TRACTOR Rated traction 3000kg, Driving motor power 4.5kw

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Product Description:

Product Description

Comfortable suspended seat

Reliable accelerator

Big steering angle

Tricolor taillight

Comfortable suspended seat

Beautiful and useful tighten mechanism 

Comfortable Suspended Seat

Applying the new type of suspended seat: adjust the bearing capacity according to the weight, and provide the most comfort. The moving range is as far as 150mm.


Reliable Accelerator

The inner safety switch ensures safer operation.

The service life is more than 10 million times.


Big Steering Angle

Bigger steering angle ensures smaller turning radius and easier operation, and the space utilization ratio is also increased.


Beautiful and Useful Tighten Mechanism

The tighten mechanism is installed at the top of the cover, so that the forklift is

more beautiful, convenient and useful.


Tricolor Taillight

The tricolor taillight gives you obvious indications of turning, breaking and reversing, which ensure more safety for both life and property.


Easy Maintenance

Applying the new generation AC driving motor, there is no need of carbon brush or changing the easy wearing parts. So the maintenance cost is greatly reduced.

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Q:How does a tractor define a "fast bridge" or a "slow bridge"?
Auman ah, to see the door of Transformers, running fast is suitable for highway, bridge, load less than 60tStanding on a slow bridge, you can overload, climb, pull a 100t, no problem
Q:Why is the semi-trailer's carriage and carriage brand different? Does the semi trailer have two pairs of license plates?
Semi trailers have two pairs of plates. The front of the car is the license plate of the car. The car is the number plate of the car.
Q:Does the special equipment operator permit N2 to drive the tractor?
Among them, boilers, pressure vessels (including gas cylinders), pressure pipes for pressure type special equipment; elevators, lifting machinery, passenger ropeway, large recreational facilities for mechanical and electrical special equipment. In November 2014, AQSIQ announced the newly revised catalogue of special equipment.
Q:What do you mean by the total quality of the tractor?
The total mass of the tractor traction locomotive refers to the total tonnage of ordinary freight car. Also known as traction tonnage or weight.
Q:Which brand is good for a heavy tractor?
Dongfeng car fuel-efficient, want to be an ass, without any effort, run fast. That is Shaanqi heavy truck and SUV, horsepower, speed is too low to cattle, there is no beam brittle, liberation and Dongfeng elastic. If you buy FAW that if you must buy side by the bridge, because the liberation of the womb with differential oil (car provided back drain) to liberation of a mule, between Dongfeng and Shaanqi heavy truck. So we should buy a free car. 310 you can pull the forty tons of ourway, not in the super high speed truck can
Q:now, What kind of tractor is it?
The two (6 x 6) tractors were developed on the basis of Ivico Mcgirus off-road vehicles. 330-32ANWTM car was Magee Ruth 320D34AS, and the 330-40ANWTM type car used for Mai around 400M33AS adams.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of these two tractors?
6*4 traction, rear and double axle, is one of the mainstream domestic vehicles, driving ability is good, suitable for running mountain road. The disadvantage is that the price is high, the vehicle weight is heavier than the first.
Q:What is the axis refers to the truck? Single bridge, double bridge, four after four, eight after the first four, semi-trailer, two up three, three up three: what do you mean?
Mathematics is a straight line, around which the point revolves around it, or uses it as a criterion for determining the position of each point: the axis of rotation and the axis of coordinates.A term of tolerance and coordination, usually of cylindrical outer surface of a workpiece, including a non cylindrical outer surface (an enclosed surface formed by two parallel planes or planes).
Q:Which category of the trade mark registration category contains tractors and refitted vehicles?
As for the type of car you want to register, you also need to see the use of your modified car. For example, when you change the car, you can choose the goods: light truck 1202, truck 120076, truck 120022 and so on. Used to do passenger vehicles, you can choose bus 120018, bus 120019, sports car 120178, camping car 120249, RV 120249, and so on. You also need to see what the specific purpose of your car.
Q:What is the difference between the vehicle weight and the maximum total mass in the tractor parameters?
That is to say, your traction weight is 25 tons of your total traction, minus the weight of your tractor by 8.8 tons, equal to 16.2 tons, and you can draw 16.2 tons of weight

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