Ledger End for Sacffolding and Formwork Systems

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ledger end
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92% audited by Quality Solutions Int'l LTD,UK
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Disa Line

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Packaging Detail:as per customers' requirements
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ledger end
equipped with disa sand process line
common and special properties of casting irons

ledger end


1. More than 20-year experience in casting Iron production & trading service.

2. Packed with advanced equipment and ready for your OEM projects

1) Disa sand processing line

2) Japan FBO Modeling line

3) detection device of SC sand,

4) American Inductotherm medium frequency furnace

5)CMM and Spectrometer

3. Our team consists of 200 experienced craftsmen

4. ISO9001-2008 have gained

5. Professional for OEM production

6. Competitive price supplied

7. One-stop service supplied

8. Rich experience in packing, loading and arrangement of shipment

9. Surface of Zinc plating, Hot dip galvanizing & E-coating available

BOM of Main Facilities:

Name of Equipments
American Inductotherm Medium Frequency Furnace
Online Detection Device of SC Sand
Denmark DISA Sand Processing System
Power Station
Japan Sinto Medeling Line Bisector
Universal Material Experimental Machine
High Speed Carbon and Sulfur Anylyzer
Sand Analysis System
Metallographic Analyzer

Capacity of Production:

Gray IronHT150~HT350GG15~GG35150~350FC15~FC35G150~G350No.25~No.50F11701~F13501
Ductile IronQT400-15GGG40400-15FCD40370/1760-40-18F32800
vermicular cast ironsRuT260GJV30016112/JV/300S~ 500SC250250

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Q:What are the main safety problems when dismantling the scaffold
5, all construction materials must be set according to the material classification management requirements must be neatly stacked, "work finished, as material, the site is clean before work".6, on-site construction waste in a timely manner to clean up and deal with the designated place.7, scaffolding workers must be trained and qualified, safety examination, hold certificate to posts jiazigong.
Q:I have a contract to paint a six story hotel. Problem the roof has an aluminum skirt. Can scaffolding be used?
A little late to be asking that question if you already have the contract, isn't it?
Q:I would like to ask how much scaffolding steel prices, scaffolding steel pipe use what are the requirements?
1 scaffolding steel pipe material Q195, Q215 or Q235, 2 scaffolding steel pipe specifications of phi, phi, phi, phi, phi, phi, 3.25, phi, phi, phi, 2.752, 5, 3 scaffolding steel pipe length of 1-6 meters, half a meter specifications; according to customer requirements specifications4 scaffolding steel pipe standard SY/T5768-9, 5, GB/T3091-200
Q:How is Hester changed by the 7 years which elapse before her final stand on the scaffold?
you can see how weak morally dimmesdale is, because he keeps his hand over his heart all the time, and is constantly beating himself up over his crime. he whips himself in the closet, and brands himself with a scarlett a to match hesters. hester... when she first walks out on the scaffold she can be seen as defiant, as if she isn't ashamed of the embellished letter a she wears. the cottage she lives in is on the edge of the town, bordering the forest. towards the end of the 7 years, her actions can be seen as repent maybe for her crime: she is a self ordained sister of mercy, helps the poor and homeless, sews... and the a turns from adultery to able
Q:Getting my scaffold (industrial piercing) done tomorrow. Tips?
Tip: don't have it done.
Q:What would go good with my Scaffold/Industrial piercing?
conch would look great and not make it look to cluttered go for it :)
Q:Could someone please tell me a very simple scaffold on writing commentary?
To know about College and university! log on to alumne.net/
Q:Bracket cast in situ beam bracket must use bowl buckle scaffold
5.2.5, the calculation of the column, a clear calculation of the type of stud.6.2.4, clear the structure of fastener type column.Local documents, it is not possible to regulate, do not allow the use of fastener type scaffolding. But the top of the column, to use the provisions of backwater, specification.
Q:A painter is standing on a scaffold raising at a constant speed. He pushes a can over at 15.00 meters.?
The initial velocity is not zero since the scaffold is moving upward when the can gets pushed over. And final velocity, vf, does not represent the speed of the scaffold (if that is what you're trying to solve). y = (vo)(t) - (1/2)gt² 15 m = (vo)(3.25 s) - (1/2)(9.81 m/s²)(3.25 s)² vo = +20.5 m/s
Q:by scaffolding ?
It's a rhetorical question, maybe the girl is held up so well that it could have been something else holding her up there

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