Empty container handler 5 layers

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Load capacity


Load center

Lifting heightmm14960
Mast angle(front/back)deg3/6
Front lengthmm1205
Overall widthmm3460/2440
Overall lengthmm6110

Min. turning radius


Max. travel speed(with/without load)


Service weight


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Q:In the operation of special equipment, what kind of tractor?
High car pile than the pallet truck the door frame, fork lift height is generally 4.8 meters, mainly used for stacking and handling goods in the warehouse.
Q:The difference between heavy truck chassis, semi trailer tractor and heavy truck
The main difference is the frame and axle, heavy vehicles use double deck frame and wheel bridge, and semi trailers generally use single deck frame and single reduction bridge.
Q:What's the difference between a tractor or a truck?
The tractor (a tractor; a tractor truck; a traction-engine), said simply is between the front and the carriage is a tool used for traction (which is the front of the vehicle can be separated from the original carriage and other traction box, and the box can also be detached from the original front by other locomotives traction) large trucks in general
Q:What's the difference between the liberation of J6M and the J6P tractor?
Jiefang J6 is a brand-new commercial vehicle platform developed by FAW independently. It has been developed for three generations after five years of careful training. It has the characteristics of reliability, economy, power, safety and comfort. Since its listing, it has gained extensive market recognition and universal user identification.
Q:Why two semi-trailer brake
There is a tractor front brake, the other is a trailer brake.
Q:Auman tractor 430 how much money
Auman ETX includes tractor, dump truck and truck. The tractor includes overweight type and heavy type and standard type; dump mine engineering, construction waste containing type, road transport and road transport heavy-duty truck containing compound; mountain type, compound type, plain type and heavy type and standard type.
Q:Heavy semi-trailer tractor in the inquiry, what type of violation?
Heavy duty semi trailer tractors are subject to heavy duty in the inquiry.Traffic violation inquiry refers to the inquiry of motor vehicles, non motor vehicle drivers and pedestrians, violating the road traffic safety law and traffic management regulations.
Q:How to connect tractor and trailer?
A semi trailer connector (1) is suggested that includes a connecting plate (4) and a bearing seat (5) for movably fixing the connecting plate (4) on a tractor frame (3).
Q:Is the reverse direction of the trailer?
A semi-trailer is a trailer that is placed behind the center of gravity of the vehicle (when the vehicle is uniformly loaded) and fitted with a coupling device that can transfer horizontal or vertical forces to the tractor. There are two kinds of connection mode of the tractor and the trailer: the first one is the front half of a trailer traction saddle in the tractor rear section on the top of the back of the car bridge under traction Trailer part weight, which is half hanging; second is the front end of the tractor trailer even the rear of the towing vehicle only provide forward force, dragging the trailer go, but does not bear the weight down trailer, this is the whole hanging.
Q:Can a 2 tonne tractor drag 10 tons of flat cars? Traction and traction weight is not the same?
In this way, you can see that traction is generally a horizontal pull. Carrying capacity is the force in the direction of gravity.Of course, the friction coefficient and the angle of force are also concerned, but they are not the main consideration.

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