Cavitation RF Slimming Machine Made in China

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Multifuction medical equipment ultrasonic rf cavitation    

slimming rf machine skin care

for body slimming face lift eye lift skin care skin tightening


    China Manufacturer New products Skin Care Medical Equipment                           Ultrasonic RF Cavitation slimming rf machine    


                  Looking for distributors / agents from worldwide 

Our products are widely used in cosmeticsaesthetics, and dematology fields.


We have R&D department so we can meet your specific demands if you need.


Any interested, please feel free to contact us for more detailed information. 


Cavitation slimming RF Machine Brief Introduction 


Security Degree




Ultrasonic Frequency



Ultrasonic output power



Ultrasonic output mode


Hand-held treatment head

The material of head


Stainless steel

The size of Ultrasonic head


Diameter 68mm

The surface temperature of Ultrasonic head



Radio Frequency

RF frequency



RF output power



Bipolar RF heads(eye)



Bipolar RF heads(face)



Bipolar RF heads(body)



Sixpolar RF heads(body)


UP TO 100W

Mono polar RF heads


UP TO 100W

Operation Time


10 minutes,1-60minutes adjustable

Cooling System


Air cooling




Net Weight



The Standard of Fusebox



Input Power





AC220V/110V, 50/60HZ

Cavitation RF Slimming Machine Made in China

Cavitation RF Slimming Machine Made in China



Cavitation slimming RF Machine Advantages 


1.  Portable device to be easy use and take. 


2.  Multifuction in one machine, fat reduction, skin tightening, skin care, face lift, eye lift, meeting most demands of women.


3. Easy operation and long time quality gurantee.


4. Beautiful design and precice system. 




Cavitation slimming RF Machine Features


1, Non-invasive. 

Compared with the traditional liposuction, this technology is safe, painless and effective.


2, Non-toxic, no side-effects


3, Applicable to treatments on any area of the body.


4, Accelerate the metablism of the tissues, tighten the skin and increase the elasticity of the skin. It also overcomes the disadvantages of the skin looseness caused by the traditional surgery.


5, No need to have a recovery time. Unnecessary for dieting.

 Beijing sincoheren portable ultrasound rf slimming cavitation machine




Established year


1999, about 15 years

Company Type


Manufacturer has export licence



Factory, R&D, International Sales, Domestic sales, Salesafter, Marketing




Minimum order quantity


 1 set

Price Terms



Payment Terms


L/C, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, Paypal, Ali Insurance

Delivery Ways


Express (DHL, TNT), Air Express to your airport, by sea

Technical Support


1 year warranty and lifetime technical support

Sales After Service


By internet within 24 hours and some support service in your office



Many worldwide and still developing more 



IPL, Laser, RF, PDT, Cavitation, Cryolipolysis



Hair removal, skin rejuvenation, pigment removal, body slimming

Scar removal, tattoo removal, skin care



Our R&D will satisfy you at competitive price

Contact me, Ida Wang


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sales11 at sincoheren dot com , 0086 136 9122 5025 , wwxy320


