H20 Timber beam formwork with single side bracket

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concrete wall formwork

retaining wall formwork

permanent formwork systems

H20 Timber beam formwork with single side bracket for retaining wall

During single-sided concrete wall construction, the concrete pressure is transferred into the sub-structure by means of the single-side bracket.

Design Principle:

H20 Timber beam formwork with single side bracket for retaining wall

  There is no wall-through tie-rod in the single-side bracket system. The whole system is adjusted by the anchor system and the regulator system.
  The stress situation from the sketch above.F1 can resist the side pressure of the concrete and F2 can resist the rising force. R can not only bear the gravity force of the bracket, but also the side pressure of the concrete. This stress system is simple, reasonable and also with convenience and high safety.

Competitive Advantage:

1. The pouring height is up to 8.0m and the allowable pressure from fresh concrete is up to a maximum of 60KN/m2.
2. Good standard performance and versatility.
3. Fast element coupling, all units can be quickly connected.
4. The finished wall is excellent and absolutely waterproof.
5. Optimized sizes for transportation.


H20 Timber beam formwork with single side bracket for retaining wall

H20 Timber beam formwork with single side bracket for retaining wall

H20 Timber beam formwork with single side bracket for retaining wall

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Q:There is no requirement must be held by the shelves of special operations card can be erected carpenters can not erect
The official answer: must be held by the shelter of the special operations card can be set up. You whatever the outcome, but also find some skilled shelves to do this work ah, woodworking bad
Q:The template supports how security issues are under the supervision notice
There are many types of supervision, need that kind. The specific circumstances of the specific office. And then the written supervision notice rectification.
Q:Template support product features
Beautiful and tidy: the construction site clean and orderly, easier to manage, enhance the image of the project. High precision and stability. Template support advantages: time-saving: 30 square meters of modular structure as an example of field operation only 3-5 minutes to complete. Provincial workers: to improve the construction efficiency, shorten the construction period, the use of traditional structure per square meter to be labor costs about 15 yuan, while the digital steel support only 2 yuan fee can be completed. Material: material costs lower, no wooden side, the purchase of wood and steel pipe, screw, wire, nails.
Q:How to use template support?
According to your picture, you can determine this is the cast-in-place concrete board full of support. Generally set full support, the distance between the support in general according to the vertical and horizontal 600mm spacing to consider, the lower part of the distance from the standing surface of 200mm set sweep, the middle set a horizontal bar, the upper part of the beam at the end of the set of cross bar, mainly play a role in supporting the beam plate.
Q:How is the identification of tall template works?
[2009] No. 87 provides more than 5 meters of the template support project for the more dangerous sub-project, more than 8 meters for more than a certain size of the larger dangerous sub-project.
Q:What is the difference between a full-screen stent and a floor-mounted stent?
Full-scale scaffolding can be a template support frame, but the template support frame is not necessarily full of scaffolding. Such as the roof beam template support frame is full of scaffolding, but the pillar of the template support frame may not be full of scaffolding. Full-scale scaffolding can be easy to operate the platform, more for the roof beam template support
Q:Unilateral support basement wall waterproof protective layer do not do it?
Exterior wall waterproofing is a branch waterproofing project that ensures that the structure of a building (structure) is not affected by water and that the internal space is not covered by water. Exterior wall waterproofing works in the entire construction project occupies an important position. Exterior wall waterproofing works related to the building (structure) of the basement walls, housing facades and many other external wall structure, its function is to make the building or structure in the design of durable years, to prevent rain, water leakage and groundwater Of the erosion, to ensure that the building structure, the internal space is not subject to defacement, to provide people with a comfortable and safe living environment.
Q:What is a template for pulling bolts
To the stencil fixed, a two-headed round bar, insert the template, the two tied to the nut
Q:How long does the width of the template support more than how much height the beam can not be poured at the same time?
Beam, plate at the same time pouring, pouring method should be started from one end with the "cuping method", the first pouring beam, according to the beam high-level pouring into a stepped shape, when the plate bottom position and then with the board of concrete pouring With a continuous extension of the ladder, beam concrete pouring continuous forward.
Q:Construction template supporting the use of steel pipe and pull the bolt how much money a ton
Tube is tons of billing, because the wall thickness is different so the price is different, it should be about 6000 it, of course, the pipe is good or bad, the price is different. Bolt site are called fasteners, fasteners, of course, there are weight of the small 1.4 pounds of the general also 1.7 pounds, it should be about 4.0 it

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