Construction Pine LVL Beam/LVL Board Scaffolding OSHA Waterproof (Laminated Veneer Lumber)

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China main port
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45 m³
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2000 m³/month

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Formaldehyde: E2 Material: Wood Feature: Waterproof
Color: Wood Grain Customized: Non-Customized,Customized

Product Description:

Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) is an engineered wood product that uses multiple layers of thin wood assembled with adhesives. It is typically used for headers, beams, rimboard, and edge-forming material. LVL offers several advantages over typical milled lumber : Made in a factory under controlled specifications, it is stronger, straighter, and more uniform, which is considered as a perfect alternative rather than solid wood and it uses wood at its utmost, which helps to reduce wood wast and protect the enviroment.


Name:LVL Beam/LVL Board
Moisture: 12-17%
Core: Pine
Usage: Furniture, Construction, Packing
Packing: inter packing:0.20mm plastic bag with wooden pallets then steel strip for strength
Delivery time: 15~25 days on receipt of deposit or original L/C
Mini order: 1X40'GP


Size availeble:

for LVL beam: 

40x40mm; 40x60mm; 60x60mm; can be customized upon request.


for LVL board: 

225x38x3900mm; 225x38x5900mm


LVL Beam Picture

Detailed picture LVL beam

LVL Beam Site apply: Demo as slab or wall formwork assemblied

OSHA standard: LVL board 

Packing: LVL board

Storage: LVL board

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Q:What are the wood products? Is the wooden product environmentally friendly?
There is a lot of factors to judge whether a product is environmentally friendly enough to write a paper. But the comprehensive consideration, the most important three points is whether the toxic to the environment, is conducive to recycling. Whether the transition consumes resources.
Q:How do you print or pattern on wood products?
2, gelatin film on the original version of the paper on the rules line, multi-color version of the rules are used as installed version of the rules. Put the engraved version together with the original, placed in the appropriate position of the screen plate, according to the rules of the original rules of the rules of the binding rules with milky white paste attached to the screen plate, and paste with a paper sheet. There are several sets of color with a few screen plate set a unified rules. The original with the engraved version, placed in the rules of the board, put down the screen box, in the top of the screen with an iron aligned engraved Gelatin version of the four corners of the edge of the ironing, so that gelatin version of sticky on the screen after the original release. Put some thick paper on the plate, put down the screen frame so that the gelatin carved paper pad flat, and then covered with a polyester film on the film from the role of the interval, with iron back and forth several times, so that gelatin film Hot on the screen. After a good version of the natural dry, and then peel off the liner and the use of ketone to the opposite side of the liner and the interval between the coated PVC overshoot scrub clean. If the version of the place can be used to retreat glacial acetic acid, if the knife edge of the knife marks and small strokes off, you can use the pen dipped in plastic repair. 3, nitro varnish modified film on paper version of nitro-varnish modified film on the version of the same method. (5) closed network The screen is about the screen outside the screen with colloidal sticky block up, so that the printing plate in the printing does not leak ink. Wax grams of film version of the network can be used nitro-varnish, gelatin solution can be sealed gelatin film version and nitro-varnish modified film version. The printed plate is printed and dried. Second, the photosensitive screen printing plate
Q:What are the inspection standards for wood products?
Wood-based panels, as interior decoration materials, is made of different scales and different forms of wood (or other plant fiber raw materials) by the combination of sheet metal, square material or other special-shaped materials. It can be divided into plywood, particleboard and fiberboard three categories of products. Some of the glue used in the production process will release formaldehyde gas. Therefore, the wood-based panels as interior decoration materials, and some will lead to the release of formaldehyde to pollute the air, affecting people's physical and mental health of serious problems.
Q:Can you bring wood products from New Zealand?
But the cattle and lamb, the crop is not my friend with a duck neck gave me a fine of 400 knives but to the Chinese belt is not so much last year I gave my mother with milk powder, honey, jam and other things back completely no problem:)
Q:How to use wood products paint
If it is furniture paint method is as follows: first to deal with grass-roots, and then brush or spray paint, the specific substrate treatment depends on you use the varnish, white paint or paint.
Q:Can wood products go abroad?
Including mineral water or beverages are illegal items, other small items such as small blade, multi-purpose Swiss knife, as well as lighter (carry only one), etc., is also necessary to be placed in the large checked baggage no problem.
Q:How to repair wood products broken
Because each kind of wood has an optimum moisture content, and less than the best moisture content, the wood will crack, more than the best moisture content, the wood will moldy. But also because many of the furniture in the country of origin, and the origin of wood environment are generally more humid. The home environment does not guarantee the optimum moisture content of the wood. At the same time the best moisture content of each kind of wood is also different. And wooden furniture in the transport and use will inevitably knock to meet, and then meet the changes in moisture content, and finally lead to cracking.
Q:garden wood oil - garden wood oil from the preparation of natural raw materials
effectively prevent the cracking of wood, significantly delay the aging of wood deformation, and does not change the true nature of wood
Q:How to handle the business license and tax registration certificate for wood products processing plant?
First of all you have to first determine whether to set up a private business or private limited company, both from the business or tax procedures are not the same. Let's talk about the private sector.
Q:Steamed rice edible wood products moldy mold, how to deal with
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