Supply High Quality and Various Types of Melamine Board

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Product Description:

1.Product Description

Melamine is a kind of high strength, high hardness resin, cured basically no harmful volatile components, and melamine veneer is panel paper impregnated melamine glue under high temperature and pressure curing.

Melamine veneer order sheet looks strong, printed with color or imitation wood grain paper itself is vulnerable, melamine board transparent resin soaked after the formation of the glue film paper to many hard, the glue film paper and hot pressed substrates into a whole system has a good performance, it chipped furniture does not need to be painted, naturally formed on the surface protective film, abrasion resistance, scratch resistant, acid and alkali resistance, resistance to hot, pollution resistant.

2.Product Characteristic

The advantages are: the surface flat, because the plate is the same as the expansion coefficient of the same and not easy deformation, bright colors, the surface is more wear-resistant, corrosion resistance, price economy.


Product specifications: 2-44mm all kinds of thickness of the plate, all kinds of thickness of the board

Production line: imported lines (Siempelkamp, Diefenbach, STANLEY, Mongolia and other domestic line) (Su Fuma)

Material: all poplar wood, pine, poplar, pine miscellaneous

Color: according to customer request custom press

Environmental protection grade / glue: P2 E0, E1, E2, carb

Density: 650~850 kg/m fand

4.Reference Picture

Supply High Quality and Various Types of Melamine Board

Supply High Quality and Various Types of Melamine Board

Supply High Quality and Various Types of Melamine Board



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