Empty container handler 2-3 layers

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CPCD160(2 layers)CPCD160(3 layers)

Load capacity


Load center

Standard lifting heightmm61008100
Mast angle(front/back)deg3/63/6
Overall widthmm34603460
Min. ground clearancemm320320

Min. turning radius


Max. travel speed(with/without load)


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Q:How does a tractor define a "fast bridge" or a "slow bridge"?
Generally see speed ratio, speed ratio, the better the car speed! No speed bridge, this said, such as half axle bridge than the wheel bridge in the same configuration, the speed is faster! Different bridges are used for different road conditions and different loads!!
Q:The hanwag tractor is good
Traffic safety is high. The cab adopts manual hydraulic lifting device (optional electric), vehicle maintenance easy and convenient, front plate opening design, can conveniently and quickly complete the daily maintenance work. The frame adopts high strength steel plate, the average is lower than the domestic similar model, 500kg. creates more profitable space for the user.
Q:Auman tractor 430 how much money
Auman ETX includes tractor, dump truck and truck. The tractor includes overweight type and heavy type and standard type; dump mine engineering, construction waste containing type, road transport and road transport heavy-duty truck containing compound; mountain type, compound type, plain type and heavy type and standard type.
Q:What is the difference between and the flatbed trailer
CNG to almost, especially in summer, air-conditioning is even worse, LNG no problem, equivalent to diesel
Q:Are trailers and tractors the same thing?
Trailers should, as far as possible, follow the path of the tractor, which should be good trailing. Good flexibility is achieved by improving the flexibility of the trailer's steering. There are many forms of the trailer steering mechanism, the common ones are: all wheels are revolving casters (see trolley). The front axle consists of two wheels, and the rear axle is fixed (with the bogie steering Trailer).
Q:Solving the drive mode of tractor
The rear eight is rear double bridge drive and can also operate single bridge drive. Four bridge full drive is rare, mainly used in super heavy trailers, or field use, such as oil field drilling exploration.
Q:How to connect tractor and trailer?
The bearing seat (5) has a supporting part (6) and a fixed part (7), wherein the supporting part (6) for swingably supported connecting plate (4), and the fixed part (7) for removably connecting plate (4) is fixed on the traction frame the car (3). The supporting portion (6) has a greater cross section than the fixed part (6) in the direction of travel (x) and on the cross section of the oscillating axis (Y).
Q:Tractor running logistics, single drive or double drive good?
Dual drive force, suitable for all kinds of road conditions. If the 6 * 2 tractor is near the wheel of the drive wheel, it is easy to gnaw the tire;
Q:What is a tractor? what is a trailer? what is dump truck?
The semi - trailer is only a tractor - driven car with a long carriage, and the tractor head and carriage are split.
Q:Can a 2 tonne tractor drag 10 tons of flat cars? Traction and traction weight is not the same?
Under normal circumstances, there is no problem.The tonnage of a tractor refers to its pulling force, and the tonnage of a flatbed truck refers to its carrying capacity.

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