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CHASSIS MODEL: ZZ4251M3241A1/M Tractor Truck
General Configuration : Golden Prince,290HP,6×4,Europe Ⅱ

Mass ParametersTotal Weight (kg)25000
Rated Loading Weight (kg)
Size ParametersOverall Dimensions (mm)Length6520
Distance between Axles (mm)3225+1350
Performance ParametersMax. Driving Speed (km/h)93
Economic Speed (km/h)70
Recommended ConfigurationEngineWD615.87
Rear AxleHW1279
Oil Tank (L)400
Suspension (front/rear spring)4/5

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Q:Why are the trailer plat inconsistent?
The front car is the front of the license plate.The rear car is the license plate of the trailer.On the one hand, the front and trailer are a kind of vehicles, as vehicles for management, are required on the card.On the other hand, if the trailer does not have the brand, then hang the trailer on the front of the car, will not see the rear of the car brand.This is not allowed by the law, may be deliberately blocked plate number.First, traffic accidents will cause serious consequences.
Q:Can the B2 model drive the heavy tractor semitrailer?
May not。 The trailer driving model is A2. This is A2. B2 only allows ordinary vans.
Q:I would like to ask what the driver's license test, you can open a semi-trailer tractor
Or obtain the driving A1 large passenger car quasi driving model qualification for more than one year, and in the latest scoring cycle before the application, there is no full record.
Q:How much horsepower is the horsepower of a 30 ton refrigerated truck or semi-trailer?
J6 is the most luxurious model for the time being! The best traction engine, manufactured in Wuxi! China's tractors are similar to those outside the J6! Generally, 1.HOWOO, Hao jun! Shandong heavy duty truck! Howe WO's speed is pretty high! You can speed 110 yards! 2.J6.J5 is the FAW aowei! Support J6, but not many people now! Maybe the price is expensive! ...According to reason, the greater the horsepower, the better, but the mountain road or more horsepower election. If the plain wine is more than 336 horsepower enough. Satisfaction, please adoptIs currently in the sale of the smallest tractor is the liberation of J4R, also is the liberation and a tractor, the car models is the minimum horsepower engine is 137 horsepower, CA6GH1 gasoline engine; it also uses a 180 horsepower and 185 horsepower diesel engine Wuxi models.
Q:What are semi suspension and full suspension?
There are two kinds of connection mode of the tractor and the trailer: the first one is the front half of a trailer traction saddle in the tractor rear section on the top of the back of the car bridge under traction Trailer part weight, which is half hanging; second is the front end of the tractor trailer even the rear of the towing vehicle only provide forward force, dragging the trailer go, but does not bear the weight down trailer, this is the whole hanging.
Q:What are the most popular tractors for consumers?
The long run is the liberation of J6 and Dongfeng Tianlong short or Auman fuel-efficient or liberation HanweiMercedes Benz, Volvo. All right, the price is goodDelong F3000, Tianlong and J6 are good
Q:How to connect tractor and trailer?
A semi trailer connector (1) is suggested that includes a connecting plate (4) and a bearing seat (5) for movably fixing the connecting plate (4) on a tractor frame (3).
Q:Trailer towing vehicle belongs to the wrecker
Full name wrecker wrecker, called trailer, road rescue vehicles, drag the car, with lifting, pulling and lifting traction and other functions, mainly used for road wrecker vehicle fault, illegal vehicles and rescue city.
Q:What's the difference between a tow truck and a dump truck?
Also called tipcart. The utility model is composed of an automobile chassis, a hydraulic lifting mechanism, a cargo box and a force taking device. Buy truck can choose JAC JAC Kangling, we is a set of commercial vehicles, passenger cars and powertrain research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of integrated automobile manufacturers, our company product types, good quality, welcome to buy.
Q:What's the total mass of quasi traction?
That is, the quality of the tractor head (excluding drivers and fuel), the quality of the tractor body, and the quality of the goods to be loaded together, the sum of the three together.

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