TH-120 Full-digital Ultrasound Diagnostic System

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Product Description:

 Detailed profile

- High-precision DBF

- PC platform

- 10 inch LED screen, pretty, portable and light

- Two probe connector

- Two USB ports

- Powerful image and report management
- Large volume storage image and cineloop
- DICOM 3.0

- Multiple Language Interface
- Supportive of all PC printers and video printers
- Built-in battery


Revolutionary Tablet Ultrasound Scanner
H1 is a smart handheld B/W ultrasound scanner. With revolutionary design, it integrates
ultrasound power in a probe with a touchscreen tablet display. It’s an ideal device for emergency,
first-aid, bedside ultrasound diagnosis. It also makes a good choice for musculoskeletal
application, as well as for veterinary uses.


10” high-resolution tablet capacitive touch screen
Special USB-connected ultrasound probes, automatic identification, Auto-freeze
Full digital imaging technologyMicrosoft Windows 7 O/S
Compatible with all printers
Standard configuration:

 TH-120 Full-digital Ultrasound Diagnostic System

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Q:Does LCD TV have radiation?
There is, but very small, generally watching TV when the TV is more than 3 meters away, can be ignored
Q:Is there any radiation from the telecommunications terminal equipment?
Antenna, generally built in high-rise, due to the floor and the surrounding buildings of the barrier refraction, the general floor of the building People and nearby residents will not have adverse effects. Of course, if happens to your height with the phone antenna On a plane, and The distance is only 10-20 meters, that affected by the much greater impact. Radio and television transmission tower power, The impact on the surrounding residents is slightly larger. Experts, before the high-voltage transmission lines, radio towers and other construction around the very open, but with With the expansion of the city, and now some residential areas from the high-voltage lines and even only a wall separated, the building is also higher and higher, The possibility of being subjected to electromagnetic radiation is enhanced. However, due to the various factors are more complex, must pass Professional bodies of the field determination, in order to determine a place by the exact value of electromagnetic radiation. Prevention of electromagnetic pollution In order to control the harm of electromagnetic waves to the environment, China's health sector and environmental protection departments have formulated the relevant norms, For example, the Ministry of Health's "Environmental Radio Health Standards" stipulates that people often live, work and live The ambient electromagnetic wave allows the radiation intensity standard to be divided into two levels. Level 1 is a safe area. Various transmit antennas,
Q:X-ray radiation problems, will not cause cancer 5
Radiation is divided into two categories, ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation refers to the high frequency radiation that can ionize the substance, which can damage the DNA molecule and thus may cause cancer. Non-ionizing radiation is low-frequency radiation, there is not enough energy to directly damage the DNA molecules, so there is no evidence that this radiation can induce cancer. For the general population, physical examination is the main opportunity to contact ionizing radiation. In the physical examination, X-ray, computed tomography (CT), nuclear medicine test, etc., are ionizing radiation, is a careful radiation source; MRI, ultrasound and other non-ionizing radiation, relatively safe.
Q:Does the computer have radiation in pregnant women after sleep mode?
Q:Is the work of the power station harmful to the body?
5 power system electromagnetic radiation, high voltage transmission lines, including overhead transmission lines and underground cables, substations, including power plants and transformer power plants. 6 household appliances electromagnetic radiation, including computers, monitors, televisions, microwave ovens, wireless phones and so on. Then what is the harm of electromagnetic radiation on the human body led to people so panic? 1, electromagnetic radiation harm the body of the mechanism of electromagnetic radiation harm the body's mechanism is mainly thermal effects, non-thermal effects and cumulative effects. 1 thermal effect: more than 70% of the human body is water, water molecules by electromagnetic radiation after the friction, causing the body temperature, thus affecting the normal work of the body organs.
Q:Four-dimensional color Doppler in the end there is no radiation?
4, four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound can automatically shoot on the fetus "photo" and dynamic video, for many mothers to add peace of mind and fun. Mothers can not only feel the baby's breathing and movement, and can witness their every move and show capacity. Healthy baby, and the baby's appearance and action into a photo or VCD, let the baby has the most complete 0-year-old album.
Q:Substation radiation range
British experts believe that: high-voltage line generated by the magnetic field safety value of 0.4 micro Tesla (μt), higher than the value of children will face the risk of illness. 5, the safety distance of high voltage line is how much? 220 kV high voltage lines in the range of 100 meters of electromagnetic radiation intensity of more than 0.4 micro Tesla; 132 kV high voltage lines in the range of tens of meters of electromagnetic radiation intensity of more than 0.4 micro Tesla; 11-66 kV high voltage lines in the range of more than ten meters of electromagnetic radiation intensity of more than 0.4 micro Tesla; Buried in the underground high-voltage lines in only a few meters within the electromagnetic radiation intensity of more than 0.4 micro Tesla. 6, China's high-voltage line construction standards can not meet the safety requirements China's standards: magnetic induction strength of less than 100 micro-Tesla to meet the high-voltage line construction standards. 7, high-pressure line on the impact of real estate has emerged The owners found that the impact of high-voltage lines on the property has already begun, 1, high-voltage line near the housing rental prices fell; 2, high-voltage line next to the sale of second-hand housing has also been affected, high-pressure line makes hard struggle for a lifetime in exchange for the house depreciation; Developers also found that high-voltage lines near the sale of housing is not smooth. The safety distance from its outdoor not less than 8 meters.
Q:TV radiation
Q:Every day facing the computer screen 12 hours, what harm the body!
Five, breathe Computer-borne gas hazards Respiratory systems: computers, laser printers and other equipment will release harmful to human health of ozone, not only toxic, but also can cause some people breathing difficulties, for those who asthma and allergies, the situation is even more serious The. In addition, for a long time to stay in the ozone gas concentration of high places, but also lead to lung lesions. The computer is an epoch-making invention, it brings people to work, study, life, all the convenience, but also brought concern, people are more or less worried about long-term computer work on the health effects, Such as computer radiation will not cause damage to the human body. Young women and pregnant women are more afraid of the impact of fertility or adverse to the fetus.
Q:What does welding arc radiation mainly include?
Arc is very strong light source, both visible and ultraviolet and infrared. Other workers working around welders and welding arcs should wear appropriate anti-arc radiation devices. The brightness and spectrum of the welding arc depends on the welding method, the metal vapor in the arc, the arc atmosphere, the length of the arc, and the size of the welding current. The greater the welding current or arc voltage, the stronger the arc. As with any other optical radiation, the intensity of the arc radiation decreases rapidly as the distance increases, and the decrease is proportional to the square of the distance. Smoke generation site Large arc welding method arc is weak, because the smoke plays the role of filtering. The spectrum of the welding arc is similar to that of the sun, and the consequences of excessive exposure to the eye and the skin are the same as the excessive exposure to the sun. If the tungsten is used for soldering during tungsten arc welding, the radiation is very weak.

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