Maintenance Free Battery 12v 100ah 1.5v um3 Battery Size Battery

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Features & Benefits

Capacity Range: 62 - 410Ah
Superior cyclic performance and endurance
High energy density
Exceptional fast charge acceptance ability
Long design life
Resilient to harsh environments
Up to two year shelf life

ModelSEL 100-12
Capacity100AH  (C20)
97AH    (C10)
90AH    (C5)
79AH    (C1)
Dimension (mm)lenth: 407
width: 172
height: 214
total height: 238
Maintenancefree(valve regular)
Working terperature-40°C~60°C
Floating life5 years
Design life5 years
Warranty2 years
Discharge details
DoD data  3000-3500 (25%)
Self discharge (25°C)91%(3 month)
82%(6 month)
64%(12 month)
Internal Resistance4.9 Ω (Fully charged battery at 25°C)
Grid Plate CaPb alloy, PbSn alloy, PbSb alloy
Diachylon 1# ceruse(99.99%)
Liquid Dilute sulfuric acid
Terminal Lead, Zinc, Copper
Shell PC\ABS






1.   How do I decide which system is right for me ?

For protection from long outages, include a generator or solar panels in your Must solar system. Shorter outages can be handled by a battery-only system.

2.    Where my system will be installed ?

Must solar systems are usually wall-mounted near a home's main electrical (circuit breaker) panel.

3. How do I install my system ?

A solar backup inverter is connected to a home electric system , we will supply detailed installation manual and videos for our customers .

Sealed and maintenance-free battery USES the latest design fully sealed structure and in the ninety s modernization production process.Has the high performance, long life, no pollution, free maintenance, safe and reliable performance.When charging, electrical energy into chemical energy, discharge chemical energy into electricity.Battery during discharge, the metal lead is negative, the oxidation reaction, oxidized lead sulfate;Lead dioxide is positive, reduction reaction, reduction of lead sulfate.When used in dc rechargeable batteries, lead and lead dioxide generated poles respectively.Remove the power supply, it back to the front of the discharge state of dynamic balance of the inner of the chemical battery.Lead-acid batteries is to repeatedly charging and discharging of battery, also known as secondary battery.Commonly used batteries are divided into four categories, respectively, the common battery, dry battery, wet charge batteries and battery four without maintenance.

Q:1, what are the fire hazards caused by electricity in the server room?2 what are the fire hazards in the server room?
Three, should be based on the size of the project need to determine the location of the fire to determine the use of independent electric detector or non independent detectorFour, according to the specific circumstances of the electrical equipment to determine the electrical fire monitoring detector form and installation location
Q:Complete sets of power equipment life of the country what are the provisions for the aging of the equipment how to deal with, there is no standard?
Conventional equipment GB service life of 30 years, actually not to use life to replace, mainly is the national economic development speed is faster, for the replacement of aging equipment, specialized centralized auction, where their standard is used according to their own situation to the report.
Q:All I know is a generator, a transformer. I also want to fully understand the power system related to the equipment, from power generation to end users (enterprises, factories, they will design the equipment, production equipment is not to say, but they will be transferred to the electricity, in use is the processing equipment, such as transformer, I only know this involved) equipment, detailed list, thank you ah
Divided into primary equipment and two equipmentOnce the equipment is responsible for the transmission of electrical energy, the two equipment is responsible for monitoring and protection of primary equipment.
Q:What are the characteristics of the grounding of the power system and equipment?
The grounding - is the need for work and set up the ground, such as: high current transformer neutral point grounding, primary voltage transformer neutral grounding, 380/220V three-phase four wire neutral grounding, etc..
High frequency means high frequency, the rated frequency of the power system is 50Hz, the maximum range of 49.8~50.2Hz, under normal circumstances, the power dispatching department will be developed through the power generation plan
Q:Electric power automation equipment
Construction and transformation of rural power grids, power plants, power plants, environmental protection, automatic control and integrated automation of nuclear power plants, technical management, etc..
Q:Power equipment are 10KV or less, there is a business license, will be issued by the electrical installation (repair, test) power facilities license five and above qualifications, you do not need a safety production license ah? Urgently needed
Power installation qualification certificate: one, two, level threeLevel 1: mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering contract one class or the transmission and substation engineering contract qualification of an independent legal person to build more than 220 thousand volt classTwo level: mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering contract two class or transmission and substation engineering contract qualification of independent legal person (220kV and below the transmission line, the construction of the substation) twoThree level: mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering professional contract three level or transmission and substation engineering professional contract level three qualification of independent legal person (110kV and below transmission line, substation (room) construction)
Q:Electric power equipment start-up and commissioning of the project there is a difference?
The start of the equipment is started in the single test.
Q:Would like to ask: railway communication, signal, power equipment installation related to mechanical and electrical engineering? If belong to, including specific aspects. Thank you
3, in fact, including the power of the two professional: power and electrification. Including contact network infrastructure, post, wire rack, remote control, lightning protection system, station lighting intelligent control etc..Belong to the scope of the installation should be the station (communication station) equipment into the test, the basis of processing and installation, equipment installation, commissioning of the single body, the electrical subsystem Unicom debugging, the whole system of professional debugging unicom. And other railway professional with the commissioning test, etc..
Q:On the safety hazards of electric equipment safety
1 prohibited in the overhead power lines on both sides of the area within 300 meters of flying kites. If the illegal flying kite behavior should be stopped at the first time and report to the power sector or local government.2 no unit or individual shall plant trees, bamboo or other tall plants that may endanger the safety of power facilities in the power line protection zones.

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