ISO 9001 certificate scaffolding steel prop

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10000 pc
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10000 pc/month

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light duty


can be customized as reqested


as requested


ISO 9001 passed


painted, galvanized, powder coated


1*20GP container


can be square or flover type




15-25 days after confirmation


1000-2000 pieces per day

loading quantity:

1500 pieces in bundle

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:in bundle or in pallet, or loading in bulk,
Delivery Detail:about 20 days after confirmation


steel prop height: 2.0-3.5M with U head 
outer tube:56*1.8mm 
inner tube: 48*1.8mm 
plates:120*120*4.5 mm 
weight:10.4 KG

Steel Prop With Nut





flower platewire pin8.72 kg9.35 kg10.23 kg
G-pin8.95 kg9.58 kg10.46 kg
square platewire pin8.93 kg9.56 kg10.44 kg
G-pin9.16 kg9.79 kg10.67 kg
1.8mmflower platewire pin9.11 kg9.78 kg10.71 kg
G-pin9.34 kg10.01 kg10.94 kg

square plate

wire pin9.32 kg9.99 kg10.92 kg
G-pin9.55 kg10.22 kg11.15 kg
2.0mmflower platewire pin9.89 kg10.63 kg11.66 kg
G-pin10.12 kg10.86 kg11.89 kg
square platewire pin10.10 kg10.84 kg11.87 kg
G-pin10.33 kg11.07 kg12.10 kg





flower platewire pin10.67 kg11.48 kg12.60 kg
G-pin10.90 kg11.71 kg12.83 kg
square platewire pin10.88 kg11.69 kg12.81 kg
G-pin11.11 kg11.92 kg13.04 kg
2.5mmflower platewire pin12.07 kg12.98 kg14.25 kg
G-pin12.30 kg13.21 kg14.48 kg

square plate

wire pin12.28 kg13.19 kg14.46 kg
G-pin12.51 kg13.42 kg14.69 kg
3.0mmflower platewire pin13.95 kg15.04 kg16.55 kg
G-pin14.18 kg15.27 kg16.78 kg
square platewire pin14.16 kg15.25 kg16.76 kg
G-pin14.39 kg15.48 kg16.99 kg


Steel Prop With Cup Nut


thicknesshead platebase plate1.8~3.2m2.0~3.5m2.2~3.9m


flower plateflower plate8.55 kg9.13 kg9.92 kg
square platesquare plate8.76 kg9.34 kg10.13 kg
U-headflower plate9.11 kg9.69 kg10.49 kg
square plate9.22 kg9.80 kg10.59 kg


flower plateflower plate8.93 kg9.55 kg10.39 kg
square platesquare plate9.14 kg9.76 kg10.60 kg
U-headflower plate9.50 kg10.11 kg10.96 kg
square plate9.04 kg9.69 kg10.58 kg


flower plateflower plate9.31 kg9.96 kg10.85 kg
square platesquare plate9.52 kg10.17 kg11.06 kg
U-head flower plate9.88 kg10.53 kg11.42 kg
square plate9.98 kg10.63 kg11.53 kg


flower plateflower plate10.07 kg10.79 kg11.78 kg
square platesquare plate10.28 kg11.00 kg11.99 kg
U-head flower plate10.64 kg11.36 kg12.35 kg
square plate10.74 kg11.46 kg12.45 kg


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Q:Steel support is now about how much the price
Steel support prices will follow the market price of steel, and now probably about 3800 yuan / ton, of course, one day a price.
Q:How to reinforce the lower part of the construction elevator on the garage roof
Crane hoisting torque weight of 5 meters X5 meters X 1. Four meters tower crane basis weight calculation of the four tons of free height tower crane foundation plane load per plane is not calculated
Q:Color steel shed in the construction of the arc steel pipe support welding
Divided by use of general welded pipe, galvanized pipe, blowing pipe, wire tube, pipe metric, roller tube, deep well pump, tube for automobile, transformer tube, welding, welding of thin-walled tube shaped tube and spiral welded pipe.According to different welding methods can be divided into arc welding, high frequency or low frequency electric resistance welded pipe, gas pipe, furnace pipe, Bondi tube etc..Welded steel pipe: used for oil drilling and machinery manufacturing.Furnace welded pipe: can be used as water gas pipe, large diameter straight welded pipe for high pressure oil and gas transportation, etc..
Q:When to ask for formwork support
3, the height of the column in the following 2m must be set up a large cross bar, to maintain the stability of the column; when the height of the column is greater than 2m, should be set up a large cross bar, a large step distance of 1.8m.4, every big pillar template should be set two directions of the bar. At the same time, each 4 upright columns are provided with a pair of scissors braces.
Q:How much space should be filled in the steel pipe support of 70cm thick ground floor?
Building materials used in the field of electrical appliances, new technological breakthroughs in innovation, JDG galvanized steel pipe and thin wall steel pipe jumper wire connection should not use the complex structure of welding and metal conduit,
Q:What are the testing items of steel support
Steel support quality inspection includes the following three contents: 1, processing size: steel frame processing size should meet the design requirements.
Q:The exterior package aluminum plate, with steel support, about how much money.
Of course, such as the height of 23 meters or three floors below, aluminum plate material is not very expensive, so this highly,The price of the package material is about 250-320 yuan / square meter
Q:Span of 40 meters, the height of the beam to support the 1.4 meter high density?
Please confirm that the title of the 1.4 meter high beam span of up to 40 meters! Is it concrete? This is more than a certain scale of the greater risk of sub projects, the need for the preparation of special security construction program after the implementation of expert demonstration. The project should be clear, not a joke oh!
Q:Do you have a 400*16 model of steel support
Yes, the support system is not limited to the material specifications, only with the force, and the role of the relevant
Q:Steel arch, steel grille, steel support is what?
Steel grille is a arch, the main difference is the steel grid by rebar welding assembly, looks like a cage, commonly known as flower arch

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