IPL Beauty Equipment Hair Removal Machine

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Product Description:

2015 New Upgraded SHR IPL Machine

 IPL Beauty Equipment Hair Removal Machine


Product Description


Professional System, Easy to Operate 

UI Flat design 

SHR/ FP / IPL Combined Treatment Modes

Precipulse-- Preci Energy Control System

MINI Hand Piece

USB Reserved Connector for Future Upgrading


What is SHR?


SHR stands for Super Hair Removal which utilizes the most advanced technology of "in- motion" to carry out pain-free treatment. 

SHR is able to output 10 shots at 1 second and make treatment movable. Combining with perfect semi-conductor cooling system, this machine brings totally pain free and comfortable treatment feeling. 

It is more effective than traditional IPL machine.


What is FP?


FP=Flyer Point


FP mode was developed by R&D Department of Sincoheren. 

FP outputs a series of pulses during operation in different sensitive areas, such as upper lips, hairline, and front ear etc. 

By using FP mode to do hair removal, the treatment is more accurate and effective, especially for thin hairs. 

More comfortable treatment experience on small areas will be realized.

 IPL Beauty Equipment Hair Removal Machine



1. Three operation modes: traditional IPL mode plus SHR and FP mode specially designed for sensitive areas.

2. 10.4 inch true color touch screen

3. Slim and delicate design handpieces

4. Safe, effective and virtually painless hair removal treatment experience


Technical parameters

light source

Xenon lamp



Transfer system

Crystal light guide

Safety Category

Class I Type B

Pulse duration

IPLUp to 150ms



IPL Mode 1Hz

SHR Mode10Hz

The light mouth dimension


Surface temperature of the crystal


Cooling system

Semiconductor refrigerator ,       

air cooling, water cooling

Dimensions (L × W × H)


Weight (NW)


