mica sheet for induction furnace insulation

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Mica sheet by phengite, quartz, garnet and rutile etc, can appear albite, zoisite and hard chlorite, pomegranate Shi Fu Fe and Mg in phengite Si can reach 3.369, and high pressure.Good insulation and thermal resistance function of low loss and good black body.

Natural mica sort is more, used as electrical insulating materials, which has two kinds of Muscovite and phlogopite.White mica with vitreous luster, usually colorless transparent;Phlogopite have metallic luster and semi metallic luster, common are golden yellow, brown, light green and so on, poor transparency.Muscovite and phlogopite has good electric performance and mechanical performance, good heat resistance, good chemical stability and corona resistance.Two kinds of mica can strip processing into a thickness of 0.01 to 0.03 mm wafer is soft and elastic.White mica electric performance is better than phlogopite, but phlogopite soft, heat resistant performance is better than white mica.
According to use, can generally be divided into mica flake mica flakes (mica), capacitance with mica and three types of electronic worked mica thick slices, these three kind of mica area, thickness, specifications as shown in the following form and its level respectively and USES.

Both minerals processing factory production of natural mica sheet is thick slices mica after peeling, thick, cutting, drilling or rushed into the system, with a certain thickness, certain shapes of mica parts, the product is suitable for the TV set, electric power capacitor, thermal relay, monitor display, aerospace, aviation, communication, radar, heat-resistant skeleton, etc as the raw material.Points: electric heater chip, electric heaters, gasket, electronics segment, the light bulb pills, because its material is the qingzhen products, have the characteristics of no pollution, good insulation, voltage resistance, can according to customer requirements die cutting all kinds of natural mica sheet.
Mica sheet - white mica sheet - gold mica sheet - biotite - sericite pills - lithium mica sheet - sodium mica sheet - vanadium mica, mica chip - big mica sheet
Mica is widely used in electrical products in and its products as insulating material.Its varieties are: natural mica, synthetic mica, mica tape, mica plate, mica foil, mica glass, etc.

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Q:What are the uses of mica? What are they mainly used in?
Plastic mica powder with high aspect ratio, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, abrasion resistance and other characteristics, is a kind of functional natural body powder filling materials. The company selected high-quality mica ore, using unique wet grinding and peeling and purification process, the mica layer completely preserved mica cleavage, unique high diameter thickness ratio the structure (diameter to thickness ratio higher than 100), so as to enhance the effect of outstanding with the plastic products, plastic products and gives excellent dimensional stability; high temperature resistance characteristics of the product itself also greatly improve the thermal deformation of the plastic thermometer VEKA softening point, suitable for high temperature parts and products; compared with glass fiber and mica the characteristics of products has smooth surface, no warping deformation. The products are widely used in PP, PA, PBT, PET and other plastic modification, plastic masterbatch, engineering application and other fields.
Q:Which is good, conductive mica or conductive fiber?
Conductive mica powder with wet Muscovite as matrix, using nanotechnology, through surface treatment, semiconductor doping treatment, so as to form a conductive oxide layer of the substrate surface, thereby producing a new type of electronic conductive functional semiconductor (fill) material.
Q:What is the weight of the mica plate?
I don't know what you're talking about. The average HP5 board, sheet 0.15mm, 0.2mm is around 1.8-2, 0.3-1.5mm's around 2.1-2.2, and then thick, and a little bigger
Q:Feldspar and mica streaks is what color
Feldspar common milky white, but often because of the impurities it contains is dyed yellow, brown, pink, gray and other colors, some may also have a beautiful color or iridescence.
Q:The difference between pearlescent paint and metallic paint
Metal paint refers to the paint mixed with metal powder, in different angles, due to the refraction of light, will make the car color or even outline changes. In addition to its high hardness, metal paint can also show the beauty of the bodywork.
Q:How many colors does epoxy micaceous paint have?
The colors should be in a variety of colors. At present, the mainstream of the market is gray, the color is somewhat deep, with mica flash texture, the appearance of the film is probably the case, but also the most widely used.
Q:Are the minerals that make lenses and magnifying lenses quartz or white?
Quartz mineral is one of the most widely distributed of the earth's surface, its use is quite extensive. As far as the stone age, people making stone axes, arrow and simple production tools use it to hunt for food and fight against the enemies. Quartz clock, electronic equipment in the piezoelectric quartz plate is used as the standard frequency; after melting made of glass. Can be used for the production of optical instruments, glasses, glass and other products; also can do precision instrument bearings, grinding materials, glass ceramics and other industrial raw materials.
Q:What's the difference between sericite and Muscovite?
Sericite (Sericite) is a kind of mica. It belongs to a silicate mineral with layered structure. Sericite has a wide range of uses, used in rubber, plastics, coatings, paints, ceramics, insulation, cosmetics, pigments, paper making, metallurgy and other industries. Sericite crystals are scaly, crystalline aggregates are massive, gray, purple, rose, white and so on, with silk luster.
Q:With epoxy zinc rich epoxy micaceous rail has what difference
Mio epoxy anticorrosive paint used as primer, intermediate epoxy micaceous iron oxide is in (crown) of epoxy micaceous iron rust on adding more filler and cloud iron, to further strengthen the shielding effect, simply as "tiecoat", and can not be used as antirust paint bottom. Often used in conjunction with epoxy / inorganic zinc rich primers and aliphatic polyurethane finishes.
Q:What is the price of sericite powder? Request the latest quotation
With no specific price, number and purity, price is not the same.

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