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HDPE pipe
1.Model: DN16mm-DN1200mm
2.Material: PE80, PE100
3.Press level: 0.4MPa-1.6MPa


Model: DN16mm-DN1200mm

Material: PE80, PE100

Press level: 0.4MPa-1.6MPa

Color: black, with blue strip
Executive standard: ISO4427 EN12201 ASTMF714 AS4130 GB/T13663

Length: 4m,6m and 12m, or as your request

HDPE pipe Performance and Features:

1. Environmental Material.

HDPE is a kind of no-toxic, tasteless and unharmful chemical material, and HDPE PIPE, inherits those typical features nicely.

2. Good Flexibility.

When it is used in dredging pipe, the rubber flexible connectors can be saved because of its good flexibility.

3. Low Hydraulic Resistance.

The smooth inner wall make the water transportation capacity improve more than 30% under the same condition.

4. No Leakage.

The technics of hot-fusion and electric-fusion make sure the the strength of welding point is stronger than the body pipe itself.

5. High abrasion performance.

Its wear resistance is 4 times as the steel pipe.

6. Anti-corrosion and crack growth resistance.

7. Long lifetime durable in use.

50 years at least.

8. Economy

Low delivery, installation and maintenance cost.

HDPE water supply pipe application

1. Water pipe network system for civil engineering.

2. Urban and rural drinking water pipeline.

3. Agricultural irrigation pipe.

4. Other industries related to liquid transportation, especially for corrosive liquid.

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Q:How can plastic pipes be connected to steel valves?
PVC-U hard PVC plastic pipe: 1) the valve, such as the internal thread valve, should use the outer thread transition joint, the transition joint has an external thread at one end, and the other end is a plastic pipe can be bonded to the mouth.
Q:How is 20 silver dollars inserted into plastic tube?
Home All Categories Computers Internet Internet YouTube ??
Q:what brand of syphon tube is best for cleaning gravel?
Tubes that you shake? Now I'm confused. Anyway, most gravel cleaners have very similar designs. They have a rigid plastic tube that you stick into the gravel, and a smaller-diameter hose attached to the small end of the gravel tube. To create a siphon, you put the whole thing in your tank so it fills with water, then hold your thumb over the free end of the hose while you put that end in a bucket that is lower than the tank. The siphon will start by itself, and continue as long as the gravel tube is in water and is higher than the other end of the hose. You don't need to shake any part of it at any time. Nor do you need to suck on it with your mouth, as some people do. Most gravel-cleaning siphons are, as I said, very similar to each other, and as such they are also similar in quality. So go for the one with the lowest cost, unless it looks really shoddy. I have a couple of those siphons, but I rarely use them any more. Instead, I use a Python water changer. This is a water-driven hose system that attaches to your sink faucet, and it can both suck old water out of the tank (cleaning the gravel at the same time, or not, as you choose) and pump new water to the tank. If you have only one or two tanks, it may not be worth the expense, but if you have over 50 tanks, as I have, it's essential. Other companies now have copies of the Python on the market, some of them for slightly lower prices, but I don't know much about the quality of those imitation Pythons. Python was the originator of the product, and still sets the industry standard, in my view.
Q:How do you connect the white plastic tube with the PPR tube?
I don't know. What's the diameter of the white plastic tube?. The small pipe needs joint.Thick pipe, if it is not tap water, pressure is not the case, you can directly white plastic pipe, hot water, wearing gloves, directly inserted into the pipe PPR tube, five cm or so can be.It's better to have a flamethrower, bake the tube and put it in
Q:How can you get cheap plastic tubing all sizes?
This Site Might Help You. RE: How can you get cheap plastic tubing all sizes? Plastic tubing for patio furniture
Q:What are those painos with a tube in them called?
It actually sounds like the pianist is using a Talk Box. They are mostly used by lead guitarists, but are also used by other musicians, to blend the sound of the voice with the sound of the instrument.
Q:Where would I find a oil dipstick tube for a 1999 Volkswagen Jetta?
Are okorder.com/. You should also do some price shopping through a local dealership parts department.
Q:If my bed is over the a/c vent, is there some plastic tube thing I can use to route the a/c air?
It's called a vent extender. You can buy one pretty much anywhere. OKorder carries them for a good price.
Q:Body tube of a model rocket?
I appreciate your effort - it's cool that your're making your material from scratch. I don't know if your tube can be salvaged, but next time, wrap the plastic cylinder with one wrap of waxed paper (like Cut-Rite, available in most grocery stores) before wrapping your adhesive paper around. Then it should slip off the plastic mold and you can pull the waxed paper out of the center of the newly-formed paper tube.
Q:Can a plastic pipe be evacuated into a vacuum?
Vacuum, of course, but does not guarantee how long the vacuum can be maintained.

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