JLQ-1.0 Series /5-100t Bridge Crane

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Bridge Crane:JLQ-1.0 Series /5-100t Bridge Crane JLQ-1.0 Series Bridge Crane with Hook is widely used in factories, workshop and warehouse, etc, for the general loading, unloading, lifting and transportation indoor or outdoor fixed span. This crane includes box-type bridge, large cart traveling mechanism, small cart and electrical equipment. Note: when outdoor using, rain proof equipment is necessary. This series of cranes adopt advanced electromotor, speed reduction gear and brake, which are produced by spec ial ised manufacturers, as a result of which made standardizat ion and generalization of all parts. To guarantee safety, lifting mechanism is equipped with weight limiter and height limiter. Traveling mechanism uses polyurethane buffer with long stroke and small buffer force. Driver’s cab is comfortable with broad vision, which makes the operation of the crane easier. The crane is equipped with maintenance suspending cage, convenient for the maintenance of large cart integrator. Bridge Crane:JLQ-2.0 Series/5-100t Bridge Crane JLQ-2.0 series bridge crane with hook is widely used in mechanical manufacture, metallurgy, energy, power plant, railway, transportation, military industry, aerospace, light industry, chemical industry, mine, warehouse, logistics, and all other industries, plant or workshop . Main Characteristics: Light self-weight, small wheel load, low energy cost, Small dimension, wide working scope, personalized design, stable quality, liable and good property, advanced manufacturing technology. According to different requirement of customer ( non-standard products), JLQ-2.0 series of products have realized combination of different parts. Within the shortest time, we are not only able to offer detailed technical specification and drawings to our customers, but also customize cranes conforming to the requirement of customers.

JLQ-1.0 Series /5-100t       Bridge Crane

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