HDPE Drainage Sheet Dimple Drain Board For Roof Garden

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Product Description:

HDPE Drainage Sheet Dimple Drain Board For Roof Garden


1. Product introduction

HDPE drainage board is designed by professional mechanical structure, the thickness of the product boss is uniform, and is accompanied

by a rib structure. It has high compressive strength, good flexibility, and non-degradation drainage. After construction through hot-melt

welding, it has uniform resistance. Plant puncture, acid and alkali resistance, and aging resistance, form an overall flexible protection for

building waterproof, so that the waterproof layer is in a closed space for a long time, and it is not easy to age. The service life of the

waterproof layer is greatly extended.


2. Specification

HDPE Drainage Sheet Dimple Drain Board For Roof Garden


3. Pictures


HDPE Drainage Sheet Dimple Drain Board For Roof Garden

HDPE Drainage Sheet Dimple Drain Board For Roof Garden




4. Features


1) Anti-rrot puncture ,resistance to acid and alkali.

2) Excellent waterproof performance

3) Product the structure and waterproof layer

4) Reduce the decibel and noise

5)Good ventilated and moistureproof performance


5. Application

1) Greening Function : roof garden ,the greening of slop roof , football field ,golf course


2) Municipal engineering : airport ,road embankment ,subway ,tunnel ,refuse landfill


3) Constructional engineering :outer and interior wall of basement ,impervious layer and thermal-protective coating of roofing


4) Water conservancy project : the impermeable of reservoir and artificial lake


5) Traffic engineering : road ,dam ,slop protection layer ,railway


6. FAQ

Q : Why choose us ?

A: We are professional manufacturer ,and we can provide the reasonable price and good service.


Q : Do you provide sample ?Is it free or extra ?

A: Yes,we can provide free sample for quality inspection.According to our company police , you should assume the freight ,and we will return the freight if you place the order.

Q : Can you tell me your main customers ?

A: That's our customers' privacy, we should protect their information.

Q : How about the delivery time ?

A: 7 days after receive the deposit or LC at sight


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