Living Room Couch Furniture of Luxury Model

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Living Room Couch Furniture of Luxury Model

Structure of Sofa Description

We are specialized in making all kinds of home furniture including but not limited to: Modern & Classic Sofa set, Beds/Sofa bed, Recliner & Leisure chair, Dining set and so on. We use solid hardwood in our frame constructions, high quality leather a variety of beautiful fabrics, and the latest technology in cushions like high density foam and fiber wraps. All of which simply adds up to incredibly comfortable, long lasting sofas. 

As a professional sofa vendor and sophisticated exporter of upholstered furniture with more than a decade experience in designing, manufacturing and marketing, we are able to satisfy your most strict requirements in every aspect. Hundreds of designs with classical, neoclassical and contemporary styles recognized by customers as well as markets can render enormous enjoyment and sufficient options or you offer drawings.

Main Features of Sofa

-Inner frame made of kiln-dried hardwood and High density, high resiliency seat cushions
-Solid wood lumber: Inner wooden framework should be without drawback such as bark, comply with the standard. The materials of appearance should be in compliance with the mark and specification, and the flaw can meet the requirements. 

-Metal pipe: Using high-frequency welded pipe, the pipe thickness of the stressed part> 1.22mm. 

-Bedding material: Products such as linen, cloth, brown cloth, and cotton (weaving)meet the health and safety requirements. 

-Foams: High-resilience foam Sponges are high density rebound foam, sofa feelscomfortable 

-Adhesive: Hazardous material meets the GB18581 standard requirements. 
-Wood coatings: Hazardous substances meet the GB18581-2001 standard requirements. 
-Elastic material: The straight of snake spring steel wire (3.0-4.0) mm. 

-Middle concave(or wrapper): The diameter of spring wire(1.0-3.0) mm. 

-Sitting face/armrest surface is Nice Fabric.

Sofa Specifiction

Product Name

Leather  sofa

Brand Name     





other leather color are available



Design Style

noble luxury design










Main Material

Wooden frame: We use the high dried solid wood for exportation, any wood with humidity higher than 16 degree is not allowed to use in our factory.   

Foam: we all use high density elasticity foam(D40-45 for cushions and D30-D35 for back and armrest), we never use recycle foam for any part of sofa.

Leather: Italy top grain leather, full leather and half leather is available. You can choose top grain leather, Chinese leather. the leather is soft, no smell and durable.

Packing Detail

Inner layer: Non-woven bags; The 2nd layer: Air Bubble bag; The 3rd layer: Carton Pad; Outer layer: Plastic bag


1 set



-T/T(30% deposit before production, 70% balance against B/L copy.)

-L/C at sight 

Delivery date

30-35 days after receive deposit.



-One year against manufacturing defect.

-Lifetime consultation on problems occurred.

Sofa Images:

Living Room Couch Furniture of Luxury Model

Living Room Couch Furniture of Luxury Model

Living Room Couch Furniture of Luxury Model

Living Room Couch Furniture of Luxury Model

Living Room Couch Furniture of Luxury Model

Living Room Couch Furniture of Luxury Model

Sofa Structure:

Living Room Couch Furniture of Luxury Model

FAQ of Sofa:

A: How to control the quality?

Q: We have our own QC department in our factory to make sure that all our products are in very good quality before ship out to our customers.


A: which kind of sofa do you have?

Q: We have chesterfields sofa, recliner sofa, sofa bed and recreational sofa.


A: What kind of material could you offer?

Q: There are full aniline leather, half aniline leather, Italian imported top grade leather, Thailand imported top grade leather, Chinese leather, bounded leather, PU, PVC, and fabric.


A: What's your mail market?

Q: AU, UK, US, and other Europe country.


A:How many density of sponge?

Q:High density elasticity foam, D32-36 for cushions, D26-28 for back & armrest, or noted for its coziness and long durability.UK BS5852 and USA CA117 fireproof foam are available.

