MAG Fence, Anti Theft Net Good quality with Competitive Price

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Material: Stainless Steel Wire,Galvanized Steel Wire,Steel Wire Hole Shape: Round Application: Construction Wire Mesh,Protectiong Mesh,Fence Mesh
Customized: Customized Feature: Heat Insulation Standard: ASTM
Certification: CE,ISO9001 Color: Black,White,Red,Green,Blue Surface Treatment: Zinc Plating,Polishing

Product Description:

Description of  MAG Fence, Anti Theft Net  Good quality with Competitive Price

MAG fence, also known as anti-theft network, in the Shandong area is known as flower, manufacturing process is generally double stigma welder (manual welding has been eliminated). Each grid to edge aperture is generally 6.5cm-14cm. The use of wire roughness from 3.5mm-6mm. The wire material is generally Q235 low carbon wire. After ginning welded iron wire flower MAG net black. Mesh size general specifications for the 1.5 meters X4 meters, 2 meters X4 meters, 2 meters X3 meters.

MAG Fence, Anti Theft Net  Good quality with Competitive Price

MAG Fence, Anti Theft Net  Good quality with Competitive Price

 Fearture of MAG Fence, Anti Theft Net  Good quality with Competitive Price

The general surface treatment for the cold galvanized (electric). There are hot galvanized, dip, spray. But overall, ninety-nine percent for the cold galvanized (electric). [1] MAG nets have to pay attention to the following points


1 wire diameter


MAG net holes smaller, requirements wire through the fine mesh, more big, requirements wire through the rough. For example the mesh aperture of 6.5cm requirements, iron size is 3.5mm-4mm. To fine a welding which is broken, and then rough too heavy, workers can not afford.


2 dimensions


Dimensions width MAG net is generally not more than 2 meters. Length is generally not more than 4m. More than 2 meters is a worker effort, two is the zinc plating is not good. The length can reach 6 meters, but not more than 6 meters. Generally more than 4 meters after the price will be increased.


The 3 spot welding is strong.


MAG fence welding, are generally more firmly, but if the worker is a novice, adjusting machine technology is not high, there will be open solder situation. This situation has, is bound to bring great loss to the customer and factory.


4 galvanizing technology


Zinc is MAG net problematic links, many workers are irresponsible, the boss a little inattentive, workers will likely soon put the galvanizing time is shortened, not the situation caused by zinc. The result will be subject to heavy loss of factories and dealers.


Specifications of MAG Fence, Anti Theft Net  Good quality with Competitive Price


Mesh: 3cm*3cm -- 18cm*18cm wire was: 3.5mm-6.0mm net long: 1.0m-4m net width: 1m-2.2m



After preflex welded. The surface can be galvanized. Galvanized. Dip.

Stainless steel material

Advantage of MAG Fence, Anti Theft Net  Good quality with Competitive Price

The production of stainless steel mesh net material production technology has a long development process, in recent years with the rapid development of modernization, the stainless steel standard parts of the demand has increased dramatically, the MAG net of stainless steel standard parts almost entirely replaced the chrome plated carbon steel or galvanized standard parts. A sharp increase in demand for stainless steel standard parts to drive the technological progress of stainless steel wire, stainless steel wire used in China Steel and international common steel out of line, therefore, the metallurgical industry has formulated and revised two edition of the standard, in order to technological progress dynamic stainless steel wire, but have little effect. Until twentieth Century ninety time metaphase, along with changes in standard parts industry structure, many places have emerged a number of foreign and private enterprises for the production of wire drawing and standard parts, fundamentally changed the stainless steel wire production and use in the pattern of international derailment,


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2. Payment terms:   30% by T/T should be paid in advance, the balance payment paid againest the copy of B/L

3. Delivery time: shipping products within ten days, or negotiate according to total quantity.

4. Min order quantity: 50 pieces, or by negotiate with each other

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Q:What is the difference between steel mesh and hot galvanized steel wire mesh?
punching plate after punching the raw material area unchanged. If only by material, steel material network can be steel mesh, it can be punching plate network.
Q:Steel skeleton plastic pipe and steel mesh skeleton plastic pipe is the difference between what
It is estimated that because the pipeline docking, there is no sealing treatment, resulting in wire exposure, with a long time, there channeling phenomenon;
Q:How to fix the plaster steel wire mesh
Plastering, commonly known as whitewash walls, refers to the use of river sand, lime or mortar king, cement, mixed with water mixing into cement mortar, cement mortar and then wipe the wall, insulation mortar plaster is to play the role of insulation, the North
Q:Galvanized welded wire mesh and hot galvanized steel wire mesh What is the difference
Hot galvanized welded wire mesh, hot galvanized steel wire mesh is mainly used for general building facades, pouring concrete, high-rise residential, etc., in the insulation system plays an important structural role in the construction of steel wire mesh formed by cracking mortar protective layer
Q:Steel structure roof support tin foil cotton wire mesh how to pull?
Tied to the wire, both sides can be dragged, and here dragged to the fixed, and then the other side of the people dragged again ~ ~ so reciprocating ~ ~
Q:What is the mesh of stainless steel wire mesh?
How many mesh can the material pass through the area, that is, how many mesh is defined: for example, 200 mesh, that is, the material can pass through a mesh of 200 mesh in 1 square inch.
Q:External wall insulation treatment, the different materials to connect steel wire mesh?
When the concrete perforated brick is used to fill the wall, the interface between the masonry and the beam / column or the concrete wall (including the inner wall) shall be provided with a fine wire mesh before the painting (mesh width 400mm,
Q:To the construction of steel wire mesh in the construction of what role can cancel?
4. to prevent the ground crack: steel wire must be placed on the pipe above the concrete is better (the ground cracked tile rupture of the reasons is not a steel mesh, the second is the ground concrete pouring too thin, concrete pouring to 4-5cm above)
Q:External wall insulation wire mesh is good or grid cloth is good
Galvanized welded wire mesh and fiberglass mesh are widely used in building wall insulation. So what is the difference between galvanized welded wire mesh and mesh cloth, what should be used steel wire mesh?
Q:What is the fixed wire mesh in the building?
Steel mesh is the skeleton of the cement mortar base surface, you can choose the wire for the 16-18 mesh for the 20-25 mm steel wire mesh or galvanized wire mesh.

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