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CHASSIS MODEL: ZZ4181M3611A1/L Tractor Truck
General Configuration : Golden Prince,266HP,4×2,Europe Ⅱ

Mass ParametersTotal Weight (kg)18000
Rated Loading Weight (kg)
Size ParametersOverall Dimensions (mm)Length5950
Distance between Axles (mm)3600
Performance ParametersMax. Driving Speed (km/h)93
Economic Speed (km/h)70
Recommended ConfigurationEngineWD615.62
Rear AxleHW1249
Oil Tank (L)400
Suspension (front/rear spring)4/5

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Q:How to pull the car on the card?
Data: Car Buying invoice, vehicle certificate, identity card or organization code certificate and a copy of the invoice, pay high insurance policies, tax clearance certificate, temporary residence permit, foreigners also two procedures: 1. make the vehicle purchase tax, submit materials (ID or organization code certificate, invoice vehicle qualification photocopy of the certificate of Car Buying invoice first copy and tax declaration). But to take the first invoice and certificate of the vehicle with 2. original registration form and inspection table 3. fill out the registration form, with the certificate and the application form to the Department of environmental protection environmental protection cover chapter 4. photos, grinding table code, the printer will indicate whether the motor parameters, the test line inspection certificate in 5. originals on line detection, not to play the serial number 6. Toudang, photo number, pay. 7. on the card, environmental protection card, driving license and vehicle registration certificate
Q:How about the total quality of quasi traction in a semi trailer running permit?
The total quality of quasi traction in a tractor semitrailer: the total quality of the semi-trailer (including the total mass of the vehicle being towed and the goods being towed);
Q:What's the difference between the liberation of J6M and the J6P tractor?
Liberate J6M and J6P configuration contrastFacing different market demands, the liberation of J6 is divided into two major J6P and J6M series, respectively, for the heavy vehicle market and quasi heavy vehicle market.What's the difference? What's the difference, please see the following table:Liberation J6P & J6M comparison series, J6PJ6M market positioning, heavy vehicle market, quasi heavy vehicle market, cab width, 2490mm2250mmCab configurationStandard: full floating cab, power window, electric rearview mirror, remote control key, flashlight integral lifting mechanism.Matching: manual window, manual rearview mirror, manual lifting mechanism, driving recorder, adjustable deflector.Manual window, rearview mirror and manual lifting mechanism.Optional: recorder, flashlight integrated lifting mechanism.Engine Wuxi (CA6DM2, CA6DN1, CA6DL2, CA6DL1) Wuxi Dachai (CA6DL1) (BF6M1013) 280-500 220-310 horsepower horsepower horsepower gearbox FAW (9 stalls, 10 stalls, 12 stalls) ZF (16 grade), Shaanxi teeth (12 steps), Eaton (13), 7 (FAW Jiefang 10 stalls Shaanxi teeth (9) stalls stalls, 8 stalls) after the bridge 16 tons and 13 tons 13 tons of Daliang 300x80x8+5mm; 300x80x8+8+5mm; 300x8x8mm specification; 300x80x8+8+8+5mm270x75x7mm tab truck home
Q:Which is better for tow drive or double guide towing truck?
The standard load, of course, is dual direction, saving fuel, and the front tire dual lead traction head is cheaper
Q:Auman tractor 430 how much money
Auman VT network productsThe tractor includes heavy load type and standard type; dump truck contains mine king, mine engineering type and urban construction muck type, highway transportation compound type and highway transportation standard type. Truck contains compound type peace prototype.Auman special vehicle products including construction, logistics and security.The construction category includes mixing truck, pump truck and bulk material vehicle. The logistics category includes oil tank truck, lorry, crane truck, refrigerated truck and postal car. The protection category includes sprinkler and fire engine.
Q:What is required when towing the vehicle?
A traction failure vehicle is a rear vehicle powered by a vehicle that temporarily loses power after a fault. Regulations on the implementation of the road traffic safety law:The driven motor vehicle shall not be manned except the driver and shall not carry the trailer;The width of the motor vehicle to be towed shall not be greater than the width of the traction motor vehicle;When using a soft connection for It, the distance between the tractor and the tractor should be greater than 4 meters and less than 10 meters, as shown in figure 3-23;The tractor that is used for braking failure should use hard connection traction and t traction:Both towing and towing vehicles should open dangerous quotation flashing lights;The truck crane and wheeled machinery shall be towed vehicles, motorcycles or other vehicles are not towing vehicle traction;The steering failure or lighting signal device fault of motor vehicles, should use special wrecker towing.
Q:What are the differences between trailers or trailers?
A trailer is a vehicle that is drawn by the car without its own power. A combination of a car (a freight car or tractor, a forklift truck) and one or more trailers. The truck and tractor are called the main vehicle for the driving section of the automobile train, and the trailer is called Trailer by the main vehicle. It is an important type of road transportation, and the automobile train transportation is the most effective and simple means to improve the economic efficiency. The utility model has the advantages of rapid, flexible, flexible, safety, etc., and can conveniently realize the sectional transportation.
Q:What is the price of a semi-trailer?
Dongfeng Tianlong heavy truck 420 horsepower 6X4 tractor (DFL4251AX16A) 312 thousand yuanIts configuration is: drive form: 6X4Engine: Dongfeng dCi420-40Horsepower: 420 horsepowerGearbox: fast 12JSD200TAFuel type: DieselEmission standard: country four / Europe four
Q:9 tractor engine Auman series of advantages and disadvantages
In fact, now more tractor auman. It would be better if you could choose Cummins engines,
Q:Does the airport tractor have a lot of horsepower, Can you push the plane?
In fact, the airport ground is generally reinforced concrete structure, the friction is not as great as expected, and drag is the wheel, as long as the traction is greater than the wheel and ground static friction, the aircraft will be able to move. For example, it's the same reason that a kid pulls on a roller skate or a pony pulls a cart. Entertainment programs are particularly popular, a game "star pull aircraft", folk also have Hercules rely on aircraft to compete strength.

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