G Series 2.0-6.0T AC Electric Tractors - Sit-down Type

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Operator type Sit-down type
Traction weight kg


Rated traction N


Wheelbase mm1100
Towing attachment height mm450
Overall height mm1415
Overall length mm1900
Overall width mm1000
Min. turning radius mm1650
Weight kg1600
Battery weight kg645

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Q:In the operation of special equipment, what kind of tractor?
Truck fork lifting height is generally around 210mm, mainly used for horizontal handling of pallets and cargo handling.
Q:What is the total mass of quasi traction?
The total mass of quasi traction is the theoretical value, also known as the nominal traction tonnage. The total mass of the car and the tractor being towedQuantity is the quality of the car, plus the quality of the traction, the traction on the total quality of consumption, therefore, in the "accounting traction total quality tonnage", not only the quality of the traction as "nominal traction tonnage."
Q:Auman tractor single and double drag drag which is good
Single drive fuel-efficient, double drive oil, but the highway tonnage is also high, running stability is better, suitable for a variety of road conditions
Q:Are trailers and tractors the same thing?
The 4 steering wheels are driven by a drawbar through a connecting rod. Trailers generally do not have braking devices, rail car parking only rely on traction brake device. Connections between tractors and trailers and trailers use connectors. The most common connectors are plug type hooks and automatic hooks.
Q:What are the most popular tractors for consumers?
The heavy duty truck is now working with the German MAN company to draw on and use part of the MAN technology, axle, HOWO, A7 tractor... Others such as Ben Ben, Fukuda, liberation J6, Dongfeng dragon and so on are also good.
Q:How much is the risk of semi-trailer towing?
Operating freight traffic. To impose insurance down about 24 thousand dollars or so. Look at the insurance amount. According to the travel tax service quality is. It used to be a special car, but now it's a wagon.
Q:What do you mean by "brakeair"?
Check the following aspects:1. check whether the lowest on the handbrake.2. check if the brake oil is missing.3. check whether the brake shoes have worn to the limit.BRAKE warning light is nothing more than the above three reasons. Check it out.
Q:What is the difference between full trailer and semi trailer?
The upper wing of the straight beam frame is straight. The utility model has the advantages that the bottom of the goods platform of the trailer is smooth, the manufacturing process is simple, the clearance of the ground is generally higher, and the longitudinal passing property is good. Heavy plate type full trailer in order to meet its structure and application requirements. The frame is mainly composed of main beam, crossbeam, support beam and side beam. The load of the whole vehicle passes through the support beam, the suspension, the wheel axle and the wheel of the beam to the ground. The main beam, the supporting beam and the side beam of the frame are welded parts of the box section, and have greater torsional rigidity. The beam connecting the main beam extends to both sides, which is a variable cross section welded structure with higher transverse bending strength. The height of the main frame of the frame is larger and extends downward, so that the longitudinal bending strength of the frame is improved without increasing the height of the platform. A turntable mechanism for balancing suspension is arranged under each supporting beam, so as to realize the whole wheel steering.  Heavy trailers are heavy in quality and large in size. Generally speaking, the strength of the frame should be increased, and the height of the frame can be lowered as much as possible so that the goods can be loaded and unloaded and transported. The frame of the full trailer frame has a straight through frame, a ladder frame and a concave beam frame.
Q:A2 driver's license, why not open the tractor during the internship, can not open, why should be issued?
Motor vehicle driver's license to apply for and use of the provisions of seventy-fifth motor vehicle drivers in the internship period shall not drive a bus, bus or the task of police cars, fire engines, ambulances and engineering rescue vehicles and carrying explosives, flammable and explosive chemicals, toxic or radioactive and other dangerous goods; driving the motor vehicle shall be towed trailer.
Q:What do you mean by "6 * 4" and "4 x 2" in the tractor?
Hello, 6 x 4, 4 x 2 refers to the drive in the form of a heavy vehicle, a vehicle tire number refers to the digital group, after a number of a tire number of the drive shaft, the two numbers by 2, is the car number and the number of drive shaft axis

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