Supply 8-12mm High Quality Density Board

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Product Description:

1.Product Description

Density board (Density Board High (wood)), a kind of plate, according to the density of low density, medium density, high density.

According to the different density, it is divided into high density board, medium density board and low density board. Density board due to the high quality and high impact strength, good after the density is uniform, it is easy to re - processing, the production of furniture is a good material, but the disadvantage is poor waterproof. Medium and high density board, it is the small diameter wood grinding and crushed under high temperature and high pressure to press down, for now the general

2.Product Characteristic

High density board density fibreboard (referred to as high density board (HDF), wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw materials, the applied urea formaldehyde resin, or other synthetic resin by heat and pressure conditions are pressed into a plate. Smooth, in the environment temperature, humidity changes, the size of good stability, easy to surface decoration. Internal organization structure is fine, and is particularly dense edge can be processed into various shaped edge, and do not have direct edge finishing, can obtain good modeling effect. Organizational structure is even and consistent, so it can be for surface carved machining and processing into various sections of decorative lines, suitable for instead of the natural wood as a structural material.


Product encoding: dngpym8/12E2-830

Product specifications: 8/12*1220*2440mm

Production line: domestic multi-layer production line

Mill: domestic production line

Special process: add wax

Material: Yang Za

Color: light color wood color

Environmental protection grade / glue: E2

Density: 830kg/m fand

4.Reference Picture

Supply 8-12mm High Quality Density Board

Supply 8-12mm High Quality Density Board

Supply 8-12mm High Quality Density Board

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Q:How can the wood products of white paint long time does not change color?
Wood paint, I suggest you use water-based paint, safe, environmentally friendly, not yellowing, is the world's highest level of environmental protection products, such as Du Fang, Green Bo, Ke Tian, Carpoly and so on.
Q:Wooden Crafts.
Then out of the pulp You must get started Do not get started, with cloth, silk and even the fur to rub the wooden beads 800 years without the pulp, or no So those who scratch the head of the altar friends will never pondering Do not get started, play wooden beads does not make sense So the following question is how to get started New hand wood products must first white cotton cloth The role of white cotton Is to carefully rub the surface of wood beads Not for polishing, polishing is just a result of the phenomenon only The brown eye of wood products is large or small With white cotton cloth is through the friction will further wear brown eye Or with fine wood chips and cloth to the brown eye to fill Prepare for the hand After white cotton cloth Brown eyes become smaller or blocked a lot Wood surface finish greatly enhance the natural, not thieves bright strange
Q:How does wood products use wood flame retardants?
The advantage of spray treatment is to effectively control the spread of fire, the amount of less, the physical and mechanical properties of wood less affected, the flame resistance of the anti-flow is good, the process is simple, the disadvantage is to cover the original texture and texture of wood, and Once the protective layer is damaged, its flame retardant properties immediately disappear. 2, impregnation treatment
Q:How can the carved wood products make the surface smooth and anti-corrosion?
First, the outdoor wood products with wood wax can be anti-corrosion. Second, the construction process is as follows. 1. Must be processed at temperatures above 8 ° C. 2. The wood must be dry and the maximum moisture content should not exceed 15%. 3. Texture of wood wax before the wood surface must be polished with fine sand, and wipe to the surface smooth. Wood surface if the fiber can be used wood sandpaper P240 or above gently sanding.
Q:Wood products how to minimize the cost of color and brush once can not repeat the brush or do not fade Oh
This work requires a considerable level of skill in the paint tool to do well.
Q:Outdoor wood products, with wood wax good oil is good?
Outdoor, then, more common with the wood, mainly large amount of outdoor use, wood oil is much cheaper than wood wax, can reduce costs
Q:Wood or wood products should be used to disinfect
3. Regular waxing, every 6 to 12 months, with a paste wax for the furniture on a layer of wax, wax before, should first use the more mild non-alkaline soapy water to wipe the old wax. 4. As far as possible with a mat pad under the hot plate, so as not to spill food soup, stain or damage the desktop. 5. Try to avoid contact with corrosive liquids, alcohol, nail polish, lacquer remover. Maintenance of wooden furniture
Q:Wood products and iron products paint practice difference
Iron products are commonly used to prevent iron rust methods are: (1) to form an alloy to change the internal structure of the iron.For example, chromium and other metals into the ordinary steel made of stainless steel. (2) Covering the surface of the iron product with a protective layer is a general and important method for preventing the rusting of iron products, depending on the composition of the protective layer, which can be divided into the following: a. For example: cars. Bucket and other often painted paint, the machine often coated with mineral oil, etc. b. In the steel surface with electroplating. Hot plating and other methods on a layer of easy to put a layer of paint. Rusty metals such as zinc, tin, chromium, nickel, etc. These metal surfaces can form a dense layer of oxide film to prevent contact between iron and water, air, etc. rust. C. Chemically (3) keeping the surface clean and dry on the surface of the iron product is also a good way to prevent the rust of the iron products. If the above can not help you, then the surface of the iron products can not help you
Q:Who knows the art of wood on the brush is what oil?
First, simply answer as follows: The first layer is tung oil, not paint, the role of tung oil should be anti-corrosion, the outside layer is a varnish, varnish role is smooth and bright.
Q:Can wood products go abroad?
Including mineral water or beverages are illegal items, other small items such as small blade, multi-purpose Swiss knife, as well as lighter (carry only one), etc., is also necessary to be placed in the large checked baggage no problem.

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