USB Charging Solar Power Bank 5000mAh Mobile Battery Charger

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500000 unit/month

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Product Description:

2014 best selling unique 5000mah solar power bank for iphone 6 


1.Product:Solar power bank

2.Capacity: 5000mAh

3. Real Capacity: 4000mAh

4. Product Size: 141*86*13.5MM

5. Package Size: 225*115*25MM

6. Product Net Weight: 130G

7. Package Contents: 1 x Solar Charger1 x Micro USB Cable1 x User Manual1 x Clip

8. Gross Weight: 191G

9. Package Weight: 40G

10. Carton Size: 50*39*22.5 cm



1. Huge capacity Li-Polymer battery ensures reliable power sourcing: 5000mAh;

 2. Providing 1 DC output charge to your laptop, and 1 USB port charge to most cell phone; 

3. Various connectors cover major types of laptops and cell phones on the market, DC and USB outputs for charging a laptop and 1 cell phone simultaneously, adjustable 5 voltage levels suiting your needs for different laptop models;

 4. Working with most devices that use a USB powered charger, including smart phones, cell phones, tablets, degital cameras, mp3 players, handheld gaming devices, portable GPS navigators, & more! Also a great way to save energy;

 5. Four solar panel watts let you know when this Universal Solar Power Bank for Laptop is at full capacity and how much battery life is left, Automatic shutdown after 30 sec once the target device is loaded or no device is cinnected; Packaging & Shipping & 

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