Hotel Extra Folding Bed /Guest Bed With Wheel FB01

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Product Description:


Item No. FB01

Product Size: 80*200cm or be customized

Material; iron tube + slat


-- Tube size:25(length)*25(width)*1.0(thickness)mm

-- Finishing:epoxy power coating

-- Tube Color:Black, Grey, White, Etc


-- Slat Type:Poplar or birch

-- Slat Size:53(width)*8.5(thickness)mm

-- Slat Quantity:1*12pcs

CBM:  0.185 M3

Loading quantity: 20GP:151pcs / 40GP:314pcs / 40HQ:368pcs

MOQ: 1*40HQ

Delivery Time: 25-35 days/ 40HQ

Usage:  Hotel / Hospital / School/ Some


1. Full use of space

2 .Easy to move, Simple operation. Legs will be open automatic while open bed frame

3. With/without mattress

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Q:Can the bed in the house be laid out from the north to the south? What happens if the north and the south are released?
The nightmare has many factors, not only consider the bed, if you think the beds have a problem, you can try things Oh, foreign scientists claim that the head and north head east to sleep, often lead to insomnia and discomfort. Mrs. Salada Subrahmanyam, a professor of physiology at the Madras medical school in India, argued the basic principle. "The weak interference of the earth's magnetic field causes a major change in the activity of the brain's electrical activity," she said. If you head to the north, you can cause a dramatic change in your biochemistry. The tiny pulse of the magnetic field, which greatly inhibits the electrical activity of the brain, makes people feel uncomfortable, irritable and irritable.
Q:What is CareFresh bedding?
Well, Carefresh bedding is very popular so is mostly recommended. I suggest you use it, as it has gotten good reviews, and it's very popular so people obviously think it's a good product that they will use again. But, if you don't want to buy your bedding, then you can use ripped up toilet paper or paper towel. Those also work very well as they are arbsorbent. ♥♥~~♥♥ Answering.
Q:What Bedding Would Look Good With This Bed?
It There is a nice selection of bedding sets that are currently on sale with free shipping.
Q:Rainbow Striped bedding?
OMG they have one similar.
Q:Dog chews bed in crate?
You need to take the bed out. Sometimes you just need to sacrifice somethings. You can also spray the bed with Bitter Apple which is a taste can by it at PetSmart or most pet stores. Another thing is to praise him when he DOES NOT eat the bedding and remove the bedding (not yell positive reinforcement works best) when he DOES start (key word START) chewing the bedding.
Q:How do I haggle on a bed?
Check the posted price for the bed and ask the store manager if they would consider selling the bed for X amount of dollars less. Try telling him/her that you can buy the same bed elsewhere for less but would rather do business with that particular company therefore you'd like them to give you a better price. If the haggled price is still too high, make an offer that is less than posted price but a little more than you'd really like to pay etc. Good luck!
Q:What is the difference between a panel bed and a slat bed?
You could, but honestly it will take away from the slatted bed base. You should get the mattress from Ikea if you are going to buy a base anyway. Generally regular queen size boxspring mattresses are too high. It will look silly, if you are looking to save money, you might as well just put the mattress on the floor and forget about the slatted bed base.
Q:how to get rid of bed bugs?
you have to get an exterminator to use a special powder to treat them, it may take several treatments, you can try wrapping your mattress in an air tight plastic cover that zips the entire thing closed if you can't buy a new one. The bugs hide in very small crevices in your bed frames and in the seams of the mattresses, they do not die from just regular bug spray, they can also be very very small, you may have them for years and not see them
Q:What should I use for my guinea pig bedding?
use fleece it is not so messy.
Q:Which pet bed is cuter?! XD?
The watermelon is cutest!

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