High Tech Vermiculite Insulation Brick for Blast Furnace

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Product Description:

Specifications of High Tech Vermiculite Insulation Brick for Blast Furnace:

CNBM Group is the specialized manufacturer and supplier of refractory in China, Our products mainly include refractory bricks, refractory castable, refractory precast shape, insulating brick etc. For refractory castable and precast shape they are very popular in the Europe, North American area.

Refractory Vermiculite Brick with high refractoriness and mechanical behavior under high temperature,

Refractory brick is the necessary material of high- temperature service, mainly use for industrial furnaces and kilns and thermal equipments.

Technical Data of High Tech Vermiculite Insulation Brick for Blast Furnace:

High Tech Vermiculite Insulation Brick for Blast Furnace


Applications of High Tech Vermiculite Insulation Brick for Blast Furnace:

It is widely used in the furnaces of industrial and constructional kilns.

Features of High Tech Vermiculite Insulation Brick for Blast Furnace:

For the light weight brick,it will be created a lot of stomatal in the production process,so the bricks'  contraction is bigger (about 10%),and the  three directions contraction is also not the same,and the  bricks have large deformation  in the process of drying and firing.So it is very difficult to control the demension.


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