Full-digital Ultrasound Diagnostic System

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Multi-application: abdomen, OB/GYN, vagina, small parts, urology, peripheral vessels, cardiac, rectum, pediatric, biopsy Supportive of all PC printers and video printers English, French interface ,SVVR (super volume video recording up to 1 hr) RTDT (real-time dynamic transfer of images and videos) ,DICOM3.0,Two USB ports,DVD-RW,160GB HDD,512-frames of Cine Loop,3D internally configured,THI,Max frequency up to 10MHz,Multi-frequency transducer series,15" high resolution non-interlaced LCD monitor, special for medical imaging, High-precision DBF



Multi-application: abdomen, OB/GYN, vagina, small parts, urology, peripheral vessels, cardiac, rectum, pediatric, biopsy

   High-precision DBF

15" high resolution non-interlaced LCD monitor, special for medical imaging

   Multi-frequency transducer series

   Max frequency up to 10MHz


   3D internally configured

   512-frames of Cine Loop

   160GB HDD


   Two USB ports


   RTDT (real-time dynamic transfer of images and videos)

   SVVR (super volume video recording up to 1 hr)

   English, French interface

   Supportive of all PC printers and video printers



Abundant software package

DRF (Dynamic Receiving Focusing)

DRA (Dynamic Receiving Apodization)

DFS (Dynamic Frequency Scanning)

RDA (Real-time Dynamic Aperture)

Embedded High Speed Microprocessor

Full-digital Ultrasound Diagnostic System

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Q:Briefly describe the conditions under which light radiation is generated
E1 up, this radiation is called stimulated radiation. the difference:   Unlike spontaneous radiation, the stimulated radiation must occur under the action of external light and emit an external photon Exactly the same photon. The stimulated light is coherent light. Stimulated radiation plus the original foreign light, so that light in the pass The sowing direction is magnified.   Spontaneous radiation is a spontaneous process that is not affected by external radiation fields. Each atom is in the process of spontaneous transition. This unrelated, spontaneous emission of light from different atoms in the frequency, phase, polarization direction and propagation direction There is a certain degree of arbitrariness. Try to summarize the principle of laser, features
Q:Welding solitary light radiation can cause electro-optical eye inflammation is what
Ultraviolet. Arc: is a gas discharge phenomenon. Metal surface due to a single electron emission led to the escape of electrons, gas atoms or molecules in the gap due to ionization and produce electrons and ions. In addition, electron or ion bombardment of the launch surface will cause secondary electron emission. When the ion concentration in the gap is large enough, the gap is electrically charged and the arc is generated. After the two electrodes contact and then open and maintain a certain distance, you can form the arc.
Q:Does the fiber - optic broadband room have radiation to the residents downstairs and downstairs?
Almost no radiation, fiber is light as the carrier. Noise is the sound of power, not, you continue to walk the old.
Q:Are all factories required to carry out environmental impact assessment of radiation equipment?
No, look at the nature of the business. Such as power plant transmission lines more than 100KV need to do radiation EIA, and the need for relevant units to do the evaluation
Q:Is the work of the power station harmful to the body?
5 power system electromagnetic radiation, high voltage transmission lines, including overhead transmission lines and underground cables, substations, including power plants and transformer power plants. 6 household appliances electromagnetic radiation, including computers, monitors, televisions, microwave ovens, wireless phones and so on. Then what is the harm of electromagnetic radiation on the human body led to people so panic? 1, electromagnetic radiation harm the body of the mechanism of electromagnetic radiation harm the body's mechanism is mainly thermal effects, non-thermal effects and cumulative effects. 1 thermal effect: more than 70% of the human body is water, water molecules by electromagnetic radiation after the friction, causing the body temperature, thus affecting the normal work of the body organs.
Q:Is there any radiation in the substation?
There are, live power box, wire, electrical (such as electric lights, color TV, mobile phones, etc.) have radiation, but the radiation size is different.
Q:Does the refrigerator have radiation? How much is the radiation?
The radiation of the refrigerator is small and can be said to be small. Because now almost all of the refrigerator is completely closed, and are metal shell, the radiation will be screen to avoid.
Q:How much electromagnetic radiation is the strength of the floor?
If you want to ask the wells on the damage to the building staff, tell you - almost negligible. First, the power cable and signal cable is laid in the metal bridge inside, the bridge itself has a strong electromagnetic shielding effect.
Q:Can pregnant women sleep on the computer?
Computer host, monitor, mouse, keyboard and the surrounding equipment will produce radiation, eyes can not see, hands touch. According to scientific research shows that: computer-generated low-frequency electromagnetic radiation on the human body caused by the damage is hidden, the accumulation of people often (long-term) in the ultra-strong computer low-frequency electromagnetic radiation environment using the computer, leading to dizziness, headache, Tinnitus, brain cancer, breast cancer, blood pressure, abnormal blood pressure, chest tightness, bradycardia, bradycardia, heart failure, loss of vision, loss of appetite, fatigue, memory loss, some people hair loss, leukopenia, immunity, cataract, leukemia, , Heart rate reduction, sinus heart rate, male sperm quality, some women menstrual disorders, maternal abortion, stillbirth, fetal malformations, reproductive lesions, genetic lesions, cancer and other terrible diseases. People in the operation of the computer, the face will absorb a lot of electromagnetic radiation particles, often radiation will appear facial rash. A person working on a computer for five hours, the computer produces low-frequency radiation damage to the human body, the equivalent of a day of life loss.
Q:Do you have radiation in the broadband and optical box?
The focus is whether the use of launch equipment inside, such as fiber behind the mobile communication base station there is a high radiation, if the exchange, cable amplifier is a very low level of radiation, not the TV high.

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