jbk high voltage transformer power transformer

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The transformers are applicable to AC50-60HZ circuits,it could be widely used on control power supply for mechanical equipments such an bridge crane,ship,wind power generation,photovoltaic power generation,testing machines,local lighting,signal lamps and others.


It has charachteristics of excellent performance,reliable operation,low energy consumption,small volume,safe wiring and wide application,and as it can work for a long term under rated load,it is an ideal variable voltage power supply.

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.jpgjbk high voltage transformer power transformer

About us

The main products  include different kinds of transformer ,such as EI transformer,encapsulated transformer ,switch power supply transformer,inducatance transformer,BK&JBK transformer,toroidal transformer,intelligent servo transformer,three-phase dry type transformer,QZB transformer,special transformer and others.

We does a lot of tests during design,developing and the application of raw material and uses high quality raw material fianlly.So the transformer has the advantages of low no-load loss,high efficiency and low temperature rise.It has been widely used in household appliances,intelligent meters,solar meters,solar meters,automatic equipment,special equipment and others.

In the process of manufacturing and business,We always sticks to the principle of honoring contract,keeping credit,complying with business ethics and seeking the perfect quality.Being the leader of transformer and electronic components industry is the development goal .Comparing price under the same quality and comparing quality&service under the same price is the business concept .Devoting of your requirement,We will supply you excellent service from products concept to designing,sample making,confirmation,producing,testing and delivering.We would like to cooperte with you and build a bright future together.

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Q:1:1 60Hz transformer used at 400Hz (Sine wave)What would be the secondary voltage?
this is yet in a diverse way. enable,Epvoltage around the popular winding; Es voltage around the secondary winding;Np # of turns interior the popular winding;Ns # of turns interior the secondary winding. Then, Ep (Es(Np))/N/s; (25(20))/one hundred500/one hundred 5V Step up transformer, or T turns ratio. T Ns / Np, one hundred/20 5v, Step up transformer. to your f.y.I in case you opt to parent a step down transformer,then, use the formula Es (Ep(Ns))/Np, or TNp/Ns desire this facilitates, persist with the electrical powered industry there's an incredible destiny and a few actual sturdy money to be made in it.
Q:Transformers, where to start?
Q:How do I ground the 273-1366A transformer to the system where its connects. I heard systems must share ground.?
a acceptable web site. Face the construction south with residing house windows in basic terms in the south elevation. the north elevation could the two have a small variety of small residing house windows or be breamed with earth. For an present residing house, Geothermal is huge in case you have the money. the traditional forced warm air gadget that maximum US properties has is likely considered one of the main effective for the preliminary value and maintenance in comparison to the warmth is generates. A German business enterprise, called viessman (sp) creates very useful structures for this configuataion.
Q:Does a transformer burn and blast with overloading?
A transformer is just like any other circuit. The only difference is the primary of the transformer induces a current and voltage in the secondary without a direct electrical connection. But the induction comes from the collapse of the magnetic field in the primary which induces a current in the secondary. That current generated in the secondary follows the same laws as any other circuit. If you overload those terminal wires or short circuit it it will overheat and melt the wires possibly if you don't have it fused protected. In fact they make induction furnaces which are just transformers with the secondary that forms a short circuit in the coil. The temperature gets hot enough to melt iron and non-ferrous metals just from the heat of the short circuited (overloaded) secondary coil. Transformers are the same as any solenoid or electromagnet with AC electricity. So if you can't find info directly on transformers, then just use coil formulas for AC circuits
Q:Transformers 3 discussion (SPOILERS)?
Michael Bay already said he wasn't going to make a 4th one (I think) Anyway, I was definitely pissed when Ironhide died. I've been writing fanfiction on Fanfiction.net for years, and you get connected so easily with the characters, and right now, Transformers is my main thing to write about. I thought the movie was awesome. Truly epic. It was so sad when Wheeljack (Known as Que in the movie) died. He was so innocent. Just your typical engineer/scientist who was doing his job and how he died was really heart wrenching. I did cry when Ironhide died. Like I said, you get so connected to the characters when you spend years writing about them. I hope Bay changes his mind and makes more Transformers movies. I'd definitely watch them!
Q:Transformers movie.?
im not sure but i believe dreamworks to be one of the companies not supporting blu ray
Q:Full Wave Bridge Rectifier Without Isolation Transformer, Why Is It Not Safe?
As a measure of safety, one of the lines of the mains is at earth potential. So if you stand on earth and touch the other wire, you will get a shock. the voltage between earth and the other line is 110V. Thus the source is not a floating one but a ground referenced one. If you use a 1:1 isolation transformer, then you can touch either end of the secondary as the other end is floating. SO you will have no shock hazard. You cannot take the ac mains as floating. It is not like a battery kept on a wooden table. One end of this 110V battery is already grounded, if you want to look at an analogy. And the electricity supplier grounds one end to ensure safety, and if the current to safety earth is higher than about 5mA, a protecting mechanism is invoked. as in earth leakage detectors.
Q:Inverter with transformer and transformer without the difference
Inverter with a transformer is played a role in isolation, it can provide you with pure sine wave current, so that the PV grid-connected system can provide a more secure and reliable isolation.
Q:How to measure & check the good transformer ?
cutting-edge transformers are rated via cutting-edge, no longer voltage. to objective it, positioned a typical cutting-edge interior the direction of the hollow (accepted) with the the final option termination resistance around the secondary and diploma the secondary voltage. The secondary voltage would desire to be near to (Ip/N)Rsec.
Q:Transformer Coupled Amplifiers?!?
Transformer Coupled Amplifier

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