KYN61-40.5(Z) Metalclad movable AC Switchgear

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Product Description:

1.1 Product features
The KYN61-40.5(Z) metalclad movable AC switchgear
is our latest generation of product, which is of fullinsulation
vacuum circuit breaker. The cubicle body is
made of zinc plated steel plate, which increases the
fitting accuracy between cubicle body and trolly. The
product applies to the power system of 35kV and 3
phase AC 50Hz in power plant, substation and industrial
& mineral enterprise to receive and distribute power with
the functions of control protection and monitoring.
1.2 The product meets the standards of GBG3906
GB/T11022 and IEC60298.
1.3 Model & explanation
3 Working conditions

3.1 Ambient temperature: -15 ~+40
3.2 Altitude: 1000m and below
3.3 Relative humidity:
Daily average is no more than 95%;
Monthly average is no more than 90%;
Daily average of saturated water vapour is no more  than 2.2
X103 Mpa;
Monthly average of saturated water vapour is no more than 1.8
X103 MPa.
3.4 Earthquake intensity: No more than magnitude 8
Remark: No operating at such places etc. subject
to flammable gas, chemical corrosion etc.
Note: To special conditions out of the above limit,
please contact us for consultation.
1 Brief introduction
2 Model & explanation
3 Working conditions

4 Main technical parameters

4.1 Technical parameters of KYN61-40.5 metalclad moveable AC switchgear (See table 1)

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