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Hi! I want to buy I new Hard Drive but I've got a problem. I have the IDE conector but I don't have the Power Cable. It is connected to my Video Card. Can I add a new one? Can I use a power cable from a optical drive(CD/DVD)? Thanks!
All you need to do is pop down to your local computer store and get a power splitter, just make sure you get the right type, IDE and SATA drives have a different kind of power connector, so just make 100% sure before you buy!
I am building my first computer and i was going to order a 750GB HDD to back up a 60GB SSD but it is a bare drive. Are there any cables/cords/connectors that i need to buy or should they all come with the motherboard?
Most motherboards come with1 or 2 SATA cables. Keep in mind that this may not always be true.
so my old psu fryed itself, and i just ordered a new one, i have another psu that i can use but its only 350 watts, it has no gpu connector, can i still use my computer without the power for the gpu, i have no onboard video and i have a radeon hd 6850 256 bit gddr5. and my cpu is a amd phenom 2 x6 (six core) 1045tthankyou
..... aaaand how did you expect to power your GPU then?
Here are some examples of modular power supplies
Hi. I have an iBook power cable and I was wondering if there was a way to adapt it so I can use it for my new MacBook Pro that uses a magnetic cable? Thanks!
you could try but you could blow your the new computer so I wouldn't try
I lost my Xbox power brick and was wondering if I could use a cable from my old ps3?
of course not, they're made for a completely different system
Whether high voltage cables can be built in belt corridors
Cable bridge spray to improve the corrosion resistance and anti-aging. Spraying the cable tray is the electrostatic powder coating equipment to spray the powder coating to the surface of the bridge, under static electricity, the powder coating will be evenly adsorbed on the surface of the cable bridge to form a powder coating, powder coating layer through the high temperature baking flow Flat and cured, into the effect of different (different types of powder coating effect) the final coating. Spraying effect in mechanical strength, adhesion, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and other aspects are better than the painting process, the bridge body metal can play a good protective effect, the cost is also under the same effect of paint. The basic principle of electrostatic spray technology is the static generator to produce negative high pressure (10KV or so), the use of corona discharge phenomenon powder coating (a variety of colors) adsorption on the metal parts, powder coating by the supply system by compressed air Nozzle, the front end of the nozzle with a high voltage generated by the high voltage static generator, due to corona discharge, in the vicinity of the dense charge generated by the powder from the nozzle when the formation of charged paint particles, it is the role of electrostatic force , Is adsorbed to the metal parts up, after heating the powder melting, and natural cooling curing, in the workpiece surface to form a hard coating. This kind of spray cable tray is made of this.
I have a 240 watt jbl subwoofer in my truck and a 200 watt kenwood amp i bought a kit of 550 watts.But i just bought a 900 watt visonik subwoofer and a 700 watt visonik amp. i need to know if i can use the 550 watt power,ground,rca cables for my new system?
The load ratings on amp install kits aren't usually very accurate. If it is an 8 or 4 gauge cable, I would replace it. Go with a 2 or 1/0 gauge kit. This might seem like a bit of an overkill. But, like I tell everyone. If you lay the groundwork right the first time, You won;t have to tear it up late when you want to upgrade.