Various Specifications and Types of Wood Packaging Materials

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1.Product Description

Packaging materials are used for manufacturing packaging containers, packaging, printing and packaging, packing and transport packaging of the products meet the requirements by the use of materials, wood packaging materials including wood products and artificial wood plate, such as plywood, fiberboard made of packaging, such as wooden box, wooden barrels, wooden box, plywood, fiber board box, plywood boxes and wooden pallets

2.Product Characteristic

1016mm ×1219mm  

1200mm x 1000mm      

1200mm ×800mm      

1140mm ×1140mm

1067mm ×1067mm    

1100mm * 1100mm


1) large wood packing box (500kg or above): mainly used in large-scale mechanical and electrical equipment, instrumentation, instrument cabinet packaging.

2) small wooden packaging box (inside 500kg): mainly used in internal combustion engines and other small electrical and mechanical equipment, hardware parts, electronic components, sanitary ware, building materials, household appliances, sporting goods and food, fruit, and other packaging.

3) wooden base: application in the base of large mechanical and electrical equipment and large tank container.

4) wooden pallets: used in the packaging of the tray, such as chemical raw materials, daily necessities, food and other transport tray.

5) wood packaging materials: mainly used in the packing box bottom bracket, bracket, fixture, partition, wooden shaft wedge packing structure

4.Reference Picture

Various Specifications and Types of Wood Packaging Materials

Various Specifications and Types of Wood Packaging Materials

Various Specifications and Types of Wood Packaging Materials


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Q:How do I bleach wood products?
and then coated sodium bisulfite solution, repeat the above operation until the wood white. [PAGE]
Q:Steamed rice edible wood products moldy mold, how to deal with
Approach: 1, first with water and detergent to the wooden tableware products clean. 2, boil a pot of boiling water, the wood dishes will be washed into the boiling water for 30 minutes or more. 3, the dishes will be removed after the sun in the sun, the wood tableware all dried, you can continue to use. If the wooden tableware moldy, do not clean, and then loaded food, will be food contamination, after eating the body is harmful, easily lead to intestinal diseases, the occurrence of fungal food poisoning. Mycotic food poisoning is mainly caused by a small number of toxins produced by toxins. A strain or strain can produce several different toxins, and the same toxin can also be produced by different molds. The results of contamination test showed that the main types of contamination were Aspergillus and Penicillium, which were mainly Thamnidium elegans and Mucor, and the contaminated feed was mainly Aspergillus, Penicillium And Ephelis.
Q:Is it possible to pay for the processing of timber?
Yes, yes, processing wood is to pay VAT. Second, note: 1. The acquisition of timber (belonging to agricultural products) to the farmers shall be issued by the acquirer to the farmers (the tax bureau only) to the farmers. The acquirer shall calculate the deductible input tax according to the acquisition certificate at 13%.
Q:What are the wood products?
Products that do not have an impact on the environment do not exist. Production of any product will consume energy, and materials and so on.
Q:How can the carved wood products make the surface smooth and anti-corrosion?
6. Wiping before the first clean cloth evenly, will be too much part of the wax oil; rubbing when the force should be uniform, can not be too heavy or too light, the first to be painted surface alternately Wipe a few times, the final ending when the direction of smooth rubbing wood, so that the full access to wood grain wood, standing dry; to be dry surface, in the surface of the paint was gently polished, wiped, the same steps once.
Q:Those stocks are the main wood products
Weihua shares: Weihua shares is the forefront of the domestic forest board integrated production enterprises, but also Guangdong Province, the largest (high) density fiberboard manufacturers and forestry enterprises in Guangdong Province leading enterprises. The company has been rated as "the National Forestry Outstanding Contribution Award for advanced enterprises", "Guangdong Province forestry leading enterprises" and "China's fiber industry hundred enterprises" and other honorary titles. The company's existing production lines were built in Guangdong Province, more abundant forest resources, the local fuel supply is more adequate, the site selection in line with the provincial timber processing planning layout. The company also cooperated with the local forestry sector and forestry economic entities to build about 65 million mu of forestry base and will continue to expand the construction of forestry bases.Jilin forest workers: Jilin forest workers is based on forest cultivation and tree harvesting, to forest processing as the leading, science and technology development as the driving force, the combination of forest industry and trade, production and marketing of large modern forest enterprises. Main business for the forest cultivation and harvesting, wood, wood products, wood-based panels, forest products processing and marketing, edible fungi, animal and plant, forest side of the special products, machinery and electronics, building materials, health care products processing and marketing, import and export trade Wait. One of the most unique is the green wood-based panel of the "dew river" brand particle board products, for many years been rated as provincial, Buyou products, has become a well-known brands.
Q:Moisture content in laboratory measurement
Drying method is the temperature of the wood to test the film to the whole dry to measure the water content of the method.
Q:What is the flame retardant principle of wood flame retardants?
1. Flammable wood when heated, wood flame retardant decomposition of non-flammable gases and non-volatile acidic molten material, with reduced system temperature and oxygen concentration and shielding the role of thermal radiation, reducing the rate of wood pyrolysis;
Q:Wood preservatives
5, transport wood products are leaching and storage warehouse moist with mold survival conditions. When there is suitable for mold survival of nutrients, water and temperature conditions, woody mildew rot will occur. More anti-mildew measures and methods can enter Baidu space.
Q:How to bleach wood products
Appear mildew, generally in the water with a soft brush to wash, if mildew heavier, can be coated in the mildew place 5% on salt water, place 3-5 minutes, then rinse with water. The following are the same as the "

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