Empty container handler 7-8 layers

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Load capacity


Load center

Lifting heightmm1880021300
Mast angle(front/back)deg3/63/6
Front suspension lengthmm12051205
Overall widthmm4080/25304080/2530
Overall lengthmm65856585

Min. turning radius


Max. travel speed(with/without load)


Service weight


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Q:How far can the LNG tow 450L twin cylinders run?
450 x 0.9 x 0.43 * =348kg. A heavy truck hundred kilometers gas consumption is calculated by the 35kg, 348 35=9.95 / 100 km. So you can probably calculate the dual 450L tractor, if the road conditions are complex, will not run 1000 kilometers.
Q:Tractor twelve to correct use method of fast gear box height valve
As far as I know, the correct use method of fast 12 speed transmission valve is low:When the 6 gear change gear (7 or 7 by 6, namely the gear change gear) conversion of high-grade area, should be the primary switch to shift, and consciously in the neutral position pause (side box turn high-grade stuck around 0.5s, to stay for about 1s low side box), in order to facilitate the conversion the auxiliary gearbox to complete the high low bit interval.
Q:What is tow tractor?
Tractor (atractor; atractortruck; atraction-engine) simply means that the front and the trunk are drawn with tools (that is, the front of the car can be pulled out of the original trunk and traction other boxes,
Q:How do I drive the tractor?
It's hard to fall back, it's the opposite direction, but it's not hard to master.
Q:What kind of dual drive double tractor is it good for semitrailer?
It's safe to say that the double guide is absolutely unprofessional. If security is why the bus does not use such design, why is this technology not available in commercial vehicle technology leading Europe?.Dual oriented models, if the first four after four, is a policy model. In order to cope with the country in accordance with the number of axes to limit the load of vehicles, such a policy applied to the birth of models only.
Q:There are several Auman tractor chassis parts, general, general use what chassis axle?
1, Auman tractor can be divided into two kinds, Auman 9 lines, one is 6. That is, the difference between edge reduction and half axle.2, chassis parts are not general, universal rarely.3, Auman brand axle used a lot, mainly Ankai bridge, Qingdao qingte Zhongli bridge, Shandong FAW, Zhucheng Yi and Refitting Factory and Fang Sheng brand.
Q:How can the trailer behind the semi-trailer control the driving brake and the parking brake, while the tractor has only one air supply pipe and one control port behind it?.
The trailer is driving the parking brake brake brake brake cabin air supply cabin parking two class cabin has a top gas supply brake brake when the gas leakage slowly no parking brake cabin no gas brake cabin there is no gas parking brake spring will top out against the top rod is not in time turn not gas
Q:Which category of the trade mark registration category contains tractors and refitted vehicles?
As for the type of car you want to register, you also need to see the use of your modified car. For example, when you change the car, you can choose the goods: light truck 1202, truck 120076, truck 120022 and so on. Used to do passenger vehicles, you can choose bus 120018, bus 120019, sports car 120178, camping car 120249, RV 120249, and so on. You also need to see what the specific purpose of your car.
Q:How to lift the electronic speed limit of the J6 dangerous goods EFI tractor?
If your car controller is after August with the new method, turn off the power, pinch the brake handle and the speed to the maximum, and then turn on the switch lock, hold for 3-5 seconds, enter the full state, if not adjusted, the best go to the garage to professionals for you.
Q:Tractor car country four and country three difference, where hope informed friend inform?
There is no difference in power, that is, the fuel injection of the engine, and then the pressure of the cylinder will be different, these are the manufacturers

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