Mica Plate for Induction Furnace Insulation

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Product Description:

Product Description:

Mica plate is mica laminate designed for providing outstanding electrical insulation at high temperature, which consist of approximately 90%

Muscovite (or Phlogopite) and 10% high temperature resistant silicone resin.

◆ Excellent thermal resistance, muscovite mica retain insulation properties at 500℃ and phlogopite mica sheet resistant temperature up to 750℃.
◆ Excellent electric insulation, normally the breakdown voltage is more than 15KV/mm.
◆ Excellent flexural strength and easy to be punched and machined.
◆ Environment safe. It is incombustible, asbestos and halogene free and does not create toxic gases.

◆ Thickness:0.1mm 0.15mm 0.2mm~1000mm
◆ Size:1000×600mm 1000×1200mm 1000×2400mm
Thickness below 2.0mm can be punched,while above 2.0mm can be machined by agreement.

Normally, the plate will be packed 50kgs per package with PP film, which is helpful to protect the board from moisture, then put it into
a carton for export goods, we will put 20 cartons together on a wooden pallet, or into wooden box.

No limitation under dry and room temperature

By the mica paper, resin and properties, mica plates have following types.
◆RM: Rigid muscovite mica plate
◆RP: Rigid phlogopite mica plate
◆RM-T: Rigid muscovite mica plate,thick
◆RP-T: Rigid phlogopite mica plate,thick
◆FM:Soft muscovite mica sheet, flexible
◆FP:Soft phlogopite mica sheet, flexible

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Q:Which is good, conductive mica or conductive fiber?
Conductive mica powder with wet Muscovite as matrix, using nanotechnology, through surface treatment, semiconductor doping treatment, so as to form a conductive oxide layer of the substrate surface, thereby producing a new type of electronic conductive functional semiconductor (fill) material.
Q:What's mica? What's the use?
The most common mineral types in mica group minerals are biotite, muscovite, mica, lithium mica and so on. Mica is usually a pseudo - six - or rhombic plate-like, flaky, columnar crystalline form. The color varies with the change of chemical composition, mainly with the increase of Fe content.
Q:What is the weight of mica plates? What is the density of mica plates?
Excellent bending strength and processability. The product has high flexural strength and excellent toughness. It can be made by punching and can be made of various shapes without delamination. Excellent environmental protection performance, the product does not contain asbestos, when heating smoke less, and smell is small, or even smoke-free, tasteless
Q:Mica paper insulation (insulation) effect is good? What could be better?
Mica sheet or paper, mainly used in insulation, high temperature resistance, the effect is also very good. At present, the market is the most commonly used, that is, affordable, and other has not yet heard of better than it. Electronic products are basically used it. For example: microwave oven on TV
Q:High power transistor insulation gasket, with mica insulation sheet, or silicone insulation plate
Is the silicone insulation piece. Because its thickness is thin, easy to heat transfer.
Q:The difference between pearlescent paint and metallic paint
Pearlescent paint is based on metal paint, then add pearl powder, pearl powder as the reflecting surface is irregular, in the sunlight, seems to be a little more dazzle, so more and more car brands have launched pearl paint flagship models, and this car is also more popular with young people.
Q:What are the functions and effects of mica powder?
The main use of industrial insulation and its heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and compressive strength and exfoliation of insulating material is used as electrical equipment and electrical equipment; secondly for furnace window and machinery manufacturing steam boiler, smelting furnace of the parts.
Q:How to peel and process mica sheet
Mica by phengite, quartz, garnet and Jin Hongshi etc., can appear albite, zoisite and chlorite, garnet rich Fe and Mg, phengite in Si up to 3.369, is a combination of high pressure. With insulation and low loss thermal resistance function, or very good black body.
Q:The microwave oven of the mica plate will burn in what circumstances
The function of mica board in microwave oven is to prevent water vapor, dust and food splash from entering the wave guide tube and influencing the normal operation of magnetron. In this position, the microwave power is very large, food residue, in the role of microwave, very easy to char, that is, carbonization, when serious, will burn mica plate. It is recommended that the mica board be cleaned frequently and that the microwave oven should be cleaned 3~5 times.
Q:The harm of mica powder to the skin
Redness of the skin and burning discomfort.Mica is a natural mineral, cosmetics are added inside the ultra-fine, very smooth, moderate use, no barrier, use more, will exceed the skin load range.

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