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CHASSIS MODEL: ZZ4257N3247A1/N Tractor Truck
General Configuration : Howo,336HP,6×4,Europe II

Mass Parameters

Total Weight (kg)


Rated Loading Weight (kg)

Size Parameters

Overall Dimensions (mm)







Distance between Axles (mm)


Performance Parameters

Max. Driving Speed (km/h)


Economic Speed (km/h)


Recommended Configuration





Rear Axle


Oil Tank (L)


Suspension (front/rear spring)




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Q:How to pull the car on the card?
Data: Car Buying invoice, vehicle certificate, identity card or organization code certificate and a copy of the invoice, pay high insurance policies, tax clearance certificate, temporary residence permit, foreigners also two procedures: 1. make the vehicle purchase tax, submit materials (ID or organization code certificate, invoice vehicle qualification photocopy of the certificate of Car Buying invoice first copy and tax declaration). But to take the first invoice and certificate of the vehicle with 2. original registration form and inspection table 3. fill out the registration form, with the certificate and the application form to the Department of environmental protection environmental protection cover chapter 4. photos, grinding table code, the printer will indicate whether the motor parameters, the test line inspection certificate in 5. originals on line detection, not to play the serial number 6. Toudang, photo number, pay. 7. on the card, environmental protection card, driving license and vehicle registration certificate
Q:In order to increase the number of quasi - passenger cars of large passenger cars, they shall be entitled to drive medium - sized passenger cars or large freight cars with the number of quasi - frame type cars for more than a few years
In addition to applying for the purpose of increasing the number of medium-sized passenger cars, tractors and large passenger cars, the following provisions shall also be met:(a) for driving midsize buses, has been driving city buses, large trucks, small cars, small automatic car, truck speed or three cars quasi driving for more than three years, and in three the application before scoring cycle no record of 12 points in the record.(two) apply for increase in quasi tractor driving, has been driving medium-sized passenger cars or large trucks driving for more than three years, or to obtain a driver's driving large passenger cars shall be eligible for more than one year, and in three the application before scoring cycle no record of 12 points in the record.(three) for large passenger car type, has been driving medium-sized passenger cars or large trucks to drive qualified for more than five years, or a driving tractor driving for more than two years, and in the application before the period of five scoring record of 12 points recorded No.
Q:How many gears are there in the traction Trailer?
The first 1.5 files, four low speed, four high gear. Now twelve stalls, six low speed, six high speed.
Q:How many is Auman 380 standard load 100 km fuel consumption
350 of 100 kilometers fuel consumption, according to the driver's driving habits are different, running in the situation will be more or less the difference, but the average will be at 7L/100kmThe number of kilometers divided by the refueling amount is how many kilometers per liter.
Q:What are the differences between trailers and trailer?
Trailer chassis, lifting device, lift traction device, hydraulic system, electric control system, vehicle and toolbox etc., with lifting, pulling and lifting traction and other functions, suitable for highway, city road wrecker operation.
Q:Has the driver who applied for a small car been able to increase the tractor driver's license directly?
Apply for increase in quasi tractor driving, has been driving medium-sized passenger cars or large trucks driving for more than three years, or to obtain a driver's driving large passenger cars shall be eligible for more than one year, and in the application before the recent three consecutive scoring cycle no record of 12 points in the record.
Q:How to judge dump trucks and tractors?
Half hung all hang, now basically no big difference, boundaries are very vagueA tractor is a single car, and it is used to drive the car behind which can not move by itselfTrailer is generally tractor + car full nameThe semi - trailer is only a tractor - driven car with a long carriage, and the tractor head and carriage are split.
Q:What do they mean by tractor 6X4 6X2?
The bridge also known as axle, through the suspension and frame (or monocoque) connected to install it at both ends of the wheel, its function is to transmit the frame (or body type bearing force and torque between the wheels) and each direction. According to the vehicle wheels on the axle, divided into: drive axle, steering axle, steering axle. Support bridge, which support the bridge towards the bridge and the bridge are driven.
Q:How to judge the body straight when the tractor is in reverse storage?
On the contrary, at the end of the vehicle has entered the library, the front did not enter the library, the rear of the car if biased towards the central side, the reason is that the time to return the steering wheel is too late, or too slow. That is to say, the midpoint of the rear has been aligned at the bottom of the midpoint of the garage, the wheel of your car is not back, you'll analyze, the car at this time is not diagonally biased line ah. Therefore, in the process of reversing the straight line, the midpoint of the rear of the eye has been aligned point at the end of the swing range of the garage, or must be controlled within 10 cm, 10 cm, but beyond, when you adjust the direction, the front will swing it around the swing amplitude is much larger than the car the tail swing amplitude, so, the front is not easily touch the bar into the library. If the front has been into the library is very easy to qualify, which requires you to reverse all need to pay attention to, once found a deviation, must adjust the direction quickly, let the car tail point in the process of reversing the line, and is always aligned at the end of the midpoint of the garage.
Q:What brand of tractor is good?
The towing vehicle selection is mainly to see the trailer requirements, such as body weight, tractive force etc..The rated load, this is to look at the work need to be traction pendant or general trailer carrying capacity, the general shape of the force load ratings ranging from 500-6000kg users, before the purchase, need to have a detailed understanding of their own work vehicle can begin the next purchase.

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