Fuse specifications


Input power



AC230V, 50Hz

IPL Beauty Equipment Hair Removal Machine

IPL Beauty Equipment Hair Removal Machine

IPL Beauty Equipment Hair Removal Machine

IPL Beauty Equipment Hair Removal Machine

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Q:Home installation of solar power equipment, radiation on the human body?
The principle of solar power generation is photoelectric conversion. The use of photoelectric conversion devices, almost no electromagnetic radiation, compared to the traditional electromagnetic power generation, can be said to be extremely safe.
Q:Does LCD TV have radiation?
First, the LCD TV radiation value is within the scope of security, will not cause unnecessary harm to the person. Second, the following four different types of TV mounted near the distance test, in the range of half a meter front, the normal start of the moment, it produces the radiation value, the normal viewing of the radiation value, change Taiwan when the radiation value, standby State of the radiation value, while the side of the normal viewing in the case of radiation values. Third, from the test results compared to the traditional TV overall view close to the alert value, the plasma radiation intensity to be smaller. While the rear projection TV than the plasma TV radiation value is relatively high. In the TV is the most worrying is the LCD TV, whether it is positive half a meter or positive range of 3 meters, boot moment, normal viewing, change the table, standby test results are 0.1μT, while the side only 0.11μT , Basically no change in radiation intensity.
Q:Radiation 4 stable reflection platform how power
Build a lot of generators, provide at least 30 power, and then build a poles, respectively, the generator link to the poles, and then from the poles as a starting point, linked to the molecular reaction platform, and the controller on the line.
Q:Is the LCD radiation of the LCD screen within the safe range?
 Desktop computer host radiation index: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆!   However, the next test is not too optimistic, subwoofer speakers, the operation panel center, from 0.03 meters, 0.63μT; speaker right side of the central, from 0.03 meters, 5.68μT; radiation, but not small, that it What is the safe distance? After careful testing found that when the distance of 0.4 meters, its radiation is reduced to 0.17μT. So subwoofer loudspeaker serious radiation, use at least half a meter to keep the distance.    Subwoofer speaker radiation index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆?   The last thing to say is the laptop, the display before the 0.1 m 0.13μT, 0.3 meters before the display 0.10μT, 0.3dB 0.13μT on the side of the display, the top of the keyboard 0.19μT, power adapter 0.22μT. Test results show that the notebook keyboard radiation slightly stronger, the largest power adapter.    Notebook radiation index: ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆    Note: the LCD screen radiation is very small, CRT monitor slightly larger, but are in the security range; host behind, side radiation larger, it is strongly recommended that you do not want to heat for easy, open the chassis; subwoofer loud noise, when used At least half a meter away; notebook radiation concentrated in the top of the keyboard, the use of notebooks and power adapter should be kept away from the distance. Hey, right, light that the computer and notebook radiation is not, but that optical mouse for a while red blue is very scary, there is radiation? That wireless mouse, wireless keyboard is not the radiation than the ordinary to small it? There are wireless LAN launchers! There are digital equipment, what digital camera,   Tell you, this kind of battery DC electric appliances is the most secure   Ordinary mouse ordinary keyboard wireless mouse wireless keyboard wireless gateway printer digital camera and MP4 power adapter
Q:Substation radiation range
These residents on the roof of the wires are 11 million volts of high-voltage wire, will have a strong radiation, the human body is harmful. In addition, due to the voltage up to 110,000 volts, and the wire equipment may fail, so the building high-voltage line "harmful theory" and "harmless" source Foreign experts from the perspective of epidemiological survey "harmful" conclusion; Domestic experts from the electrical point of view "harmless" conclusion. 2, high-voltage line to whom the greatest impact The impact on young children, the impact on adults is small. 3, the impact of high-voltage line in the end how much? British epidemiologists concluded that children living with electromagnetic radiation had a leukemia rate of one in 700, twice as high as those living in children without electromagnetic radiation (one in 1400). Swedish National Industrial and Technical Development Committee concluded: 1,15 children under the age of exposure to the average magnetic induction intensity greater than 0.2 micro Tesla environment, the prevalence of leukemia is more than 2.7 times the general children; 2, if the magnetic induction is greater than 0.3 Microtech is 3.8 times. "The electromagnetic field can lead to suicide and adult leukemia, which can lead to a certain degree of risk of developing childhood leukemia, adult malignant brain tumor, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, abortion and so on," the California Health Sciences Review Agency concluded. 4, high-voltage line is how people have an impact? Its safety index value High-voltage transmission of high current, high current magnetic field on the impact of human health.
Q:Does the 400V cabinet have radiation?
Earth can receive the most radiation source is the sun, the whole universe is full of radiation. Do not know what you are thinking about these people, unfounded.
Q:Every day facing the computer screen 12 hours, what harm the body!
Three skin Although the computer and our skin is not in direct contact, but it is unknowingly affect our skin. We are in life to ensure that the nutritional balance of diet. Adequate vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. Give the skin an appropriate holiday, a week to let the skin rest for two days, do not stay in front of the computer every day. The following are the same as the "     Hair and skin are all formed by the keratinocytes, the skin has been hurt, the hair can not be immune, easy hair loss, fracture, hair dry. The way is often massage the scalp. Third, increase the spirit and psychological pressure: the operation of the computer process of high concentration of attention, eyes, fingers quickly and frequent movement, so that physical and psychological overweight, resulting in sleep more dreams, neurasthenia, head soreness, decreased immunity, And even induce some mental illness. Such people are easy to lose self-confidence, the heart is often nervous, irritability, anxiety, and ultimately lead To the body and mind tired.
Q:Telecom fiber cat radiation how much? Does the installation affect at home?
Rest assured that each product has its own industry standards, or national standards, international standards, these products must be in accordance with the relevant standards to produce, you worry about things that they have solved!
Q:I am doing the optical module test and power test there are communications equipment testing,
If only from the electromagnetic principle is concerned, radiation protection can be shielding electromagnetic radiation. But for insurance purposes, when you work as far as possible from the test equipment a little farther, because the electromagnetic radiation intensity increases with the distance is a severe attenuation. To emphasize is a severe decay! The So the problem is not so serious.
Q:Do you have radiation in the broadband and optical box?
The focus is whether the use of launch equipment inside, such as fiber behind the mobile communication base station there is a high radiation, if the exchange, cable amplifier is a very low level of radiation, not the TV high.

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