JBK1 transformer high voltage transformer

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.jpgJBK1 series transformer is applicable to AC 50~60HZ circuit,rated output voltage no more than 1140V,and rated input voltage no more than 1140V,which could be widely used in the control power supply of machine tools,mechanical equipments,local lighting ,signal lamps and others.

.jpgIt has characteristics of excellent performance,reliable operation,low energy consumption,small volume,safe wiring and wide application,and as it can work for a long term under rated load ,it is an ideal variable voltage power supply.








We were established in November of 1994.Until now,It has been developed to be a professional transformer manufacturer after 20 years' development,who integrates R&D,producing and marketing,Meanwhile,Xinping is the earliest transformer manufacturer which gets CQC certificate in China.

The main products of Xinping include different kinds of transformers,such as EI transformer,encapsulated transformer,switch power supply transformer,inductance transformer,BK&JBK transformer,toroidal transformer,intelligent servo transformer,three-phase dry type transformer,QZB transformer,special transformer and others.

It is located in Dezhou,Shandong Province which is the domestic key traffic hub in China,(In 2015,Dehou has been regarded as the cooperation development city with Beijing,Tianjin and Hebei).Now there are more than 400 employees in the company,15% employees are special technicians.We covers an area of about 53,000 square meter,and the floor area is more than 30000 square meter.

Xinping does a lot of tests during design,developing and the application of raw material and uses high quality raw material finally.So the transformer has the advantages of low no-load loss,high efficiency and low temperature rise.It has been widely used in househole appliances,intelligent meters,solar meters,automatic equipment,special equipment and others.

In the process of manufacturing and business,We always sticks to the principle of honoring contract,keeping credit,complying with business ethics and seeking the perfect quality.Being the leader of transformers and electronic components industry is the development goal of Xinping.Comparing price under the same quality and comparing quality&service under the same price is the business concept of Xinping.Devoting to your requirment,We will supply you excellent service from products concept to designing ,sample making,confirmation,producing,testing and delicering.Wewoule like to cooperate with you and build a bright future together.

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Q:What are the specifications of the transformer capacity?
The choice of transformer capacity has a great impact on the comprehensive investment efficiency. Transformer capacity selected too large, there "big horse car" phenomenon, not only a one-time investment, no-load loss is also large. Transformer capacity selected too small, transformer load loss increases, economically unreasonable, technically not feasible.
Q:What is the impedance voltage standard of a power transformer?
High-low 12-14%, medium-low 7-9%; buck: high - medium 12-14% High - low 22-24%, medium - low 7-9%
Q:Transformers 2 disappointment?
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Q:Transformers?? i need help?????!!!!?
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Q:AC Transformer & Circuit Board Problem?
It's possible that the circuit board developed a problem that caused the transformer to fail. So when he replaced the transformer, the defect on the board may have caused the new transformer to burn out. It's not too unusual for things like this to happen, so I wouldn't blame him right off the bat. The next step might be to have him (or perhaps another A/C service person if you're confidence in this first guy is shaken) replace both the board and the transformer prior to powering up the system.
Q:How to distinguish between large, medium and small transformers
Transformer (Transformer) is the use of electromagnetic induction principle to change the AC voltage of the device, the main components are primary coil, secondary coil and core (core). The main functions are: voltage conversion, current conversion, impedance conversion, isolation, voltage regulator (magnetic saturation transformer) and so on. According to the purpose can be divided into: power transformers and special transformers (electric furnace change, rectifier, frequency test transformer, voltage regulator, mine transformer, audio transformers, IF transformers, high-frequency transformers, impact transformers, instrument transformers, electronic transformers , Reactors, transformers, etc.). Circuit symbols commonly used as the beginning of the number. Example: T01, T201 and so on. Commonly used transformer classification can be summarized as follows: 1, according to the number of points: 1) single-phase transformer: for single-phase load and three-phase transformer group. 2) three-phase transformer: for three-phase system of the rise and fall voltage. 2, according to the cooling method points: 1) Dry-type transformers: rely on air convection for natural cooling or increase fan cooling, used for high-rise buildings, high-speed toll stations and local lighting, electronic circuits and other small-capacity transformers. 2) oil-immersed transformers: rely on oil as a cooling medium, such as oil from the cold, oil-cooled, cold water, forced oil circulation.
27. (a) More than that of transformer B 28. (a) Pulsating magnetic flux 29. I do not think there is such a limitation on ONAN transformers. 30. (a) 100
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Q:How does a step-down transformer?
that one you have to ask the energy saver I think they have the solution.
Q:Is it safe to use a table saw (UK, 220v) in America (110v), with a transformer?
You can do that. Just make sure the transformer is rated for the power they will draw. Keep this in mind: American homes are wired with 220 volts. Only, they split the voltage into two 110 volt legs. Each leg to ground (or neutral) is 110 volts (also commonly referred to as 120 volts). But from one leg to the other is where you get the 220 (or 240) volts. My garage is wired with two legs of 110, which means I have 220 out there. I also have an outlet for 220 volts. Because some of the power tools I run demand more current, and run them simultaneously, the standard 110 outlets struggle to meet the demand. So what I did was to take a dryer cord and wire it into a pony panel where I can draw 110 volts from one leg to ground to power a table saw while the other leg powers the dust collection system. To try and run both those pieces of equipment on a single 110 line means a trip to the breaker to reset it because each draws enough power that when used together they draw more current than the circuit is safely rated for. YOU can do something similar. Just make sure you use a 20 amp outlet meant for use with 220 volts and wire into the panel (if not already wired) and set up a 220 volt plug where you will be using these power tools. Using a transformer will work, but the more you couple the power magnetically the more inefficient your system becomes, and you waste power. Also consider just buying tools rated at 110 volts. They're plentiful and cheap enough that the cost may offset the cost of shipping these 220 v tools. Throw in the cost of a transformer and you're probably spending more money in the long run. Hope this helps. '')

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