Best Cavitation Cryo Lipo Slimming Machine RF Beauty System

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Multifuction medical equipment ultrasonic rf cavitation    

slimming rf machine skin care

for body slimming face lift eye lift skin care skin tightening


   Best Cavitation Cryo Lipo Slimming Machine RF Beauty System


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Cavitation slimming RF Machine Brief Introduction 


1. Combined Ultrasound, Cavitation RF machine for melting fat tissue.

2.Adopted modular design and compact structure ensures the user easy to install and maintain.

3. Accumulated fat deposits and cellulite reduction.

4. Body slimming and shaping.

5. Skin lifting and firming, face lift, eye lift.

6. Skin Care, Skin tightening and reduce deeper wrinkles.


Cavitation slimming RF Machine Technical Parameters 


Security Degree




Ultrasonic Frequency



Ultrasonic output power



Ultrasonic output mode


Hand-held treatment head

The material of head


Stainless steel

The size of Ultrasonic head


Diameter 68mm

The surface temperature of Ultrasonic head



Radio Frequency

RF frequency



RF output power



Bipolar RF heads(eye)



Bipolar RF heads(face)



Bipolar RF heads(body)



Sixpolar RF heads(body)


UP TO 100W

Mono polar RF heads


UP TO 100W

Operation Time


10 minutes,1-60minutes adjustable

Cooling System


Air cooling




Net Weight



The Standard of Fusebox



Input Power





AC220V/110V, 50/60HZ

Cavitation slimming RF Machine Face, Back and Handles 

Best Cavitation Cryo Lipo Slimming Machine RF Beauty System

Best Cavitation Cryo Lipo Slimming Machine RF Beauty System

 Beijing sincoheren portable ultrasound rf slimming cavitation machine


 Beijing sincoheren portable ultrasound rf slimming cavitation machine




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1999, about 15 years

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Manufacturer has export licence



Factory, R&D, International Sales, Domestic sales, Salesafter, Marketing




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 1 set

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Payment Terms


L/C, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, Paypal, Ali Insurance

Delivery Ways


Express (DHL, TNT), Air Express to your airport, by sea

Technical Support


1 year warranty and lifetime technical support

Sales After Service


By internet within 24 hours and some support service in your office



Many worldwide and still developing more 



IPL, Laser, RF, PDT, Cavitation, Cryolipolysis



Hair removal, skin rejuvenation, pigment removal, body slimming

Scar removal, tattoo removal, skin care



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Our products are widely used in cosmeticsaesthetics, and dematology fields.


We have R&D department so we can meet your specific demands if you need.


Any interested, please feel free to contact us for more detailed information. 

Best Cavitation Cryo Lipo Slimming Machine RF Beauty System

Best Cavitation Cryo Lipo Slimming Machine RF Beauty System

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The conditions of light radiation, in the final analysis, are energy. The energy (or frequency) is high, such as gamma rays, decay from the nucleus. And blackbody radiation can come from any object with a temperature higher than 0K, such as the background radiation of 3K microwave radiation, warm objects can launch infrared, higher temperature, such as burning red iron, glass or incandescent light began to launch visible light , The temperature reaches the surface of the sun 6000K black body radiation, including both infrared, visible and ultraviolet light. Discharge phenomena can emit ultraviolet light (such as mercury lamps, hollow cathode lamps) and / or visible light (such as neon lights is the discharge of rare gases). Some substances have fluorescence, phosphorescence properties, that is, absorb a certain wavelength of photons, the energy through another specific, longer than the wavelength of wavelength absorption wavelength of light emitted and released. The difference between spontaneous emission and stimulated radiation Spontaneous radiation: In the excited state of the atom, the electrons in the excited state energy level can only stay for a short period of time, spontaneously jump to the lower energy level, while radiating a photon, this radiation is called spontaneous radiation. Stimulated radiation: When the atom is in the excited state E2, if the energy is exactly E1 (where E2> E1) Photons, under the influence of incident photons, the atoms will emit a similar photon and jump to the low level
Q:Roof installation of photovoltaic solar power equipment downstairs radiation big?
The PV module itself does not generate any electromagnetic radiation at power generation.
Q:Partial discharge detection manufacturers that kind of partial discharge device is simple and convenient,
The operation of intelligent need to close the board to discharge the number of discharge phase and other knot even need to analyze the complex variable discharge spectrum instrument complex data processing and intelligent judgments so that non-professionals can efficiently and accurately achieve partial discharge of electrical equipment measurement; Super strong anti-interference GN800 partial discharge detector using German original aluminum alloy shell shielded external strong electromagnetic interference to ensure data collection by
Q:Provisions on electromagnetic radiation protection
10KV belongs to the city transmission line, not in the national management, will not cause any harm to the human body
Q:What is the difference between ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves, what is the use of what, Kai far from what age
Q:Does the fiber - optic broadband room have radiation to the residents downstairs and downstairs?
Strictly speaking, electromagnetic radiation is difficult to avoid, but most of the equipment of electromagnetic radiation are far less than the phone. So you can rest assured.
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Earth can receive the most radiation source is the sun, the whole universe is full of radiation. Do not know what you are thinking about these people, unfounded.
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Q:Can pregnant women sleep on the computer?
Computer host, monitor, mouse, keyboard and the surrounding equipment will produce radiation, eyes can not see, hands touch. According to scientific research shows that: computer-generated low-frequency electromagnetic radiation on the human body caused by the damage is hidden, the accumulation of people often (long-term) in the ultra-strong computer low-frequency electromagnetic radiation environment using the computer, leading to dizziness, headache, Tinnitus, brain cancer, breast cancer, blood pressure, abnormal blood pressure, chest tightness, bradycardia, bradycardia, heart failure, loss of vision, loss of appetite, fatigue, memory loss, some people hair loss, leukopenia, immunity, cataract, leukemia, , Heart rate reduction, sinus heart rate, male sperm quality, some women menstrual disorders, maternal abortion, stillbirth, fetal malformations, reproductive lesions, genetic lesions, cancer and other terrible diseases. People in the operation of the computer, the face will absorb a lot of electromagnetic radiation particles, often radiation will appear facial rash. A person working on a computer for five hours, the computer produces low-frequency radiation damage to the human body, the equivalent of a day of life loss.
Q:Do not work on household appliances affect pregnant women do
Many pregnant women are extremely worried about from the refrigerator, washing machines, electric kettles, vacuum cleaners, mobile phones and other household appliances and computer terminals, ultrasound and power line radiation affect baby growth, early wear "radiation" and avoid contact with home appliances and office equipment , Even worse, simply refused to do ultrasound examination and delay the diagnosis of early pregnancy. In fact, most of the investigation and study that, under normal conditions, these radiation has no significant impact on humans, but why do we read the "influential" report? This is because many toxic studies are in animals In vivo, and in these experiments the amount of radiation used in our lives can be exposed to the amount of radiation hundreds to thousands of times, the experimental method of radiation and we are not exactly the same. In daily life, we are less likely to come into contact with the same radiation.   Also pay attention to protection, it is best not to use electric blankets (especially 3 months before pregnancy), less exposure to microwave ovens. Pregnant women bedroom appliances should not be placed too much, especially color TV, refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc., should not be placed in the bedroom of pregnant women,

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