2015 Newest High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Hifu

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Portable Hifu Machine for skin rejuvenation 

2015 Newest High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Hifu


HIFU technology focus high intensity ultrasound waves on skin without any damage to any tissues. It inputs 

accurate high intensity ultrasound energy with distance 4.5mm from skin and adds the friction to make skin 

turning up high thermal effect, coagulate the thermal into micro dots. These dots stimulate skin self renewal, resulting in collagen regeneration and rebuilding the elastin, 

reducing the wrinkle and increasing skin elasticity.





HIFU is different withνknife, which leave a large damage area when it works on skin. HIFU leave a clear transitional zone, which is less than 50 μm and only contain 5~7 layers cells, but no make a damage to surround tissues.


1. Non-invasive treatment. It can reach to SMAS layer. Safe and noninvasive.


2. Pure imported machine and LCD panels. Stable and reliable performance.


3. Intelligent control, automatic calibration, simple operation.


4. There are 3 therapy heads: 1.5 mm, 3.0 mm and 4.5mm. It can accurately positioning energy placement and exactly and carefully control the size of the energy.


5. It can treat on parts of body precisely. It can suit for all kinds of skin types



2015 Newest High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Hifu

2015 Newest High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Hifu




Improve face contour indistinct


Against flabby face


Anti sagging skin


3D shape V-face


Rejuvenation skin


Remove neck-wrinkle


Lift eyes& brows


Remove crows feet & pouches


Removal double chins


Reduce nasolabial folds



4.Typical parameters:








Treatment heads:3.0mm/4.5mm




Voltage:Ac100~250v, 50/60hz

2015 Newest High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Hifu

2015 Newest High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Hifu

2015 Newest High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Hifu

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Q:What is the concept of static electricity and radiation?
Substances are composed of molecules are not right Static electricity is generally nothing to hurt and radiation has a strong lethality of course the telephone computer those short-term radiation does not have any effect if the long-term radiation of human skin will reflect the endocrine will be out of tune
Q:Do you watch mobile TV with headphones? The The What is the risk to the body?
There is a certain radiation, but how much I do not know the recommendations or appropriate to take a look
Q:What are the rumors about radiation?
B super It is two dimensions of ultrasound information, without any radiation. X-ray Penetrating very strong rays, only the body to accept the dose and time beyond a certain value, will cause damage to the body. The risk factors of medical equipment are strictly defined and stated, belong to the scope of human safety, do not worry too much too much radiation. CT examination Similarly, X-ray, a CT scan to the patient to bring the dose of about a few cents Schwartz (radiation dose unit), the dose per person per year to accept the natural amount of radioactive radiation equivalent. Patients can be based on the disease in the scientific control of the dose (no more than twice a year) under the premise of the discretionary examination. Magnetic resonance examination Do not use X-rays, so there is no radiation. Rumors three security machine inside the radiation strong? In the train station, airport, subway station, a lot of passengers have not had a package of security machines, anxious to reach into the handle, some people think that this is very dangerous, because its internal radiation is very strong. Baggage X-ray detector and medical X-ray diagnostic apparatus, are by X-ray exposure to be detected object to obtain the internal image of the object, but the radiation dose is much smaller than the medical X-ray diagnosis.
Q:Does the electric car charge in the room when there is no radiation?
Battery car battery is generally used in the VRLA battery, this battery is the use of chemical energy into the principle of electricity, in the charging process is not a radiation problem.
Q:Does the wireless network radiate against pregnant women?
Electromagnetic radiation is divided into two levels, in which the unit of the frequency band is μT, if the radiation is more than 0.4μT is a strong radiation, the human body has a certain risk, long-term exposure to leukemia. If the radiation is below 0.4μT, it is relatively safe. The radio frequency electromagnetic wave unit is μW / ㎝ 2. Ordinary mouse 0.1μT Ordinary keyboard 0.11μT Wireless mouse over the mouse 0.53μT Wireless keyboard over the keyboard 0 ...
Q:Mobile phone, computer, television why there is radiation, light bulbs, light pipe, and a variety of lights no radiation
There are electric places where there is radiation
Q:Does the welder have radiation?
There is still a lot of welding smoke is also more difficult to smoke
Q:Telecom fiber cat radiation how much? Does the installation affect at home?
Hello! Thank you for your support of China Telecom. According to your description, optical fiber transmission is the optical signal, the signal source is divided into laser and light-emitting diodes, radiation and interference compared to copper less Fiber optic connectors are basically equivalent to fiber, radiation problems should have, but the radiation will not be too much. I hope that my answer can help you and get your adoption, Anhui Telecom has officially opened 4G services, please visit the telecommunications online business hall view, thank you for your concern and support of telecommunications products, I wish you a happy life!
Q:On the computer time to see a long time to vomit, which know how this is going on? The B
It is you can not adapt to the reasons for playing computer for a long time, the computer or less play, both damage vision, but also have to absorb a lot of radiation, if not necessary or less. If you really need to often play the computer, you can try to step by step practice.One day only one or two hours, and so on in the plus one hour, to adapt to a few days plus, so go on You will not be vomiting again for months
Q:Is the meter radiated?
Radiation is not very large, our national electricity is generally 50Hz frequency AC current, the magnetic field strength if the radiation is more than 0.4μT is a strong radiation (high pressure), the human body has a certain harm, if the radiation below 0.4μT , Relatively safe .220V low-voltage electrical lines in the radiation below 0.4μT. In fact, we commonly used electric blanket center of the magnetic field strength of 0.55μT, this electromagnetic enough to endanger the health of the human body, even if the switch off, will still disrupt the natural Electric field, the greatest damage to pregnant women, children, the elderly. Therefore, the radiation on the line and the meter does not have to panic.The prevention of these radiation is not yet a more effective way, only away from the radiation source, but with metal or wire mesh cover can ease the radiation intensity.

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