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Product Description:

1.Structure of Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid96%(LABSA96%) Description

CAS No.:







White or Light Yellow Viscous


Cosmetic Raw Materials, Detergent

2.Main Features of Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid96%(LABSA96%) 

It is widely used as  detergent materials 

Active chlorine content 



detergent materials


215 kg / drum


Brown viscous liquid

Brand name 




3. Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid96%(LABSA96%)    Images






4. Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid96%(LABSA96%)  Specification




Brown viscous liquid

Active matter content




Sulfuric acid,%

1.5 Max



Free oil, %

2.0 Max



Color and luster (5% a.m,Hazen)

60 Max 



1)How many tons does your factory  can supply each moth?


2)How to quarantee the quality of the products?

  you can arrange SGS&BV or other quality inspection.

3)How many days you need to pepare the cargo after we made the order?

  within 30 days.


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Q:What is so bad about additives?
you need to hit the reset button
Q:What is the best diesel additive for increased lubrication?
Marvel Mystery Oil, this is a must if you have a 98.5 -02 Dodge Ram. The VP44 is a very precise Injection pump and needs a polymer based lubicaten or the rotor inside of it frys and your 1600$ injection pump becomes a paper weight, w/o proper lube. Marvel Mystery Oil is the best for increasing your lubrication. It's cheap and easy to find too. When ULSD first went into affect my dodge wouldn't do much more than idle until I started using Marvel, it pretty much won't run w/o it if that tells ya anything about this aditive. ATF seems to do a good job on the older dodges, but not the 98.5 on up. It frys Injection pumps. If you want a good cleaner Seafoam works wonders. I've ran pure biodiesel B100 multiple times and it works as well. But hard to come across. Biodiesel with Marvel is a perfect combo. Your injection pump uses diesel fuel as it's lube so it is critical that you have proper luberication
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The opposite, or additive inverse, of any number can be found by just changing the sign of that number from positive to negative, or negative to positive.
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Subtractive colors the colros are generated from the light source in the area. like the sun, a flash, lamps etc. When you print you are using subtractive colors. CMYK Cyan Magenta Yellow and Black. printed materials will be printed in using these colors. Light will hit the ink and it subtracts everthing except that color. so when you look at a cyan (light blue) color on an ad in a magazine the light is hitting the paper and all the other colors in the sepctrum are being removed thus allowing you to see just the cyan. and if I want purple I need to subract the with cyan and magenta inks Additive colors are Red Green and Blue. These are used on things like computer screens and TV's. The main source of the color is the electronics it's self. since it is generating the colors nothing gets subtracted only added. thus they are additive colors. so to make purple I need to add blue and red.
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If a is the multiplicative inverse of b, then: ab 1 a 1 / b and b 1 / a. Similarly if a is the additive inverse of b, then: a + b 0 a -b and b -a. The additive inverse is therefore the same as multiplying by -1, as you say. It doesn't explain the reversal of the signs, though, when you take additive inverses.
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Definition: y is the additive inverse of x if x + y 0. The additive inverse of 14 is -14, since 14 + (-14) 0. The additive inverse of -21 is 21, since (-21) + 21 0.
Q:how good is prolong oil additives?
Additives are not recommended. Ask any qualified mechanic. Good quality oils changed at regular intervals are all that is required. Do not go pouring krapola into your machine with the false illusion that you are making some miracle improvement. Your not!
Q:What is the fuel additive called Sea Foam ? and what used for?
they are the same things just a matter of preference. their both fuel stabilzers to keep the carbs from varnishing up during the season i dont use any i just use it in the winter for waverunners,boats, lawnmowers anything that sits for the winter but it doesnt hurt if you use any of it year round

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