Hotel Extra Folding Bed /Guest Bed With Wheel FB03

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Product Description:


Item No. FB03

Product Size: 80*200cm or be customized

Material; iron tube + slat


-- Tube size:25(length)*25(width)*1.0(thickness)mm

-- Finishing:epoxy power coating

-- Tube Color:Black, Grey, White, Etc


-- Slat Type:Poplar or birch

-- Slat Size:53(width)*8.5(thickness)mm

-- Slat Quantity:1*12pcs

CBM:  0.185 M3

Loading quantity: 20GP:151pcs / 40GP:314pcs / 40HQ:368pcs

MOQ: 1*40HQ

Delivery Time: 25-35 days/ 40HQ

Usage:  Hotel / Hospital / School/ Some


1. Full use of space

2 .Easy to move, Simple operation. Legs will be open automatic while open bed frame

3. With/without mattress

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Q:bed bugs??
I would like to know if these bed bug critters will use your dog as a host ? I am getting bites that look like bed bug bites but they are always in the same area where the dog cuttles next to me. She gets a monthly flea treatment , but when the lights go out she starts digging. I cant find anything in or around the bed or mattresses. Nothing on her eighter. Any thoughts ? I have treated for bed bugs to no avail.
Q:Bed in a bag!! Easy easy 10 pionts!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
Q:What skills are installed in bunk beds
Note that there is a guardrail, in the above, do not load wrong, there is one point to note, the ladder at both ends of the hole should be aligned, bed on both sides, do not get anti -. You can't install the ladder after you've got it back. Installation staff iron screws tightened. Go to bed bed board installation staff installed.
Q:can bed bugs come from urine on beds?
Bed Bugs enter homes by traveling on used furniture and bedding, they also can hitch a ride in your luggage if you are in a home or motel that is infected with them. They are about the size of a wood tick, and will hide in the pillow, bedding, mattress, behind lamps and pictures, and then locate the next victim by following the trail of carbon dioxide we give off as we breathe. This is the same technique that mosquito's use to locate a blood treat.
Q:how can i keep spiders off the bed?
to keep them off the bed you need to reduce the numbers around the bed..thoroughly clean the bed frame and around the room with the vacuum, use a residual spray along baseboards, place out the flat sticky traps around the bed
Q:What's the standard size for a single bed? How to buy?
1, specifications to buy: according to personal height, weight to buy.2, material selection: cloth bed more professional, more environmentally friendly and comfortable leather bed; do not use leather, leather smell, residual formaldehyde smell, harmful to the body, 10 years 8 years can not afford to go to. If you like the leather bed, the selected fabric is more environmentally friendly, D PU. The wooden bed must choose quality, otherwise it is difficult to ensure environmental protection.
Q:Is the row frame of the CBD bedstead included in the bedstead or is it needed for additional purchase?
Buy it yourself. I suggest you buy a bed, generally have a storage function are board, human feeling, skeleton more comfortable, but it is easily broken, especially one side always pay attention to it, that if you buy ranked skeleton, change from time to time to sleep. The range of stress ranked skeleton wide bed, and put efforts to spread out, each row of a skeleton can withstand a force of 120KG, even under normal circumstances, we stood in the above, only two stepped on, will not break. Currently on the market with good quality of the wood is the bed ranked skeleton wood, wood called Fraxinus mandshurica mainly in Northeast, North China and other places. White or slightly yellow brown (sapwood) (heartwood). The rings are obvious but not uniform, the wooden structure is coarse, the texture is straight, the patterns are beautiful and lustrous, and the hardness is large. Manchurian ash has the characteristics of elasticity, toughness, wear resistance and moisture resistance. But it's difficult to dry and easy to bend. Good processability, but should prevent tearing. The surface is smooth and the paint is more sticky. Compared product advantages ranked skeleton bed and plank bed mainly lies in its good air permeability, easy cleaning, and good elasticity. From the point of view of human physiology, the bent skeleton has certain elasticity and is beneficial to the human body. In terms of air circulation, a person's body is free to breathe when he is asleep. From the health perspective, from the high easy to clean, not under the bed bug. Product row skeleton bed has certain elastic, elastic and elastic bed mattress will make people more comfortable lying on it, but must be used together and mattresses. In addition, the price relative to the flat bed is more expensive, if the quality of sleep is more important, the skeleton bed is still a good choice.
Q:Bed Bugs, flying short distances.?
Bed bugs don't have wings, so they can't fly around. They can climb, though, and have been known to crawl up walls and drop into beds and other furniture from the ceiling. If you got flying bugs it's something different than bedbugs.
Q:Helppppp 10 Ptsssss Crib Bedding?
You're kidding're worried about crib bedding? The best kind of crib to get is the kind that will expand as he/she grows to sleeping in their own big kid bed.
Q:Is it legal to sell/purchase a second hand bed?
Most state require that second hand beds be sterilized, and retagged with a red state bedding law tag indicating it is used and sterilized.

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