Roofing Garden Plastic Drainage Cell Water Filter Board Drainage board

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Product Description:

Roofing Garden Plastic Drainage Cell


1. Introduction

   Drainage board is made of polystyrene(HIPS)or polyethylene (HDPE)plastic plate made after punching cone penetration units or add major features editor Conductivity water drainage Drainage protection board has a hollow stud bump structure,you can export the water quickly and efficiently ,greatly reduce or even eliminate the waterproof layer of hydrostatic pressure,hydraulic conductivity through this initiative can achieve active principle waterproof effect.


2. Specification

Roofing Garden Plastic Drainage Cell Water Filter Board Drainage board


3. Features

1) High Compressive strength

2) Eco-friendly, waterproof polypropylene material

3) Lightweight and easily transportable

4) Thermal regulation

5) Low cost

6) Quick and easy to install


4. Pictures

Roofing Garden Plastic Drainage Cell Water Filter Board Drainage board



5. Package

Roofing Garden Plastic Drainage Cell Water Filter Board Drainage board


6. Application

1) Roof gardens,

2) podium landscaping,

3) retaining walls,

4) golf course,

5) sports fields,

6) bridge abutments,

7) underground car parks,


7. FAQ

Q1:Are you a factory or trading company?We are a factory.
Q2:How is the quality of your products compared with other supplier?
Our price is reasonable and worty quality.
Q3:Do you have quality warranty ?
Yes,we have quality warranty under normalconditions,pls contact us for details.
Q4:How do you make our business long-team and good relationship?
We keep good quality andcompetitive price to ensure our customers benefit.

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