Hot sale fiberglass ceiling tiles for decration

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Product Description:

Hot sale fiberglass ceiling tiles for decration



Main Material: Fiberglass wool

Density: Standard 100kgs/m3

Thickness: 15mm,20mm, 25mm and etc.

Size: 600*600mm,600*1200mm and etc.

Textures: White painted, Mix Acoustic, White Spray, BlackSpray

Edge: Square, Tegular for 15/24 grids, Concealed

                                            Black spray                                                                                            White spray



                                                    Mix Acoustic                                                                            White painted




Hot sale fiberglass ceiling tiles for decration



Quick Detail:



No sagging, warpping or delaminating;

Green building material;

Excellent sound absorption;

With different pattern available;



Halls, Classrooms, Offices, Shopping centers, etc.


Competitive Advantages:







Safety and Convenience;


Hot sale fiberglass ceiling tiles for decration


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Q:We are rennovating my basement. There was a drop ceiling and thin paneling on the walls. I took out the drop ceiling and the paneling. The main goal is to get an efficient way to heat the space. The house has radiator heating so I figured we could use the heat from the pipes as the main heating source.We will put in a new drop ceiling that stays above the pipes (exposing the pipes will heat the space). What kind of insulation is recommended for the new drop ceiling to keep the heat in? I was recommended either fiberglass or foam insulation.The framing on the walls is good and I would like to reuse. What type of insulation on the walls? We will be drywalling them. Once again, I was recommended fiberglass but to put a plastic barrier between the wall and insulation. What do you think?I am open to any suggestions.Thanks!
For the walls use fiberglass kraft faced(paper on one side) and no plastic or unfaced insulation with plastic. R-11 or R-13 for 2x4 walls. For the ceiling, I wouldn't bother with it. Instead add a radiator to the basement area and add a new pump and thermostat to create a new zone. Otherwise the basement would only be heated when some other area of the house needs more heat, this usually makes the basement too cold or too hot.
Q:You would have chosen to join the huts?
Wooden houses in Europe and the United States is very popular, especially in North America, wood structure building system since 1830 has dominated. Each year, more than 90% of the new 1.5 million to 2 million houses in North America use wooden structural systems. Which lasted for centuries, the wooden structure of the building with its a series of superior characteristics, so that residents living in North America enjoy the world's highest standards of housing.
Q:The newly bought rough roof is the roof but there is a section of the black bar on the ceiling that is not waterproof
(SBS) modified asphalt waterproofing membrane impregnated and coated with styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) thermoplastic elastomer modified asphalt. Polyester felt, fiberglass felt and Glass fiber reinforced polyester felt for the fetal base, the upper surface covered with polyethylene film, fine sand or mineral sheet material made of isolation materials can be curled sheet waterproof material.
Q:I have removed textured wall paper from ceiling, the plasterboard is in very good nick, but has gaps between sheets?I really dont want to have to get it all re-skimmed.would the correct approach be to plasterboard joint tape, then lining paper over over it, before painting?Id appreciate a how to.....
best bet is to redo it all the right way...try the fiberglass joint tape it self sticks and is ez to work with...
Q:Upstairs noise how can we install sound insulation material can have effect?
A method can be taken in the upstairs to do noise insulation layer, this method can effectively reduce the ground crash sound with the air, and now some domestic real estate developers have been in the construction phase of the floor to do the floor noise treatment.
Q:What are the commonly used materials for store decoration? Can you talk about their construction process? Thank you
Looking for decoration company, decoration company package design, packaging repair, save trouble
Q:Due to circumstances too complicated to go into, my husband and I ended up trying to finish the drywall on our kitchen ceiling ourselves. We were in a bind and couldn't get a contractor, so we used compound, taped, sanded, primed and painted the ceiling 2 weeks ago. In some places the tape has bubbled, in others it's clearly visable under the tape, the ceiling looks, well, bad.My question is: how best to fix it? Do we sand down to the original tape (please, nononono!) and redo it? Is there a textured paint we could use? Pressed tin panels (country house)? We don't have a lot to spend on the project, so any advice would be appreciated! (Yes, I know we messed-up when we painted)
When doing drywall you have to treat it as an art form. Much like putting icing on a cake. Also, it should have taken about 3 days for the joint compound to dry fully. My suggestion would be to reapply joint compound and be liberal with it where the tape is having problems. Next wait 2 days and then sand those areas. Then re apply more compound, a much thinner layer this time. Wait 2 days and sand again, lightly. Then paint. About the texturing.... you can get a brush from a home improvement place the is used for texturing ceilings with joint compound, just ask someone who works there. Then just dab joint compound on the ceiling.
Q:Foreign psychic division is doing
Superstition is not a Chinese patent. The United States criminal community in the case of no progress or clue, some investigators will go to the spirit of the media, ask them to maze. ?I know a lot of self-proclaimed solution of the spirit of the media, in the end of the spirit of the spirit, not allowed to do? I have dealt with several cases have asked the spirit of media assistance, but have no effect. ?Once, a dentist disappeared and disappeared. We went to his home to search, from the ceiling to the basement, did not find any clues. As a result, the local police chief only resorted to spiritual media. The next day early in the morning, the Secretary called me and said that the psychic psychic to get a new clue - missing dentist body on the ceiling above. We only go back, the whole ceiling are removed to check. This is an old house, the insulation system is made of outdated glass fiber, stabbed on the body and hands are very uncomfortable, all investigators body and face have become red and swollen, we will be before and after the ceiling After the inside and outside are searched, but still no clues. ?We are very angry, then the "pointing maze" of the spiritual media to find the scene, ready to scold her meal, asked her what is engaged in ghosts. Did not think she was still God to argue, "Dr. Lee, I mean on the ceiling, can not say that in this house on the ceiling, it may be other houses of the ceiling is not necessarily.
Q:What is the use of sisal?
At present, the fiber composite composites were prepared by blending sisal fiber and glass fiber with phenolic resin, and the mechanical properties such as bending strength, flexural modulus, no notched impact strength, electrical properties and water immersion property were found. Positive mixing effect, low water absorption performance, no significant impact on electrical performance. Is a new industrial composite materials, high strength, wear resistance, comprehensive performance is better.
Q:Melamine plastic synthesis process, mainly the molding powder added in that process
There are many types of plastic products, a lot of classification methods.

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