E2 High Density 1220*2440mm Regular Board

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Product Description:

1.Product Description

Density fiber board (referred to as high density board HDF), wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw materials, the applied urea formaldehyde resin, or other synthetic resin by heat and pressure conditions are pressed into a plate. Smooth, in the environment temperature, humidity changes, the size of good stability, easy to surface decoration. Internal organization structure is fine, and is particularly dense edge can be processed into various shaped edge, and do not have direct edge finishing, can obtain good modeling effect. Organizational structure is even and consistent, so it can be for surface carved machining and processing into various sections of decorative lines, suitable for instead of the natural wood as a structural material.

2.Product Characteristic

High density fiber board with its outstanding performance in the physical, compatible with the all the advantages of MDF, widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration, office, high-grade furniture, audio, senior car interior decoration, but also can be used as a computer room antistatic flooring, wall panel, anti-theft door, wall panels, partitions and other materials. It is a good material for packaging. In recent years, it is to replace the direct processing of high-grade hardwood flooring, flooring; also used in transportation of goods shelf above protection, and modern home decoration without frame painting, such as national registered trademark visual life frameless painting is so used, to home life more environmental protection.


Product Code: dnjgndNE2-800

Product specifications: 2-5mm*1220*2440mm

Production line: rolling thin plate production line

Mill: Su Fuma

Material: Yang Za

Color: light color wood color

Environmental protection grade / glue: E2

Density: 800 fand kg/m

Class I

Moisture content: less than 12%

Apparent density: 800

Bending strength: more than 17.2MPa

Special features: not easy to split

4.Reference Picture

E2 High Density 1220*2440mm Regular Board

E2 High Density 1220*2440mm Regular Board

E2 High Density 1220*2440mm Regular Board

E2 High Density 1220*2440mm Regular Board

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Q:What is the classification of wood products?
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Q:Do you want to provide a phytosanitary certificate? Timber import no phytosanitary certificate how to declare
What is our specific name? General logs, primary plates, furniture are required for plant inspection and quarantine certificates. Abroad, there are certificates.
Q:How to protect the outdoor wood products? What kind of paint can be anti-corrosion? How to build?
First, the outdoor wood products with wood wax can be anti-corrosion. Second, the construction process is as follows. The following are the same as the " 1. Must be processed at temperatures above 8 ° C. 2. The wood must be dry and the maximum moisture content should not exceed 15%. 3. Texture of wood wax before the wood surface must be polished with fine sand, and wipe to the surface smooth. Wood surface if the fiber can be used wood sandpaper P240 or above gently sanding.
Q:Building decoration commonly used in wood decorative products which
1, wood classification Wood according to different classification criteria can be divided into different types, there are two general classification methods, one by tree species; the second is by the degree of processing points. According to tree species: divided into coniferous trees and broadleaf trees Wood Category 1: by tree species points conifer Leaves slender as needle, mostly long green trees pine, pine, shirt wood, ginkgo and so on. Trunk material is straight and tall, easy to get great material; material uniform and soft, easy processing, is a soft wood; material strength, surface density and expansion and contraction of small, strong corrosion resistance. It is suitable for the load-bearing structure of the hidden part of home improvement. Broadleaf trees Leaves large, veins reticulate, deciduous. Ash, camphor, walnut, cherry, teak, red sandalwood, poplar, boxwood, red beech, white beech and so on. Trunk straight part of the shorter, hard material, processing more difficult, is a hard wood; hardwood swelling and warping deformation, easy to crack; texture natural beauty. It is suitable for making the main finishes of home improvement decoration and furniture manufacturing. According to the degree of processing points: divided into the original article, logs and board three kinds of materials Wood classification 2: according to the degree of processing points The original: the trees are cut, the pruning, remove the skin, roots, trees, but no processing of wood
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3. Regular waxing, every 6 to 12 months, with a paste wax for the furniture on a layer of wax, wax before, should first use the more mild non-alkaline soapy water to wipe the old wax. 4. As far as possible with a mat pad under the hot plate, so as not to spill food soup, stain or damage the desktop. 5. Try to avoid contact with corrosive liquids, alcohol, nail polish, lacquer remover. Maintenance of wooden furniture
Q:Maintenance of wood products
In addition, the wooden handicrafts and general furniture is different, suitable for damp, avoid dry, so the wooden handicrafts should not be particularly exposed to exposure, should not air conditioning against the furniture blowing, spring, autumn and winter three seasons to keep the indoor air is not dry, Humidifier wet, indoor fish, flowers can also adjust the indoor air humidity. Wooden handicrafts to be appropriate possession, cabinet storage items, do not exceed the door frame, if the hard squeeze hard plug, will cause the door deformation. Wooden handicrafts are generally crisp wood, such as desktop, chair surface. Always pay attention to prevent bruises, if used in the use or moving, found that the Department of stress appeared out of the tenon, be sure to re-glue the seal and then use. In order to protect the paint film from being scratched, it is also displayed with wood chips, and a thick glass plate is placed on the table, and the glass plate is separated from the wooden table with a small suction pad. It is recommended not to use transparent polyethylene crystal plate.
Q:Wood products by polishing and then Varnish, dry after not smooth it?
The first request in the paint before the 380 # sandpaper with full polished, polished wooden handle surface is smooth without rough feeling,
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Three .1 Chinese wood products network of wood products investment, agency information is carefully selected by senior professionals to ensure that the accuracy of the agent information and authenticity. Thus ensuring the interests of investment enterprises. 2. Wood products trade network to a strong professional team as the basis, the investment business product information rigorous review to ensure that the accuracy and authenticity of investment information, thus ensuring the interests of agents.

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