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A chair freeze is where you stab one elbow into your gut and sit sidewards on it, it's very simple and you can start of with using two hands with one to support you, and also don't put one leg over the other till you can balance. But to be honest I can't tell if you're describing a basic chair freeze or an airchair.
Q:I was thinking of how I might make affordable wedding chair covers for my wedding, but I have found that polyester is very expensive by the yard. I was thinking of making them with cotton and then making the same cover in tulle to fit over the cotton. That would make it to layers of material over the chair. Does that sound totally ridiculous?
I think you're underestimating the intensity and stress of a project like this. If you really want chair covers, I'd say buy/rent them and keep your sanity.
Q:I'm a big fan of Vincent's work. Does anyone know what kind of chair that is? I would like a replica of not the picture but the furniture piece.Does anyone know wher I could find a furniture maker from whom I can buy one?
Hi! okorder /
Q:I just got a new TV for gaming, a 37 Toshiba, but now I need a good chair. The TV is on a table maybe 1 ft. 8 in. high (about), so I think that I maybe want a chair with a pedestal thing on the bottom. The X Rocker Pro looks nice but is expensive. I am mainly looking for comfort here; sound quality is not as big of a concern although good sound would be nice:) The X Rocker Pro has mixed reviews on the comfort level, though... Also, I am 57ish and pretty thin, so I don't need a big, fat chair or anything too specific size-wise. It's the comfort that counts. Thanks.
There are several other types and brands of video rocker chairs or video gaming chairs at the site below. Some gaming chairs are good if you're short and some are good if you're tall. Trying the chairs out of course is best. You want your legs to reach the floor comfortably- the video rocker chairs are closer to the floor normally than the average chair. You can get gaming chairs that are cheap and good too.
Q:We just got a new kitchen table and chairs that have vinyl seats. I use plastic booster seats for my 3 children. Anyone have experience with this and know whether the seats will ruin the vinyl? I started using towels under them but it's a pain and I wonder if I really need to. Thanks!
They might, as dust, dirt and food debris gets between the booster and the chair cover. The moving around of the kids on the seats will grind those small bits between the plastic and vinyl and cause scratches. The best way to avoid this problem is to simply put a towel between the seat and seat cushion. You can use a kitchen towel or bathroom hand towel - it'll be small enough to be inconspicuous but large enough to cover the entire chair seat.
Q:I want to do some exercising while I am sitting here at the computer in my chair. I have a normal chair, not a computer chair, so what can I do with it?
I'm doing a wild Madonna chair dance right now and feeling very physically fit :)
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A chair is slang for a ski lift. When someone talks about a chair, it's not always about the lift itself; it can also refer to the runs it services. Most runs off a chair will have a similar level of difficulty (some exceptions will apply, of course), so someone asking about which chairlift you like would show what sort of terrain you enjoy.
Q:I have a rocking chair that i'd like to convert to a gliding rocking chair.
It would almost be easier to build a new chair but here goes. OK if it is a basic rocking chair you just need to get the swinging hardware and build a base. the problem is that; does the original chair have strong enough legs that when you drill them etc to install the hard ware will it remain strong enough to continue to support weight and keep its structural integrity. This is hard to explain in words. If you look at gliders they have the chair with sides/legs that come down to connect to a hanger (Usually metal) that goes back up to a base, and each end of the connection has bearings to let it turn easier. your just have to build a base that will be big enough and attach the hangers (which would be best to just buy) to the chair legs. I cant give more that directional support over typing but if you would like contact me with specifications for the chair and exactly what you want to do with it, and what tools are at your disposal.
Q:I have asked this question before I have more information now.Yesterday I filled the foot tub with water/ turned it on and I also turned on the massage for the chair. After a few minutes It tripped so I pushed the reset button and it still tripped. I had the plug in the out let down by the floor the outlet above it is the one that tripped?Then I plugged the cord to the pedicure chair into an out let on another wall the chair after 15 minutes was still running. Then I turned the circuit breaker off and all the power to the room went off. Why is the chair running off one wall and not the other one?A guy came out and replaced the two out lets on the other wall that has the plug with the reset button.I was told the other wall needed grounding to run the pedicure chair. What does this mean I need to do. The electrician said It was the chair must have bad wiring. I have used this chair maybe 10 times NEW chair Please help?????? Thanks so very much
Pedicure chairs are required to be plugged into a GFCI protected circuit. Failure to plug the chair into a GFCI receptacle would render the occupier of the chair to a potentially fatal electrical shock in the event of a wiring fault. If your chair is tripping the GFCI, then there is a fault in your chair and it should be repaired by a qualified technician or replaced. DO NOT USE on a circuit that is not GFCI protected.
Q:When my mom was a toddler, she had a rocking chair. When I was a toddler, it was my chair. My little sister never used it because she never stayed over at our grandma's house, where it was kept. When I was a little older, it was my dolls' chair. Now my sister has a son, and my mom wants to give her the chair for him. I dont begrudge my nephew anything, but his mom never learned to take care of things--she breaks everything she touches. Plus I had wanted to give it to my own kids someday. So what do you think? Whose chair is it?
Technically you're the last one that had it. So it yours, then your children's. Your choice though.

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