MRD196-H Grounidng Fault Locator (small size)

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He BeiChina (Mainland)

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Model Number:




Measurement range:


Testing accuracy 1:

distance < 1km test error ≤1m

Testing accuracy 2:

distance > 1km test error ≤0.5%

Testing blind point:


Charging time:

4 hours

Continuous operating time:

10 hours

Dimension (mm)::






Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Carton
Delivery Detail:5-7 DAYS


MRD-196H series fault wire location device of low current adpots 80C 196 single-chip mirocomputer for analyzing, applicable to 0.38KV~66KV power system of unground or ground via arc-suppression coil as well as via neutral ground resistor. No matter metal grounding, gap grounding, arc flash grounding or accompanied ferromagnetic resonance grounding, it could accurately locate the grounding wire without limit to wire-out way (over-head line or underground cable line) 




TM500 Power Cable Fault Locator adopts international advanced electronic testing technologies and SCM technology, and combines low-voltage pulse reflection and pulse current testing methods, is suitable for the precise range finding of power cable high resistance, flashover, disconnection, and low resistance.


Low-voltage pulse reflection method applies to test the range of the low resistance and broken line, and the length and wave velocity of various cables. Pulse current testing method can be divided into breakthrough high-voltage flashover and DC high-voltage flashover for the high resistance and flashover cable fault finding.





1.Combines low-voltage pulse reflection and pulse current testing methods, is suitable for the precise range finding of power cable high resistance, flashover, disconnection, and low resistance.


2.With high degree of intelligence, it can automatically determine whether the failure point discharge or not and automatically calculate the fault distance.


3.Compare with the traditional flash measurement instrument, which use resistance and capacitance divider measuring pulse voltage signals, the current sensor tests the pulse current signals in the grounding line with simple and convenient wiring, and good security with isolation of high-voltage equipment and the electrical circuit.


4.High testing accuracy:

When the distance < 1km, the test error ≤1m

When the distance > 1km, the test error  ≤0.5%.


5.English menu, easy to master and use.


6.It can preserve 20 testing waveforms permanently, no loss after the shutdown, is a replacement of printer. With a clock logo, you can read waveform file easily.


7.Using a large LCD screen with backlight. Adjusting LCD display brightness through pressing keys.


8.Rechargeable nickel-metal hydride batteries, automatic charger management.


9.Small size, light weight, and portable design





Measurement range: 10km

Testing accuracy:   distance < 1km        test error ≤1m

                       distance > 1km         test error  ≤0.5%

Testing blind point: <10m

Charging time: 4 hours

Continuous operating time: 10 hours

Power: 2W

Operating temperature:-10--+40 degree

Dimension (mm):235*190*110

Weight: 2kg



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