Cavitation RF Slimming Machine Made in China

Cavitation RF Slimming Machine Made in China

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Q:Briefly describe the conditions under which light radiation is generated
principle The laser is the amplification of light-stimulated radiation, which achieves optical amplification by stimulated radiation. Light amplification that is Is a photon into an atomic system, after leaving the atomic system, became two or more Photographs with exactly the same characteristics. However, when the photon enters the atomic system and interacts with the atomic system, The total contains three processes: absorption, spontaneous emission and stimulated radiation. To get the laser must make the stimulated radiation Better than absorption and spontaneous radiation in the three processes dominate. Features   Main features: directional light, high brightness, very pure color, high energy density   Other features:   The laser is monochrome or single frequency;   The laser is coherent light, all its light waves are synchronized, the whole beam is like a wave column;   Laser is highly concentrated, that is, it takes a long distance will appear scattered or convergence phenomenon.
Q:Help EMA (electromagnetic ultrasound) master; reward 20 points
1. Adjust the frequency without changing the refraction angle. In 1888, Hertz used the principle of oscillating dipole and resonance absorption, and confirmed the existence of electromagnetic wave by experimental method, and verified that the electromagnetic wave and the light wave are the same in nature. At this point, Maxwell's theory of electromagnetic field was proved experimentally.     
Q:Mobile, Unicom, telecommunications equipment RU radiation? What is the best radiation distance?
Microwave is mainly through the launch of high-power micro-beam to harm the human organ is mainly the nervous system, reproductive system, eye, etc., on the cardiovascular system, liver also have significant damage effect. Electromagnetic pollution is the fourth largest public hazard National Institute of Electronics Electrotechnical Committee Zhao Yufeng teach It is said that any charged body has electromagnetic radiation, when the electromagnetic radiation intensity exceeds the national standard, it will produce negative Surface effect, causing human disease. At present, electromagnetic pollution has been recognized as the following air pollution, water pollution, Noise pollution after the fourth largest human pollution. According to reports, in our lives, electromagnetic radiation pollution is everywhere, there are television broadcasting tower, Radar station, communication transmitter, substation, high voltage wire, as well as electronic equipment, medical equipment, automation
Q:Is the hair dryer radiated?
Hair dryer is a high radiation of household appliances, according to the Chinese Academy of Sciences published a 1000W hair dryer, radiation value of about 350 milligs, far more than the TV 45 pounds and computer 100 mg; plus the use of hair dryer, must be close to the head, so The harm of radiation can not be ignored. In addition, the Consumers Association has also published on the domestic hair dryer survey, the hair dryer and the outlet is the highest detection of electromagnetic waves, where the grip even measured 250 milli-gauss, the equivalent of measured in the substation wall To 10 times the maximum. In addition, the hair dryer in the open and closed when the maximum radiation, and the greater the power the greater the radiation. The impact of electromagnetic radiation on the human body The impact of electromagnetic radiation on the human body is slow and indirect, but also because of this, the hazards are often overlooked. When the human body by electromagnetic radiation, will cause the central nervous system and mental system dysfunction, dizziness, fatigue, limb weakness, memory loss, loss of appetite, insomnia, forgetfulness and other symptoms.
Q:Radiation 4 stable reflection platform how power
Build a lot of generators, provide at least 30 power, and then build a poles, respectively, the generator link to the poles, and then from the poles as a starting point, linked to the molecular reaction platform, and the controller on the line.
Q:Why when the hydrogen atoms radiate a photon, the potential can be reduced, nuclear power
After radiating photons, the total energy decreases, so the potential energy decreases and the kinetic energy increases.
Q:Is the work of the power station harmful to the body?
5 power system electromagnetic radiation, high voltage transmission lines, including overhead transmission lines and underground cables, substations, including power plants and transformer power plants. 6 household appliances electromagnetic radiation, including computers, monitors, televisions, microwave ovens, wireless phones and so on. Then what is the harm of electromagnetic radiation on the human body led to people so panic? 1, electromagnetic radiation harm the body of the mechanism of electromagnetic radiation harm the body's mechanism is mainly thermal effects, non-thermal effects and cumulative effects. 1 thermal effect: more than 70% of the human body is water, water molecules by electromagnetic radiation after the friction, causing the body temperature, thus affecting the normal work of the body organs.
Q:Does the 400V cabinet have radiation?
Any electricity equipment, there are radiation. Mobile phone radiation, the TV has radiation, the light has radiation, the computer has radiation, the refrigerator has radiation, rice cooker has radiation, as long as the power is connected to radiation.
Q:Does the refrigerator have radiation? How much is the radiation?
The radiation of the refrigerator is small and can be said to be small. Because now almost all of the refrigerator is completely closed, and are metal shell, the radiation will be screen to avoid.
Q:I am doing the optical module test and power test there are communications equipment testing,
If only from the electromagnetic principle is concerned, radiation protection can be shielding electromagnetic radiation. But for insurance purposes, when you work as far as possible from the test equipment a little farther, because the electromagnetic radiation intensity increases with the distance is a severe attenuation. To emphasize is a severe decay! The So the problem is not so serious.

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