High Quality Mobile Power Bank 5000mAh Mini Solar Power Bank Charger for Mobiles/Tablets

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Product Description:






High efficiency Solar Panel


Battery type

Polymer Battey




DC 5V 500mA


DC 5V 1.5A

Self-charging time :

10 hrs (by laptop)

5 hrs (by 5V/1A travel charger)

15-18 hrs (via solar panel, under full sunlight condition)


130mm x 78mm x 15mm



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Q:does capacitor in bank consumed any real power and if then how should i can calculate?
A perfect Capacitor does not consume energy unless it was a leakage bad capacitor under working voltage. Depending on what circuit it was located,it affects the total impedance and total power being consumed.
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Q:What is the cost of solar powered Air Conditioning units?
No kidding, I havent heard of them either. I want one
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Q:What size of solar panel do I need to power a 20-foot launch?
I bet you could reach that speed with a 36-volt, 101lbs thrust motor, peak amp draw around 38 amps, so you're lookin at about 1400 watts. If you wanted to try a 24-volt motor at 70 lbs thrust, you would only need about 1000 watts.
Q:How do I stick a power bank to the back of my phone?
Buy a cheap phone case then glue it to the back of that. Use a strong plastic glue and a hard plastic (not silicone) case. That way you can remove it from the phone easily and it will be strong enough to resist everyday use.
Q:capacitors in order to impro?
The easiest way to do this is using complex power S V*I 240*45 10800VA arcos(0.2) 78.5° Q 10800*sin78.5 10,582VARS (volt amperes reactive) P S*cos78.5 2,160W When pf 0.6 S 2,160/0.6 3,600VA Q √3600²-2160²) 2,880VARS 10582-2880 7,702VARS Qc which must be supplied by the capacitors. Qc V²/(1/ωC) C Qc/V²ω 425.6μF at 240V When V 415V S V*I 415*45 18,675VA arcos(0.2) 78.5° Q 18,675*sin78.5 18,298VARS P S*cos78.5 3,735W When pf 0.6 S 3,735/0.6 6,225VA Q √6225²-3735²) 4,980VARS 18,298-4,980 13,318VARS Qc which must be supplied by the capacitors. Qc V²/(1/ωC) C Qc/V²ω 246.1μF at 415V
Q:What is the advantage of mobile power?
1, built-in lithium polymer batteries with high capacity.

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