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Mica plate is mica laminate designed for providing outstanding electrical insulation at high temperature, which consist of approximately 90% Muscovite (or Phlogopite) and 10% high temperature resistant silicone resin.


◆ Excellent thermal resistance, muscovite mica retain insulation properties at 500℃ and phlogopite mica sheet 

resistant temperature up to 750℃.

◆ Excellent electric insulation, normally the breakdown voltage is more than 15KV .

◆ Excellent flexural strength and easy to be punched and machined.

◆ Environment safe. It is incombustible, asbestos and halogene free and does not create toxic gases.


◆ Thickness:0.1mm 0.15mm 0.2mm~100mm

◆ Size:1000×600mm 1000×1200mm 1000×2400mm

Thickness below 2.0mm can be punched,while above 2.0mm can be machined by agreement.

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Q:What's the heat dissipation effect of conductive silica gel and mica sheet?
In the medium and low voltage working conditions, most of the civil electronic equipments use the silica gel pad as the insulation and heat conducting medium of the device, which can meet the requirement of use and lower the cost;
Q:Which is good, conductive mica or conductive fiber?
Conductive mica powder with wet Muscovite as matrix, using nanotechnology, through surface treatment, semiconductor doping treatment, so as to form a conductive oxide layer of the substrate surface, thereby producing a new type of electronic conductive functional semiconductor (fill) material.
Q:What are the processes of mica powder production?
Ore dressing, coarse breaking, processing, grinding, grading, packing and finished products. The content of Sericite in the product can reach more than 70%. It is suitable for use in middle and low grade paint, exterior wall coating, anticorrosive fireproof coating, marine coating, rubber, welding rod, cable and so on. The effect is very good.
Q:Ore characteristics of Muscovite
Broken white jade deposits, muscovite generally accounted for 50 - 70%, potassium feldspar and quartz accounted for about 10%, trace minerals are magnetite and limonite.
Q:Physical and chemical characteristics of Muscovite
Color from colorless to white, sometimes with green, brown streak, colorless, with a very complete joint. Hardness: up to 2-3, vertical to 4Specific gravity: 2.76-3.10g/cm 3Cleavage: cleavage extremely complete, with (110) and (010) splittingColor: light yellow, light green, light red or red brownTransparency: transparent to translucentLuster: Glass luster, pearl luster on cleavage surfaceOther: flake with remarkable elasticity. Insulation and heat insulation are exceptionally strong, glass or pearl luster. There are very good cleavage of the bottom surface, so often a piece of mica can be torn down.
Q:What is mica? It seems that there are mica powder and sericite powder. What are the differences?
Mica powder and sericite powder are not very different in fact.
Q:What is the hardness of the mica board and the epoxy board?
1. A variety of resins, curing agents, modifier systems can almost accommodate the requirements of various forms of applications, ranging from very low viscosity to high melting point solids2, curing convenient. Choose a variety of different curing agent, epoxy resin system in almost 0 ~ 180 degrees Celsius temperature range of.3 curing and strong adhesion. The polar hydroxyl and ether bond inherent in epoxy resin molecular chain in existence, so it has high adhesion force of epoxy resin shrinkage material. The curing of the low fat, the internal stress generated by small, it also helps to improve the adhesion strength.
Q:Che Heiyun mother color paint maintenance common sense
If it rains or the ash is thicker, don't wax or dust the cloth. Just wash the car.
Q:What are the main functions of cosmetic mica powder?
UV and infrared shielding, so it is excellent cosmetics, anti UV agent.(4) because of the slight, discontinuous coverage on the skin, so it does not affect the permeability of the skin, skin feel comfortable.(5) moisture can not penetrate mica, used for moisturizing products, can inhibit the evaporation of skin moisture. Therefore, the protective layer can delay the evaporation of water and improve the moisture of the skin.
Q:Why should the DC motor commutator mica chamfer and chamfer?
For chamfering: I think that for small motors, just reverse the corners of the commutator. Large motors should be chamfered to reduce carbon brush wear and reduce spark, especially for positive and reverse motors.

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