LVL Wood Board For Construction and Package

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$280.00 - 500.00 / m³
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TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
50 m³
Supply Capability:
5000 m³/month

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Description of product:

LVL  Wood Board  For Construction and Package


Garage doors

Window and door headers

Floor beams

Ridge and hip beams


1)high bending strength

2)little linear expansion conefficien

3)strong nail holding

4)moistureproof and easy work,Can be opende notch ,open hole,and so on

5)tight construction and high strength

6)no ratty or decay, Resists shrinking, warping, splitting and checking for a consistent performance you can count on.

LVL  Wood Board  For Construction and Package


① why from okorder?

Okorder is a qualified supplier of all kinds of building matierials in China. All products have been showed in Okorder website are under well controlled by okorder QC team.

All products had been produced under a clear quality standard and the quality is consistence among the shipments.

Okorder has already setted up more than 20 warehouses in different markets to show the products. You are convenient to know the products from your local place and it will help you to make decision easyly.  

②How to guarantee the quality of the products?

We have established a perfect quality management system,as for raw material and semi parts all are under strict quality test and we have a IQC system to control the purchases.

QC on site is very strict and all steps of process are measured per drawings. Before delivery, we set a OQC system to make sure each piece meet the standard of order.from design to delivery, 

③How long can we receive the product after purchase?

Lead time depending on order quanity, The normal order can be deliveried with 3 weeks.  

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Q:Wood products hand string which is better
If the material is relatively hard, easy to save, it is recommended to choose the Buddhist Qibao in the 砗 磲 / agate / crystal / coral, etc., Buddhism Qibao, refers to seven treasures, also known as seven Jane. Qibao refers to: 砗 磲, agate, crystal, coral, amber, pearl, musk these seven.
Q:The law required for timber import and export, and the relevant international agreements
Second, the relevant international agreement In May 2003, the European Union introduced the FLEGT Action Plan proposal; in July 2004, the European Commission proposed the EU import timber resource approval system proposal, it is proposed to negotiate with the partner countries on the signing of the partnership agreement, and report the assessment of the FLEGT action plan on the timber Export countries and the EU may have the impact. 2. International and EU trade in timber At present, the international timber key markets include the EU, Central Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, the United States, Japan, China and Russia. Russia and African countries mainly export logs and plates; Asia and South America mainly export high value-added wood products, such as furniture, paper and wood. According to OECD, the world's annual timber trade volume of up to 150 billion euros. The EU imports hardwood, logs, veneer and slabs from North America; logs are imported from Russia; timber imports from Africa, Asia and Latin America are modest. The proportion of timber trade within the EU is as high as 80%. But the EU is not only an important market for legally logging timber trade, but also a third country's illegal logging market. 3. Illegal logging of timber trade is rampant The World Bank report shows that a significant portion of the global timber trade is for the illegal logging of timber trade. Illegal logging mainly occurs in developing countries and "threshold countries". There are indications that large quantities of timber illegally harvested by developing countries such as Indonesia, Myanmar and Cambodia are mostly exported to other countries and processed locally and sold at low prices to Europe. European legally harvested wood processing products are therefore not price competitive. As furniture, paper and wood products such as the longer delivery time, more varieties, and a wide range of timber, it is difficult to check the legitimate sources of raw materials used.
Q:Wood products export inspection process is what?
(Hereinafter referred to as: Commodity Inspection Bureau), according to the requirements of the Commodity Inspection Bureau will be sent to the designated fumigation company to do fumigation, generally for the inspection and quarantine of the company, according to the export contract invoice, to the inspection software to declare,
Q:What is the flame retardant principle of wood flame retardants?
2 wood flame retardant components of boric acid and GUP acid decomposition products catalyzed wood dehydration, degradation, and wood pyrolysis products of condensation, polymerization, aromatization and other reactions, can change the way of wood pyrolysis and make it conducive to The direction of carbonization, wood flame retardant significantly catalytic role in the charcoal, so that the combustion of wood burning heat greatly reduced, which is the main aspects of wood flame retardant flame retardant mechanism; more wood knowledge and information in the wood sector number.
Q:Wood test drying method is what
Then every 2h weighing once, until the last two weighing the same weight, that is dry weight, recorded as Go. So that the moisture content can be calculated as follows:
Q:Taobao sell wood products with what packaging is better, what courier is better
This depends on your size, if the small wood products, then use the tin box, which is fixed with a good foam to prevent the pressure, if the big wooden products do not matter, and generally will not be pressure,
Q:What is the color of wood products painted
Is a propylene pigment, which is characterized by bright, easy to fade, dry faster, insoluble in water and the price is reasonable. If you try to draw pictures at home you can buy 12ml each, 32 colors, a box of twenty or thirty dollars Ma Li
Q:Now in the home decoration, the individual use of white latex for wood products joints of the binder
You are in the decoration with the wood to buy home, the best place in the decoration site for a few days and then use the tube door is also a security door, is a series of steel fire door
Q:Wooden products marked above the letter engraved pattern with what machine equipment?
Marking, and opened specifically for the circular tube on the marking of the software function, you can also achieve seamless docking. If you want to mass production, you can also install the decoder, and open flight marking function, and then carbon dioxide shock Light marking machine can be combined with the assembly line for online flight laser marking. If you want to carve out the depth of the pattern to the words, with the carbon dioxide laser marking machine is relatively slow, and because of the scope of the role of laser galvanometer Limited, so the scope of marking too much, then also can not play, can only be more suitable for carving carbon dioxide laser cutting machine to do.
Q:Processed products (wood products) have to pay any taxes
In principle, the purchase must have an invoice, but if there is no invoice, do not allow income from the calculation of corporate income tax, so pay more income tax.

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