Cavitation+Vacuum+RF+Infrared light+Roller System Beauty Equipment

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Cavitation vacuum liposuction system V8C1:
1.Technology: Cavitation+vacuum+RF+Infrared light+Roller system
2.Cellulite removal

  Cavitation+Vacuum+RF+Infrared light+Roller System Beauty Equipment



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1. Applications of Cavitation Beauty Equipment


Body shaping/Cellulite reduction/Skin tightening/Wrinkle removal/Massage/Eyelid area treatment 


2.Principle of Cavitation Beauty Equipment

1)  Infrared laser reduces skin impedance by heating skin and RF energy penetrates deeply into connective tissue to increase the oxygen intracellular diffusion by heating skin.

2)  Vacuum plus specially designed rollers manipulate leads RF penetration to be even 5-15mm. Nip and stretch fibrillar connective tissue greatly improvs body contouring effect.

3)  The technology that vacuum folds skin makes RF energy penetrate a specific folded skin, greatly improve effect and safety, even for the upper eyelid area treatment.

4)  Cavitation with 40kHz low frequency shakes fat cells violently, which effectively treats with the hard fat cells; During the shaking, there is exchange of positive and negative. Thus the fat cells get pressure unevenly, as a result they blast.


3. Product Description of Cavitation Beauty Equipment 


Host screen12" TFT Chromatic Touch Screen
Screen of handpieceScreen of handpiece 1: 2.4"
Screen of handpiece 2: 1.9"
Screen of handpiece 4: 2.5″
Working modePulse mode
Pulse width0.5s-7.5s
Vacuum1. Absolute pressure:90kpa-25kpa (68.4cmHg-19cmHg)
2. Relative pressure: 10kpa-75kpa (7.6cmHg-57cmHg)
Roller speed0-36rpm
Roller working mode2 types
Safety Testing ModeReal-time online
RF frequency1 MHz
Energy Density of RF60J/ c m3 (Max)
Cavitation frequency40kHz
Cavitation Power60W (Max)
Total handpieces4 handpieces with 6 tips
Treatment area of handpiece4mm*7mm/ 8mm*25mm/30mm*44mm/40mm*66mm/90mm*120mm
Laser wavelength940nm
Laser power20 W(Max )
                                               Wireless IC card management
Rated input power850VA
Rated input voltageAC230V±10%,50Hz±1Hz/AC110V±10%,60Hz±1Hz (optional)
Net weight of Host46kg
Net weight of accessories11 kg
Physical dimension480mm×410mm×1015mm
Physical dimension of Package740 mm *560 mm *1193 mm
Gross Weight90kg


4. Why Choose Us


• Advantages


1)  4 easy fast-connect handpieces with 6 tips respectively connected to 4 ports;
2)  Facial handpieces upgraded with 3 Plug and Play tips for more convenient facial treatment based on V8plus; 
3)  Added lipolysis handpiece incorporated with vacuum and focus cavitation technologies, and installed with gel filters;
4)  European style outlook design and intuitive& easy human-computer interaction software




2. Our Certifications


     ISO9001,ISO13485,CE,CE,CE,CE,CE,CE,CE,China Chamber of International Commerce Membership Certificate,Business License with 5 million,Pioneer Certified Supplier, Audited Supplier,First Page of Patent,Second Page of Patent,Patent of ebox,Patent of V8,Patent of eb092A,Patent of eb092B,Patent of B390.



3. FAQ


Q1: Can you sand me details of your products?

    -  Yes, we can provide you with user manual and training CD.


Q2: What certificates do you have?

    -  Most of our products have Medical CE, CE, ISO 9001, ISO13485, SGS Certificates.


Q3: How many weight lossing after once treatment?

    -  Reduce 4-6 cm after one treatment. The fatter, the more fat reducing.


Q4: Do you accept OEM?

    -  Yes, we are factory. We accept both OEM and ODM.


Q5: Could you please answer me quickly?

    -   No problem. We will answer you in 3 hours by email or by phone.




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Q:Are there any radiation in the high pressure room of the power equipment?
This kind of electric field and magnetic field is the induction electric field, the induction magnetic field, because its wavelength is very long,

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