14mining machine rubber sheathed ,shielded,flexible cableRated voltage 0.66/1.14KV mining machine and equipment to power supply connection

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Q:Do I need to buy any cables for my HDD?
power cables are with the power supply. Motherboards usually come with 2 or more sata data cables
Q:Can I use the power cable to my laptop AC in countries with 240V?
If the power cord has a converter connected to it, then you can use it up to the voltage listed on the box. Yes, you will need an adapter though. If you are uncertain you could also call the maker of your laptop, or an electronics store.
Q:Why does my graphics card have an external power cable included?
Some graphics cards require you to connect a power cable to the board. As it requires more power than it can get through the pci connection.
Q:Is My Power Cable Good Enough?
then (big three upgrade)watch a video on this.its some wiring upgrades under the hood.if your sub woofer is cutting out like you said its not getting enough power.any charging system upgrades you can do will help.remember this the alternator is the heart of your charging system if you have a chance to swap this out at least buy one that puts out at least double the amps that your factory alternator is putting out.this will not harm your car and will do wonders for your sound system.
Q:How is the best way to determine if a cable inside your computer is a data cable or a power cable?
Trace the cord with your hand, if it goes up to the power supply box way up. its a power cord. and the rest are data cord
Q:Why won't my cable box power on?
If your not getting any power to the box no little green lite or humming noise coming from the box then its dead. your just going to need to get the box replaced you should be able to just bring your box in and trade it out to avoid a service call charge.
Q:Where's the best place to run a power cable through the firewall of a 2003 Honda Accord?
The best place to run a wire through the firewall is through the firewall connector. Take the firewall connector apart, and look for an empty connection port. Take your power supply wire and hook it up to the engine compartment side, then take another wire (to lead to the radio), and hook it up top the corresponding port in the interior side of the connector. This will be the best way to make your connection. If you can't do this, then drill a hole in the firewall, install a grommet to protect the wires from the firewall. Again, the firewall connector will be your best bet, and people will be asking where did you take it to get it installed. This is how a professional would do it.
Q:What is this laptop power cable component called?
This is called power adaptor which is attached with power cable. It is used for laptop charging. If you want to purchase then you search on many websites according your laptop model.
Q:Is this power cable okay?
it is fine, the cable doesn't give out anything the 10amp rating is simply the maximum current that it is rated for, at the monitor only draws a maximum 1.5amps this will be 1/10th of the capacity of the power cable
Q:Power cable ZRYJV-4x70 + 1x35 What does it mean?
2 cable in a variety of environments in the laying of the layout, spacing should meet the design requirements

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