18mmE2 Grade Cutting Density Board Line, Pine Wood Factory Line

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1.Product Description

The had been excessive resin crowded fast-growing species the bodiless drying into high-quality sheet, allowing the pine to its plain texture, lifelike texture, pure and bright color, the home decorate the environment to elegance, pure static, integration and natural harmony and peace, and pine furniture is the United Nations Department of Humanities and furniture for the environmental protection. Pine furniture in the vision first "color" duo. Tranquil and soft pine color "a born beauty difficult to abandon myself" let the other species in abasement. Carving wood color furniture is the natural scenery, is a natural style, rough texture, delicate lines, the rigid flexible and economic.

2.Product Characteristic

1.Environmental Protection

Pine furniture relative to other furniture will be more environmentally friendly, especially at present, many after painted furniture formaldehyde content is extremely high. Because of the pine furniture flexibility and permeability is strong, even if it is painted pine furniture, formaldehyde content will greatly lower than other furniture. Without paint spraying of pine furniture, retained the original features, natural texture, natural beauty. No pollution.
2. design simple fashion
Pine has a clear and simple raw wood Road, log tonal let people pleasing, outstanding texture. This is also a lot of pastoral style enthusiasts choose the reason.
3. good thermal conductivity, easy maintenance usually with a soft cloth along the grain texture, the dust can be for furniture.
4. elastic and air permeability, good thermal conductivity and easy maintenance.The growth cycle of 5 pine long, fine wood ring, flexible texture, low oil content of trees.


Product Code: dnlngy18NE2-750

Product specifications: 18mm*22mm*1220mm

Production line: import multilayer production line (Andrea F)

Mill: Andrea F

Material: poplar wood

Color: light color wood color

Environmental protection grade / glue: E2

Density: 750 fand kg/m

Class I

Moisture content: less than 12%

Apparent density: 750

Thermal conductivity: in the

Bending strength: more than 17.2Mpa

Purpose: door factory line

Use range: Indoor

Special features: easy to fix

Material: density board

Specifications: 18mm*22mm*1775mm, 18mm*22mm*1220mm

4.Reference Picture

18mmE2 Grade Cutting Density Board Line, Pine Wood Factory Line

18mmE2 Grade Cutting Density Board Line, Pine Wood Factory Line

18mmE2 Grade Cutting Density Board Line, Pine Wood Factory Line

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Q:Is it possible to pay for the processing of timber?
3. Foreign sales, depends on whether the deep processing of wood, if only the initial processing, according to 13% levy, deep processing by 17% levy.
Q:Wood preservative garden wood paint
garden wood paint from the natural preparation of special raw materials, rich in tung oil, with a strong penetration and adhesion
Q:How is the commonly used wood products?
5, to avoid being scratched hard, there are some details, when you are cleaning or picking things, be sure to take care, should not let the hard metal products scratched the wood products. 6, away from heat, in the cold winter, especially in the north of the people, there will be heating experience. But in the warmth of the group, as far as possible the heating equipment away from wood products 1 m place, in order to allow wood products to avoid prolonged baking, so that the wood crack, deformation and local film deterioration.
Q:Guizhou furniture for what kind of wood furniture
Evaporation and absorption of water at the end of the same, to achieve a dynamic equilibrium state, when the moisture content of the equilibrium moisture content. Wood moisture content is affected by atmospheric humidity and varies by region. About 12% in the north, about 18% in the south, and no more than 15% in Guizhou.
Q:Those stocks are the main wood products
Weihua shares: Weihua shares is the forefront of the domestic forest board integrated production enterprises, but also Guangdong Province, the largest (high) density fiberboard manufacturers and forestry enterprises in Guangdong Province leading enterprises. The company has been rated as "the National Forestry Outstanding Contribution Award for advanced enterprises", "Guangdong Province forestry leading enterprises" and "China's fiber industry hundred enterprises" and other honorary titles. The company's existing production lines were built in Guangdong Province, more abundant forest resources, the local fuel supply is more adequate, the site selection in line with the provincial timber processing planning layout. The company also cooperated with the local forestry sector and forestry economic entities to build about 65 million mu of forestry base and will continue to expand the construction of forestry bases.Jilin forest workers: Jilin forest workers is based on forest cultivation and tree harvesting, to forest processing as the leading, science and technology development as the driving force, the combination of forest industry and trade, production and marketing of large modern forest enterprises. Main business for the forest cultivation and harvesting, wood, wood products, wood-based panels, forest products processing and marketing, edible fungi, animal and plant, forest side of the special products, machinery and electronics, building materials, health care products processing and marketing, import and export trade Wait. One of the most unique is the green wood-based panel of the "dew river" brand particle board products, for many years been rated as provincial, Buyou products, has become a well-known brands.
Q:Fiber laser marking machine can play wood material?
Casually playing what can be the problem is good or bad is another matter, mainly to see the light absorption of the material. In a word, the marking machine is not a generic product
Q:How to identify genuine and genuine peach products
On the car interior of the peach, then follow the following principles of discrimination: First, rely on paint to identify the authenticity, because the wood products need multi-layer paint to moisture and anti-ultraviolet radiation,
Q:There are some tips, can help you sure whether the moisture content of wood pass.
Individual dry good wood features significantly, the weight significantly reduced, feel not cool
Q:Wood or wood products should be used to disinfect
3. Regular waxing, every 6 to 12 months, with a paste wax for the furniture on a layer of wax, wax before, should first use the more mild non-alkaline soapy water to wipe the old wax. 4. As far as possible with a mat pad under the hot plate, so as not to spill food soup, stain or damage the desktop. 5. Try to avoid contact with corrosive liquids, alcohol, nail polish, lacquer remover. Maintenance of wooden furniture
Q:The law required for timber import and export, and the relevant international agreements
Second, the relevant international agreement In May 2003, the European Union introduced the FLEGT Action Plan proposal; in July 2004, the European Commission proposed the EU import timber resource approval system proposal, it is proposed to negotiate with the partner countries on the signing of the partnership agreement, and report the assessment of the FLEGT action plan on the timber Export countries and the EU may have the impact. 2. International and EU trade in timber At present, the international timber key markets include the EU, Central Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, the United States, Japan, China and Russia. Russia and African countries mainly export logs and plates; Asia and South America mainly export high value-added wood products, such as furniture, paper and wood. According to OECD, the world's annual timber trade volume of up to 150 billion euros. The EU imports hardwood, logs, veneer and slabs from North America; logs are imported from Russia; timber imports from Africa, Asia and Latin America are modest. The proportion of timber trade within the EU is as high as 80%. But the EU is not only an important market for legally logging timber trade, but also a third country's illegal logging market. 3. Illegal logging of timber trade is rampant The World Bank report shows that a significant portion of the global timber trade is for the illegal logging of timber trade. Illegal logging mainly occurs in developing countries and "threshold countries". There are indications that large quantities of timber illegally harvested by developing countries such as Indonesia, Myanmar and Cambodia are mostly exported to other countries and processed locally and sold at low prices to Europe. European legally harvested wood processing products are therefore not price competitive. As furniture, paper and wood products such as the longer delivery time, more varieties, and a wide range of timber, it is difficult to check the legitimate sources of raw materials used.

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