IPL Intense Pulse Light Machine for Hair Removal

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 Structure of  IPL Intense Pulse Light Machine for Hair Removal

The IPL therapy System is a high-intensity pulsed light treatment system.

The unit controlled by computer is composed of main console, operating Interface and treatment head.

The embedded microprocessor monitors can control the system continually.

The operating Interface includes a full-LCD screen (10.4 inch), the key switch and emergency shut-off knob.

LCD screen both shows the system work program, treatment parameters and number of light emitting. The treatment head operated by hand comprises the intensive emitter and transmission system.

The system is designed by standard EN60601-1-2:2001 and EN60601-1:1990+ A1:1993+ A2:1995+ A13:1996


Main Features of IPL Intense Pulse Light Machine for Hair Removal

1. Touchable and chromatic screen; 

2. Applicator with 3 or 7 different interchangeable filters maximizes profits; 
3. suitable for different skin types; 
4. Handpiece with imported sapphire crystal ensures 50,000 effective shots; 
5. Recommended default parameters for 5 skin types and 3 kinds of hair color make the operation easier


IPL Intense Pulse Light Machine for Hair Removal Images




IPL Intense Pulse Light Machine for Hair Removal Specification


light source

Xenon lamp



Transfer system

Crystal light guide

Safety Category

Class I Type B

Pulse duration

IPLUp to 150ms



IPL Mode 1Hz

SHR Mode10Hz

The light mouth dimension


Surface temperature of the crystal


Cooling system

Semiconductor refrigerator ,      

air cooling, water cooling

Dimensions (L × W × H)


Weight (NW)


Fuse specifications


Input power



AC230V, 50Hz

FAQ of IPL Intense Pulse Light Machine for Hair Removal

1. Three operation modes: traditional IPL mode plus SHR and FP mode specially designed for sensitive areas.

2. 10.4 inch true color touch screen

3. Slim and delicate design handpieces

4. Safe, effective and virtually painless hair removal treatment experience


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