All Kinds of Color 18mm Board Free of Paint

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Product Description:

1.Product Description

Particleboard is also called particle board, particle board, bagasse board, made of wood or other lignocellulose material scrap, artificial board adhesive is applied in heat and pressure under the effect of synthetic rubber, also known as the particleboard. Mainly used in furniture manufacturing and construction industry and train, car car manufacturing.

Because particleboard structure is relatively uniform, good processing performance can be according to the need to process large format sheet is made of raw materials of different specifications, style furniture better. Don't need to dry particleboard manufactured goods, can be used directly, sound absorption and sound insulation performance is also very good.

2.Product Characteristic

A, a good sound absorption and sound insulation, sound-absorbing insulation board;

B, internal cross scattered granular structure, the performance of each direction is basically the same, the horizontal bearing capacity is good;

C, the surface of the board is smooth, the texture is lifelike, bulk density is uniform, the thickness error is small, the resistance to pollution, aging, beautiful, can be carried out all kinds of veneer;

D, particle board in the production process, with a small amount of adhesive, environmental protection coefficient is relatively high.


Tree species: Yang Mu

Origin: Ningguo City, Anhui Province

Class I

Moisture content: less than 12 (%)

Apparent density: 670 (g/m3)

Bending strength: 17.2 (MPa)

Insulation performance: in the

Special features: Color: good

Purpose: home plate

Wood type: particle board

Specifications: *18*1220*2440mm, E2*18*1220*2440mm, E1*18*1220*2440mm (mm)

4.Reference Picture

All Kinds of Color 18mm Board Free of Paint

All Kinds of Color 18mm Board Free of Paint

All Kinds of Color 18mm Board Free of Paint

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